Announcement: Chapter 52 will be posted on Ainushi Translations

Important: Chapter 52 by BC Novels will be hosted by Ainushi Translations. I will post the full chapter (not half) tomorrow.

You can find this chapter in our NU project page. Just scroll down, look at the “latest release” section, then navigate until you see “c52” then click on that link.


Uh, remember the last time when I had to get other web hosting for chapter 19? You see, Xiu is really honest and he wants to continue “harmonious health education time” with Du Ze. Chapter 52 showcases Xiu and Du Ze’s love for mutual cultivation.

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This is a picture of a pink chrysanthemum. I love flowers.
Thank you for reading this story.

26 thoughts on “Announcement: Chapter 52 will be posted on Ainushi Translations”

  1. I saw the chapter…like halfway until ❤❤ about to start, then realized that I can’t read this in class…so patiently put it on hold, for another 15 minutes for class to end 😅

    1. What happened to the hamster? Also, how does this relate to what @Reika posted? 😕

  2. Wait so are you not going to post the chapters here anymore? Or is it that you post chapters that has the two doing “physical education” on that website? So, every time there is a “physical education” part you will post it on Ainushi Translations and normal ones would be put on bcnovels right?

    1. The special “harmony” chapters are posted on Ainushi while every other chapter is posted on BC Novels.

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