Chapter 15 – When a Fanfic Protagonist Transmigrated into the Original Novel

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Chapter 15 – Seizing Consciousness

This chapter is by Windyday of BC Novels.

Zhangsun Zijun was very innocent. He wasn’t trying to advance his own agenda. It was just that in the OOC world, the seal within Yi Xichen’s body really was broken after they went 300 rounds.

If his spiritual energy really was sealed then it had to be broken no matter what. Yi Xichen rubbed his face furiously, “Is there any other way?”

“Um……Give birth to a child with the Heavenly Spirit Root……” Under Yi Xichen’s intense gaze, enough to burn through anything, Zhangsun Zijun sullenly closed his mouth with an expression of extreme innocence. This was all the Confusion Array’s fault, and it was Yi Xichen who was so determined to make him say it.

His fantasy was going to become reality but seeing that the method towards accomplishing it was so atrocious, Yi Xichen was getting ready to explode. He swept his gaze over Zhangsun Zijun. At the moment, Zhangsun Zijun is sitting down with his legs open and his clothes naturally parted on two sides. There was a very noticeable gigantic bulge in his pants. Yi Xichen felt his fury rise up from his heart, accompanied by a violent urge. With no place to release it, he clenched his fist and threw it towards the large bulge——

“Ow!!!” The person letting out the pained scream was Yi Xichen.

Although his fury was burning fiercely, he hadn’t lost all his reasoning skills and he wasn’t planning to ruin his own best friend. He only wanted to give Zhangsun Zijun a warning. When his fist was thrown out, he has already cut down on a lot of the power. But what he didn’t expect was that as soon as his fist touched that place, it was repelled back by a large force!!!

Yi Xichen looked at his reddening fist with an incredulous expression and turned the same incredulous expression towards Zhangsun Zijun’s pants. How can this possibly be a little love sword that can be seen on a regular man?! This is practically a ginormous snake that has been refined-by purple-iron-been-touched-with-the Mixed-Pearl-of-Heaven-able -to-slay-demons-and-monsters-can-destroy-the-Heavens-and-Earth-hard-as-a-rock-and-strong-as-iron-doesn’t-bend-through-hundreds-of-uses-with-more-than-enough- experience!!

——OOC fan setting: Anything and everything can be damaged except the masculine aura of the little gong because that would make the readers abandon the literature! So whoever has the desire to hurt the little gong’s tintin would experience ten times the punishment!

Yi Xichen dragged his hand across his face. He believed that the one with an unclear mind right now wasn’t Zhangsun Zijun but himself. He needed to jump into a pond of cool water to calm down.

“You can leave first.” Yi Xichen lay down on the table, wanting to cry but no tears would come, “Let me calm down a little by myself.”

Zhangsun Zijun pressed his lips together. After squeezing his nape reassuringly, he turned and walked out.

Getting pregnant with a child was, of course, nonsense. Even if Yi Xichen threw himself into the cause, he still doesn’t have the ability for it. Dual cultivation? Zhangsun Zijun was his best friend in this lifetime. For Zhangsun Zijun, even if he has to sacrifice his life, he would have absolutely no regrets. It’s just something like dual cultivation…… At the moment he wasn’t able to get past the mental barrier for something like that. He was even more afraid of not being able to have the same natural relationship with Zhangsun Zijun as he does now. Also at the moment, Zhangsun Zijun had an unclear mind so even if they do dual cultivate, if the result didn’t have the anticipated benefits, then he has no one to complain to.

Additionally, he doesn’t know for sure whether or not his spiritual power really was sealed by Heaven’s fire. Although he really hoped that it was, there was no way to verify it.

BC Novels translation

This chapter is by Windyday of BC Novels. Please support the translators by reading at BC Novels. Thank you.

Right when Yi Xichen’s mind was about to fall into disarray, the door suddenly opened. Zhangsun Zijun came back.

Yi Xichen almost pulled all his hair out, “Didn’t I say to let be alone for a while? Why are you back?”

Zhangsun Zijun said, “I remembered it!”

Yi Xichen asked exhaustedly, “What did you remember this time……”

This time Zhangsun Zijun really did remember something. As soon as he was away from Yi Xichen, the blood that was concentrated at a certain spot immediately went back to his brain, making him remember things from the past. There was once when Yi Xichen pulled him to Yao Budu’s secret library to steal some secret techniques for Pill Refining. He was only interested in the skills of the sword, so he had no interest in how to refine pills. While Yi Xichen was immersed in the scriptures, unwilling to leave, he was waiting quietly off to the side. Since he had nothing to do, he pulled out a random book from Yao Budu’s bed table and started to read.

That was a book on cultivating the body. Gathering the energy of the Five Treasures of the Heaven and the Earth and refining it with you in a cauldron would cause you to break through the bottleneck and the seal in the body.

At the time, Zhangsun Zijun and Yi Xichen were both disciples that just entered the path of cultivation. There were still very far away from reaching the bottleneck, so although Zhangsun Zijun read it before, he didn’t place much importance on it in his heart. After his IQ went back online, he was blessed to remember it. Since this was a memory about the past, then there wouldn’t be a mistake on it. Therefore, he hurried back to report this to Yi Xichen.

“The Five Treasures of the Heaven and the Earth are the Blood of Qilin, the Wind Stopping Pearl, the Shell of the Dark Turtle, the Scale of an Ancient Dragon, and the Thunder Fruit.” Zhangsun Zijun can virtually remember anything he has seen, so he recited each of the materials. “It is of great benefit to you if you can gather the Five Treasures of the Heaven and the Earth.”

After hearing that, Yi Xichen was slightly reassured but the frown on his face was still there. “I have a sword match with Wang Qingqiao tomorrow, but none of these five things are easy to get. Not to mention one day, we wouldn’t be able to gather the five things even if we spend a year trying to gather them.”

Zhangsun Zijun, “……”

He stood there for a while. His mind was blank so he didn’t say anything. Then he turned around and walked out again.

Yi Xichen, “……”

A moment later, Zhangsun Zijun pushed the door open and walked in again.

Yi Xichen, “???”

“I thought of another method.” The Zhangsun Zijun who recovered his IQ outside said, “This method can help you with the fight tomorrow and determine whether or not you really do have a Mutated Spiritual Root that was sealed.”

Yi Xichen curiously stretched out his neck to look outside the door.

“What are you looking at?”

“Is there some immortal outside that points things out for you? Or is there some Spiritual Water that can elevate your mind after you drink it?”


“Alright, let’s focus on the serious matter.” Yi Xichen scratched his face. There were too many strange things that have happened to Zhangsun Zijun recently. He wasn’t able to sort it all out at once, but maybe not understanding was better for his body and his mind. The important thing at the moment was the battle tomorrow. “What did you remember again?”

“I have the Heavenly Spirit Root so I have the power of Heaven’s Soul with me……”

Yi Xichen heard that he turned the topic back around to this, he quietly placed his hand on his seat to support himself just in case he falls down after he hears something too shocking.

“I can go in your Sea of Consciousness and force the flow of your spiritual energy to bring out your potential.”

Yi Xichen tilted his head to the side.

He has heard of this method before. The name of the method is called “Taking Consciousness” and it is very dangerous. The one with higher cultivation would go into the Sea of Consciousness of the one with the lower cultivation and use their own cultivation to force the flow of spiritual energy in the one of lower cultivation. If the one with the lower cultivation isn’t able to take it, the most serious consequence would be death from bodily combustion. If the one with the lower cultivation can take it, then their potential would be unlocked and receive a huge boost in their powers. However, the effect is only temporary. After that, the person feeling the effect would be exhausted and require a couple of days of rest to recover.

Although this method was extremely risky, Yi Xichen still immediately agreed to it, “Let’s try it then.”

The reason “Taking Consciousness” was so dangerous was because of three reasons. First is that he was allowing someone to go into his Sea of Consciousness. This was the taboo of anyone cultivating because they are afraid of being schemed against by people, but this worry doesn’t apply to Yi Xichen at all. Second is that if he wasn’t able to take it, he would be badly wounded or even implode. But since Zhangsun Zijun suggested this, then he must be able to control the risk. As soon as he didn’t think that it would work he would immediately stop so he didn’t have to worry about this either. The third is that he would require a recovery period after excessive exhaustion. But after the match with Wang Qingqiao tomorrow, he still has the official Sword Assembly to attend so he might not be able to rest well. Yi Xichen isn’t worried about this point either because he has never used pure spiritual energy to compete. And for the Sword Assembly, every contestant only has one match a day. He only has to think about getting past the first couple of days before he can exert his full strength in the competition.

What’s more important is that, although there is some risk, Yi Xichen still can’t help but want to know whether or not he really does have the Mutated Spiritual Root——since they were going to bring out his potential, there has to be potential that needs to be brought out. If he really does have the False Spiritual Root, then Zhangsun Zijun only needs to push a little to reach his limit, there is absolutely no significant empowerment.

Since they made the decision already and the two of them weren’t people who ruminate over decisions, they sat down immediately and Yi Xichen opened up his Sea of Consciousness unhesitantly.

A moment later, a warm energy entered his Sea of Consciousness.

He had never felt such a comfortable feeling before. It was like he turned into a leaf boat floating on a lake. The gentle waves of the lake were hitting his body, pushing him towards the furthest corner of the world.

After passing this bend, the mountain on both sides of the strait receded, revealing an endless sea. It was the unexplored Ocean Paradise that he has longed and hoped for. A tear of happiness fell from his face.

That night, on the Heavenly Sword Mountain, there was an extremely strong spiritual fluctuation.

The Phoenix Tree that has been bald for hundreds of years silently bloomed.

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Reika’s Notes:

  • This chapter is by Windyday of BCNovels.
  • Tintin = love sword = the seme’s/gong’s ultimate weapon = that appendage found between the legs. It’s not that the author wants to play coy, it’s that the actual words aren’t allowed to be published online.
  • Thanks for reading.

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