Scumbag System Animation August 8, 2020 Release Date (Possibly)!

Amazing news, everyone:

Pretty big surprise here. There’s an event on weibo right now where you can vote 1 of several Tencent Summer donghua to air their first episode on 8/8. Included in the list are The King’s Avatar #全职高手 season 2, A Will Eternal #一念永恒 and Scumbag System #穿书自救指南

From Twitter

The event is hosted on Weibo here. I personally don’t have a Weibo account but I it looks like The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System’s animation… might win. Or not. It’s an ongoing contest. Even if Scumbag System doesn’t win, we should still get something on August 8.

By the way, I anticipate that people will want to discuss this, maybe even discuss it live. I don’t have a discord but I did make a new Reddit forum (subreddit) for the animation fans here –

Please do join me if you use Reddit!

Thanks for reading.

Scumbag System figures! Source: Twitter

P.S. Does anyone know where/how we can watch donghua online?

5 thoughts on “Scumbag System Animation August 8, 2020 Release Date (Possibly)!”

  1. The only series that did 3D well are Beastars and Land of the Lustrous. Most of the time, 3D anime/donghua series aren’t great to look at. I’m hopeful, but honestly I would’ve preferred 2D. Still, maybe we’ll get a pleasant surprise.

    1. It looks like there isn’t much interest in the donghua. Someone even said they were worried it would make their eyes bleed. Ouch. I guess they don’t like 3D animation.

    2. I think Bilibili and Tencent maybe? But some videos of Tencent require a membership (that I don’t have) so I’m not quite sure… Normally I Google and Baidu to find any streaming sites…

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