Chapter 18 – When a Fanfic Protagonist Transmigrated into the Original Novel

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Chapter 18 – She’s secretly in love with me

This chapter is by Springlila for BC Novels.

The disciples returned for a day of rest before the official competition began the next morning.

Lu Ziyao and Wang Qingqiao competed in the first round. Wang Qingqiao’s luck was terrible. First, he lost to Yi Xichen yesterday and lost face in the sword refining hall. Today he drew lots and was matched with Lu Ziyao, who was ranked first in the sword refining hall. This round of competition was extremely fast, and both of them played with full sword energy on the field. The gap between Wang Qingqiao and Lu Ziyao was obvious. He was defeated with only two moves, so he stopped his whining and left the field in disappointment.

Bian Liang of Sword Guardian Hall and Shi Xi of Sword Cultivation Hall was in the second round. Despite Shi Xi’s high ranking in Sword Cultivation Hall, it was difficult for him to achieve good results when he met the disciples of Sword Guardian Hall. He struggled and attempted a counterattack, but Bian Liang mercilessly bombarded him off the field.

The Medicine Hall’s Xiao Kui and Zhao Ping then arrived.

When he first saw the Medicine Hall, Xiao Kui was ten thousand times dissatisfied. He has recently suffered a string of defeats at the hands of Yi Xichen and Zhangsun Zijun. He intended to express his resentment while competing. His move was ferocious, and he shot an even more ferocious move of ten thousand swords! How can Zhao Ping stand up to such a powerful sword spirit? If you are hit by this move, you will be severely injured!

However, Xiao Kui’s sword spirit was stopped by a sword light before it touched Zhao Ping.

Qiu Jian appeared from the sidelines in an instant and stood in front of Zhao Ping, staring coldly at his disciples.

Xiao Kui replied: “Ma, Master.”

Although the competition was a competition, it was only friendly competition. It was forbidden to hurt each other. On the sidelines, the elders monitor the battle and intervene if they come across disciples of unknown depth. Xiao Kui’s action has gone above and beyond the sword competition’s original intent. Despite the fact that he eventually won, he was unavoidably criticized.

The strength of the first few matches varied significantly. This type of game was uninteresting. In the fifth match, Gongsun Di of the sword Guardian hall competed against Jin Cheng of the Sword Refining Hall.

Jin Cheng ranked third in the sword refining hall and Gongsun Di ranked first in the sword Guardian hall, and their accomplishments were almost the same. Sword refining hall’s attack and sword Guardian hall’s defense held each other back. One claimed to be invincible, while the other claimed to be unbreakable. This battle lasted almost two hours. Jin Cheng eventually ran out of spiritual energy and was swept away by Gongsun Di.

In the seventh round, it was finally Yi Xichen and Sun Xiaoqian’s turn.

The Sword Assembly was a grand event in Tianjianmen, and even disciples who weren’t qualified to compete would come to watch. The match with the most spectators turned out to be a competition between Yi Xichen and Sun Xiaoqian, two Medicine Hall disciples who had never competed before.

Yesterday, Yi Xichen beat Wang Qingqiao with his sword for the first time in Tianjianmen’s thousand-year history. However, when the two men competed yesterday, the sword shadow obscured the outside world, making it impossible for the disciples to see the progress of the competition, so they came today to see what the Medicine Hall disciples of this term were capable of.

However, to everyone’s disappointment, both Yi Xichen and Sun Xiaoqian were using unorthodox techniques from the beginning to the end of this competition, and they almost never used their Swords Aura. Finally, Yi Xichen set up a maze on the court and led Sun Xiaoqian into it. He couldn’t tell the difference between east, south, west, and east, and he didn’t return to his senses until he was out of the sword training grounds.

Of course, the audience booed.

In fact, it was not easy for Yi Xichen to win this game. He could not arrange the venue in advance, so he had to draw the formation in front of Sun Xiaoqian in a way that was hidden from Sun Xiaoqian’s eyes during the showdown. It could be regarded as a wonderful battle. Unfortunately, this was not what the disciples wanted to see.

Yi Xichen had thick skin and was very calm about the boos. He only cared about the result, never the means.

In the eighth round, it was Zhangsun Zijun and Yue Xiaorou.

The number of onlookers on the sidelines did not decrease.

Zhangsun Zijun. Ten years ago, this disciple came to Heavenly Sword Mountain, and the name spread throughout the school. For thousands of years, the Tianjianmen had only three heavenly spirit roots disciples. Zhenren Yunchang was the first. In just 30 years, he rose to the rank of Brother Jin Dan, shocking the world. Unfortunately, he was killed five hundred years ago during the war between the Phoenix Lotus Little Zu and the Wu Xiang Heavenly Devil. The second one was Hua Yazhen, who was famous during the war with the demon world two hundred years ago and was now a sect leader. The third was Zhangsun Zijun.

People initially assumed that Zhangsun Zijun would become a legend, either leading a powerful party or taking the position of a master. To everyone’s surprise, he was nearly expelled from the school after less than a year in Heavenly Sword Mountain for breaking the rules. He stayed in the end, but he was reduced to a Medicine Hall disciple with little prospects.

Everyone has been curious about Zhangsun Zijun over the last ten years, either personally looking for him to test him or anticipating hearing rumors about him. Zhangsun Zijun, on the other hand, had a haughty demeanor and rarely interacted with others, except for Yi Xichen. In the last ten years, he has done nothing worthy of public attention. So much so that many people were disappointed that a once-in-a-century heavenly spirit roots youth had been buried.

This sword competition was the first time Zhangsun Zijun showed his face in front of everyone. And his first battle was against Shimei Yue Xiaorou, the second-ranked Junior Sister in Sword Refining Hall. For thousands of years, Yi Xichen was the first to defeat a disciple of Sword Refining Hall as a disciple of Medicine Hall, and Zhangsun Zijun was expected to be the second.

Before Zhangsun Zijun competed, Yi Xichen was more nervous than him.

“Really, you just had to draw the junior sister… Do you have a way to win?”

Zhangsun Zijun was extremely calm: “She won’t do anything to me.”

“Why?” Yi Xichen looked at him suspiciously. This was the opposite. It was obvious that Zhangsun Zijun wouldn’t do anything to the girl. Why can’t the girl do anything to him?

“Because she has a crush on me.”

Yi Xichen: “…………”

Among OOC peers, all school-age men admire the chrysanthemum, while all school-age women admire the cucumber. Because the author felt sorry for Xiao Kui, who was a professional at being face-slapped, he was given special treatment.

When Yi Xichen saw Zhangsun Zijun’s calm attitude, he thought it was strange1 and asked, “Are you sure?”

Zhangsun Zijun tilted his head and thought about it seriously: “I’m not sure.”

Yi Xichen: “…”


As a woman, Yue Xiaorou can rank second only to Lu Ziyao in the Sword Refining Hall. Her abilities were, of course, unquestionable. Monks’ spiritual roots were divided into five elements: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, while Yue Xiaorou was a rare ice spiritual root. Although an ice spiritual root was not as good as Zhangsun Zijun’s heavenly spiritual root or Lu Ziyao’s three yang body, it was still an excellent choice for sword cultivation.

And, like her spiritual root, Yue Xiaorou was as cold as ice. Her coldness was also different from that of Zhangsun Zijun, who was not ruthless but rather restrained. Yue Xiaorou was truly ruthless. She doesn’t care about anyone or anything, and she isn’t afraid of anything. She was the only one of hundreds of disciples who could achieve the union of human and sword because she herself was the sharpest sword.

Yi Xichen recalled the rumors he had heard about Yue Xiaorou, and couldn’t help but tremble when he looked at Zhangsun Zijun, who had said “She has a crush on me.”

“Actually, she gave you abortion pills.” Zhangsun Zijun silently added.

Yi Xichen: “…”

“I know this is a delusion.”

“Then don’t tell me!” Yi Xichen glared at him viciously.

He wanted to give Zhangsun Zijun some more advice to deal with Yue Xiaorou, but the bell had already rung. Yue Xiaorou stepped onto the stage and Zhangsun Zijun walked up unhurriedly.

They saluted as usual, Yue Xiaorou said softly and concisely: “Please guide me.”

Zhangsun Zijun did not say anything and drew his sword silently. His demeanor gave the impression that he was arrogant, but Yi Xichen knew that Zhangsun Zijun simply couldn’t speak to the woman.

Yi Xichen was suddenly afraid to look down. This game shouldn’t be too bad… In any case, Zhangsun Zijun wouldnot stand as a stake and allow someone to cut him down…

Several elders were also paying close attention to these two disciples. Qiu Jian, the elder of Sword Refining Hall, had mixed feelings about Zhangsun Zijun.

In the beginning, Zhangsun Zijun was his disciple. Qiu Jian was also a person who loves talent. He strives to get all the disciples with extraordinary talents, which has aggravated the decline of the Medicine Pavilion and the Sword Cultivation Hall. How could he give up such a heavenly spirit root like Zhangsun Zijun?

At that time, Zhangsun Zijun broke into the forbidden place behind the mountain and violated the rules of the sect. Although he never sacrificed himself for a hundred years to save people like Yao Budu, he did kneel for three days and three nights outside Yuying Zhenren’s door, begging Yuying Zhenren to show mercy for the sake of that child who had heavenly spirit root.

He had no idea what Yuying Zhenren was thinking. Yuying Zhenren was obstinate, but the sect rules were not unchangeable. In the last century, two or three unreasonable rules have been changed. If he had been the one in charge, for the sake of a heavenly spirit root disciple, Qiu Jian would have forgiven him not just once, but even a hundred times. However, Yuying Zhenren the one who was in charge, told him that other things could be discussed, but not the forbidden place behind the mountain, which no one could break into. Even the elders of the heavenly spirit root couldn’t escape punishment for trespassing, let alone a disciple of the heavenly spirit root.

Because of this small issue, Qiu Jian missed out on an extraordinarily talented disciple who was instead recruited by Yao Budu.

Yue Xiaorou made a move. A swift lightning sword struck Zhangsun Zijun. She was ready to make the next move. She didn’t underestimate her opponent. Although Zhangsun Zijun restrained his sword aura, she knew he was a powerful opponent. She didn’t think that the Thunder Light Sword could hurt Zhangsun Zijun. This was only a test.

However, after the light of the thunder dissipated, Zhangsun Zijun, who had been struck by an explosive thunderclap, stood silently in the same spot.

Everyone: “…”

The audience was in an uproar!

“This person is really Zhangsun Zijun? Is Zhangsun Zijun really having the heavenly spirit root?!”

“Was he become stupid after taking pills in the medicine Hall? Can’t even avoid Thunder Light Sword?”

“Is he a Sword cultivator? What about his Sword Aura?”

Yue Xiaorou’s Thunder Light Sword was fast and fierce, but it was far from lethal. Not to mention those who were eligible to compete in the Sword Competition, as well as those in the audience, were aware that there were many attacks that could be avoided.

“Oh ***2.” Yi Xichen covered his face and dared not look down.

Although Yue Xiaorou was taken aback, she would never show him mercy. Since Zhangsun Zijun did not dodge her attack, she let out her sword aura, ready to defeat her opponent. However, an extremely harsh sword aura struck her face in an instant, and her entire body stiffened abruptly— a powerful pressure had been released3 which made her unable to move!

Zhangsun Zijun threw the sword he was holding at Yue Xiaorou. His sword almost touched the ground, and the sword shoved up the stiff Yue Xiaorou, flew her out of the training ground, and then fell to the ground.

From the beginning to the end, it all happened in the blink of an eye. When the Zhangsun Zijun threw his flying sword, he released his sword aura at the same time. No matter how strong his sword was, he could only make the enemy stiffen for a short time. This stiffness resulted from everybody’s instinctive fear, not by his control of the enemy.

Because it happened so quickly, many disciples blinked, only to see Yue Xiaorou fall from the flying sword on the ground, and they had no idea what had happened.

The audience was silent.

The bell rang, and after a while, Qiu Jian’s depressed voice came from above: “Zhangsun Zijun, win.”

The whole audience remained silent. The disciples had already come to their senses and couldn’t wait to talk about the match just now, only to discover that they didn’t even know where to begin.


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  1. 不可思议 – It is beyond logic and above reason; inconceivable; unimaginable; beyond comprehension. In other words, Zijun was acting OOC again.
  2. 亲娘咧 – There is some debate over this. I translated it was “motherf****r” last time, but it’s literally just “oh mother!” It’s definitely meant as an expletive.
  3. Not sure how to translate 那是来自强者的威慑. Something like “It is the intimidation from the strong.”
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