Chapter 14 – When a Fanfic Protagonist Transmigrated

Chapter 14 <— click on the link to read it.

Tenjou Tenge

Here’s a good manga that is complete and has a completed fan translation: Tenjou Tenge (Heaven and Earth).

My two favorite characters in Tenjou Tenge

Um, it’s not for kids, okay? It’s a fighting manga so there’s quite a lot of violence and death. The manga artist also likes half-clothed or barely-there clothed bodies.


  • Great art
  • Interesting characters
  • Long but complete!


  • The story starts off strong but ends up a convoluted mess though still readable
  • There is an official/commercial release in English but it is, AFAIK, heavily censored
  • You need a strong stomach to read some twisted stuff

This is pretty weird for me since I almost never read fighting mangas. I’m not sure what lead me to read this one but I’m satisfied with it overall.

Read it here –

I almost forgot to say that there is an anime. You can start with that one if you prefer a more PG experience.

Little bit of trivia: The title is part of the saying 天上天下唯我独尊 means “I have no equal under heaven and on this earth” which I think is cool. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 14 – When a Fanfic Protagonist Transmigrated”

  1. Tenjou Tenge! It was quite a rage for a (sadly short) period of time!

    Apparently the creator wrapped it up quickly to focus on Air Gear?

    1. Did you like it? The anime opening makes it seem like some sort of fun martial arts thing but the manga is actually quite dark!

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