Chapter 84.1 – Scum Villain

This chapter is 84.1 because (as far as I know) this is a book extra. It’s set chronologically after chapter 84, thus I have numbered it as 84.1. Thanks for reading.

Warning: This chapter is NSFW!

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This is the link to the chapter.

Thanks for reading.

24 thoughts on “Chapter 84.1 – Scum Villain”

  1. Er… for some reason I can’t even open that page. O.o is it just me…? Iwansom *mofumofu* moments~ >_<

    1. The website works. What error are you getting? Are you in a country that blocks websites? The problem might be on your side.

    2. This is an error with your device, browser, or router. Err_Address_Unreachable is most likely on your side, not server side so I can’t fix that. It might be a firewall problem. Are you on a work or school internet? They might have blocked it.

  2. Oh noo I totally missed the update is there a reason why this chapter was posted differently unlike the other ones? Is it because it is nsfw?

  3. Press ‘F’ to pay respect to SQQ XD
    Oh man I hope they continue to research it more 🙂 Not to mention how SQQ “tops” LBH, thanks for the chapter!!

    1. As far as I know, the password works properly. Perhaps you forgot the “s”? It’s not bcnovel its bcnovels. However, it should be viewable now without the password.

  4. dov’è la password? io non la vedo!
    perché dovete usare un metodo così fastidioso per leggere un capitolo???

  5. I just love reading bot chaptersof bc novels, they are so funny🤣. I especially love the bot chapters of everyday the protagonist wants to capture me. They are so funny , and thank you for your translations. I was waiting for this chapter.

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