Chapter 5 – ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes

Chapter 5 <– click on the link to read it.

Have you been reading “Solo Leveling,” too?

If you read manga or manhwa (Korean graphic novels or webcomics), then you might have already read “Solo Leveling.”

The art is pretty awesome and the scanlators rapidly release the new chapters which has resulted in Solo Leveling becoming extremely popular in a short period of time. Each chapter easily gets over 100k views on Mangadex, making it one of the most popular ongoing manhwas around.

You can read it here –

The story is very simple: In a world where mysterious dungeons have appeared, many people have awakened special powers. The dungeons have to be cleared for them to disappear. Otherwise, if they remain open then monsters will spill out, killing everyone and destroying everything in their path. The main character has powers but they are very weak… until he suddenly unlocked a level-up system.

I think the title of the webcomic shouldn’t be “Solo Leveling” since people get confused, thinking that it means he’s like a lone wolf who goes to dungeons solo. The title should actually be “Only I Can Level Up” meaning “everyone else is stuck at the same level but I can level up.”

Anyway, it’s pretty good and I’m enjoying it.

Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes”

  1. muggelschmuggel

    I love it! \(≧▽≦)/
    I’m going crazy every week, bc I can’t wait for the next ch hahaha.

    Hopefully I will finally find the time to read the novel too ;___;

  2. Isn’t SL based on a novel? Or is the novel based on the comic? How do you think they compare? I’ve had the novel in my “interested in” list for a while, so I’m curious.

    1. muggelschmuggel

      Manhua is based on the novel.
      Since I still didn’t read the novel I can’t say anything further D:

      But I love the webtoon, it’s so frikkn awesome!

  3. Solo Leveling is good, but I like the manga a bit better (MC doesn’t seem as dark, and they made a few adjustments that I thought worked well with the story). I’d recommend both though 🙂

    I’m loving Below the Neck btw. Thanks so much for picking it up

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