Scum Villain Chapter 89

Chapter 89 <– click here to read it

Scum Villain Manhua (web comic)

The Scum Villain manhua (Chinese comic) has just been released. It’s apparently on the Tencent comics app.

Manhua English translation –

It’s best to read it at the translator’s Tumblr but I know that some people can’t access Tumblr so here’s a link to Mangadex –

Er, the manhua is a bit… I don’t want to be negative but the faces are a bit too generic and similar to each other. However, there is some stuff that I like so I’ll bear with it. (Edit: I take it back, lol. Chapter 3 was just released and I love it. I think maybe I just needed time to get used to the art style.)

Does anyone have more news about the donghua?

Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Scum Villain Chapter 89”

  1. I’m excited about the manhua. I read chapter 3 too and it’s funny to see the “pampering” imagination spot when you know that the characters will be switching places. I hope that they’re able to fix the issue with the staff.

  2. But based on this artist’s post, the manhua is now on hiatus already 😭 Why??? Btw, any confirmation about this issue?

    1. Yes, the manhua is on hiatus. I hope they can fix whatever problems they had. It seems that the hiatus was probably caused by the fans complaining that the manhua artist studio staff are MXTX haters. Apparently, the artist studio staff’s social media has a lot of antiMXTX content. The fans don’t want to give their money to artists who hate MXTX.

  3. Akatsuki No Yona

    If only I was on moon……I did scream until I was deaf!!! But if this manhua is BL with all the papapa scenes included then ill go to mars…… that humanity won’t be disturbed…..(。ì _ í。)

  4. Omg I don’t understand the manhua is beautiful! Its even better than mdzs manhua in some ways o.o

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