Chapter 16 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 16 – Indulge in Secret Relations with Women

After Chu Yu spoke, the others all turned to look at him with astonished, disgusted, or mocking expressions, and some people whispered:

“Oh, who does not give Song Shixiong face, he is …”

“I heard that Chu Yu is extremely arrogant, tsk tsk, everyone’s eyes are on the head disciple. I thought they were simply going eliminate a few low level demonic monsters.”

Song Jingyi also turned to look at him, eyes flashing: “It’s Chu Shidi. If Chu Shidi is unwilling then that would not be good. Is the Xiao Shidi behind you too reluctant? This trip is very dangerous for those in the Qi Refining stage.”

Chu Yu glanced at the sticky koala behind him and was about to clarify that this one was just lazy and not unable to fly. Xie Xi lifted his shining eyes. Holding on to Chu Yu tightly, he said softly: “Thank you for your kindness, I just want to follow my Shixiong. Wherever Shixiong goes, I will go.”

Song Jingyi was bluntly refused and his face became somewhat ugly: “… Then two of you will go by yourselves, right?”

Chu Yu smiled and rubbed Xie Xi’s hair. He activated Xun Sheng and the sword’s aqua-blue light shone brightly as, with a swishing sound, it rose above the other sect disciples. They disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, the original Chu Yu had a cold, elegant, and glamorous temperament so he would probably have rejected all of those people, including Yuan Chen Peak’s head disciple.

When Chu Yu’s figure had disappeared, those who had not dared to speak in front of him immediately voiced their thoughts:

“Just a Foundation Building mid-stage! Relying on his family background, he’s really a great person! Chu Yu? Bah, it’s the same as a smelly fish!”

(TN: The “Yu” in Chu Yu means fish.)

“I think he will be the first to die.”

“His Shidi is also headstrong and dared to refuse Song Shixiong’s well-intentioned offer of help.”


The different voices spoke many words and, in general, were condemning. Song Jingyi smiled faintly and listened for a while, then said: “We are all fellow disciples of the same sect; we should not backstab others.”

“Shixiong, you see that Chu Yu completely does not put you in his eyes and ignores you. When you inherit the sect master’s position, will he be able to serve you?”

“Song Shixing already has the bearing of a sect master, unlike that smelly fish who wouldn’t spit on someone if they were on fire1 and disregards the friendship between fellow sect disciples.”

The disciples rushed to praise Song Jingyi, flattering him while bad-mouthing someone in a very lively way. However, a few female disciples frowned and looked sideways at Song Jingyi, inwardly scoffing.2


Chu Yu flew off quickly. Naturally, he did not hear the others’ indignant complaints, but even if he did hear their talk, he wouldn’t care.

At this rate it will take about half a month to travel to Fang Ye City. Anyway, they had plenty of time. They flew until the afternoon then Chu Yu and Xie Xi stopped at a small town. Chu Yu fixed his clothes and hair, took out a folding fan beautifully painted with a landscape, and gently waved the fan, a beast in human clothing.

Xie Xi stared at Chu Yu, thinking that Shixiong is really good-looking; in this world there is no one more good-looking than Shixiong.

Acting cool, Chu Yu turned to look at the stunned Xie Xi. His eyebrows rose. He closed his fan and knocked on Xie Xi’s head, saying: “What is it?”

Xie Xi immediately woke from his daze, his ears red and lips silent.

Chu Yu was pleased as he looked at the grown-up, handsome teenager. He touched Xie Xi’s head and said kindly: “Shidi you have grown up …” It’s time to learn some sexy skills for collecting a harem.

He paused for a moment then smiled: “It’s time for you to see the world and learn new things.”

“Learn a little … something?” Xie Xi tilted his head and looked blankly at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu met the other’s snow white (pure) gaze and felt inexplicably guilty. He cough dryly and said: “Come with me.”

Xie Xi obediently followed Chu Yu into the city. Chu Yu was elated because he had not been in a mortal city for a long time. He looked around.

Chu Yu loves to eat snack foods but he has not been able to eat it since he came to this world. Now that he saw tanghulu (TN: candied fruit, specifically sugar coated Chinese hawthorn fruit on a stick), he immediately bought two sticks. Giving Xie Xi a stick, he leisurely ate it while looking around.

Xie Xi looked at Chu Yu, who seemed to be greatly enjoying the snack, then looked down at the candy in his hands. He blinked and slowly took small bites out of it.

Seeing that Chu Yu was busy eating, he passed his tanghulu over: “Shixiong, I do not like.”

Chu Yu was looking around, thus he did not notice Xie Xi’s little stratagem. He just said “oh” and readily accepted the candied fruit, not finding anything wrong.

Xie Xi’s eyes flashed. He smiled, which made his eyebrows rise, and his mood that had been bad because of the other disciples’ whispers, improved a bit.

They strolled around the city until Chu Yu finally found the right place. With one hand he guided Xie Xi inside, laughing: “Shidi, have you drunk wine before?”

Xie Xi shook his head honestly.

Chu Yu smiled: “Come, drink wine with your Shixiong – a drinking party with some women.”

Along the way, Chu Yu had listened to the people gossip and found out that in the red light district, nothing can surpass the Yangchun house where the women are seductive like water, charming and attractive.

This is the Yangchun entertainment house.

Chu Yu swept his full sleeves then led Xie Xi into the flower building.

They went inside but, looking at the courtyard full of beautiful ladies of the night, Xie Xi’s face became black.

His face continued to blacken as Chu Yu, spending money like it was going out of style, gathered the four leading ladies of the house and walked all of them into a dining room.

Chu Yu was surrounded by beauties and a faint flame burned in Xie Xi’s eyes as he stared at Chu Yu. If his sense of reason hadn’t stopped him, he would have set fire to this place.

Even though his face was so ugly, someone who did not fear to court death came over.

“This little child looks very unhappy. Where does it hurt? Let your servant take a look …”

As she said that, a pair of weak, soft little hands drew close to his chest and slowly slipped in

It was as if he had been touched by a snake. Xie Xi was disgusted and was driven beyond the limit of his endurance. He pushed that woman off, his face cold, and said: “Get out!”

Chu Yu had drunk a few cups of wine. He had thought that this body’s tolerance for alcohol wasn’t bad but now he was in a bit of a daze. Hearing Xie Xi’s angry voice, his eyebrows rose and he instantly sobered up a little.

He waved and motioned them to go out. Xie Xi was pounding on the table; with an angry glare at Chu Yu, he gnashed his teeth, saying: “Shixiong why did we go to such an immoral, shameless place of debauchery!”

… To enlighten you.

Chu Yu opened his mouth but dared not speak aloud. His eyes were somewhat blurry at present so he stared in confusion for a long time since there were several images of Xie Xi in front of him. He waved and said: “Shidi … Come here.”

Xie Xi looked at the unfamiliar Chu Yu in front of him whose cheeks had a sunset glow and whose eyes were bleary. He paused, his anger disappeared, and he went to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu saw a few Xie Xi figures and tried to give him a glass wine, smilingly: “Shidi don’t be angry… Come, drink this wine… “

Xie Xi gazed intently at the foolishly smiling Chu Yu. After a long while, he sighed and was about to take the glass when Chu Yu suddenly let go of it. The wine cup fell to the floor with a crash, broken.

Xie Xi: “… Shixiong, you’re drunk.”

Chu Yu frowned and looked at the table but he did find another cup so he simply stretched out his hand and poured the wine into the palm of his hand. He clasped Xie Xi close and said: “Come, Shidi … Drink this glass of wine …”

The white jade palm was in front of him, the clear wine rippling. Xie Xi stared at the delicate texture of the palm in front of his face. After a long time, the corners of his lips turned up in a mysterious smile and he slowly lowered his head, drinking wine from Chu Yu’s palm.

Chu Yu’s light, cold, delicate fragrance lingered; mixed with the wine’s bouquet, it was very intoxicating. Xie Xi finished the small handful of wine, his face was somewhat crimson and his eyes rippled with a watery light.

Chu Yu was about to retract his hand when Xie Xi suddenly held it. Xie Xi lifted his eyes to Chu Yu and smiled. He lowered his head again and almost reverently kissed Chu Yu’s hand from the fingertips to his wrist, not letting go of even an inch of skin.

Holding Chu Yu’s wrist, Xie Xi tilted his head as he looked at Chu Yu and smiled: “Many thanks for Shixiong’s hospitality. This wine is very tasty.”

Chu Yu nodded, confused and innocent as a baby. He squinted his eyes trying to see Xie Xi but he cannot see clearly. He felt he was being carried and subconsciously used his hands to circle Xie Xi’s neck.

His inner subconscious roared: Princess Carry! Princess Carry! Protagonist, you cannot hold a villain cannon fodder in a princess carry!

Xie Xi put Chu Yu down on his bed and stared down at Chu Yu’s peacefully sleeping face. Since they slept together for three years, naturally he has had countless opportunities to carefully observe this beautiful face.

He stared at the long slanting eyebrows, the slightly rose-colored corner of the eyes, the delicate bridge of the nose, and the pale, red lips like peach blossoms.

Xie Xi stretched out his hand and gently traced the outline of Chu Yu’s face. When the finger touched Chu Yu’s lips, Xie Xi’s breathing became slightly faster.

His fingertips touched that place – pink, soft, and supple. It was somewhat moist and opened and closed slightly. Xie Xi stared a while and whispered: “Shixiong?”

Chu Yu, still in a daze, heard something and was about to reply “Shidi” when his mouth was blocked.

Xie Xi leaned over to kiss the long-coveted, soft lips. His whole body suddenly felt dry and hot. He couldn’t resist and hugged Chu Yu, kissing him deeply, rolling around on the bed, lingering, unable to extricate himself.

In a daze, he suddenly heard a cold voice in his ear saying: “Shidi.”

Xie Xi suddenly awakened then stared wide-eyed at Chu Yu. He let go of Chu Yu and then rolled off the bed. Sitting down on the floor, he gasped for breath; his eyes were a little wild and intoxicated.

Chu Yu’s head hit the porcelain pillow with a bang and he groaned in pain. Xie Xi hurriedly got up, rubbed Chu Yu’s head gently then, with pursed lips, took off Chu Yu’s boots and covered him with the quilt.

He stared at the face and, thinking of what he had just done, Xie Xi was silent for a moment then mercilessly gave himself a slap on the face.

“Shameless villain!”

Another slap in the face.


Having slapped himself in the face twice, Xie Xi’s cheeks were slightly swollen. He closed his eyes and the expression on his face became serious as he touched his sore cheeks.

His heart is clear, just now … He is very sober.


Waking up with a hangover, although his head wasn’t painful, he wasn’t in good spirits.

Chu Yu sat up with a face full of sorrow then suddenly fell down again. He had to close his eyes and circulate his Qi to make the aftereffects of the wine disperse from his body.

What did he do after he got drunk last night?

He shouldn’t have done anything out of line? The protagonist should not be too angry, right? If he is too angry, perhaps Chu Yu won’t wake up yet.3

His face was hard to read. Squatting on the side and ignored for a long time, Xie Xi finally couldn’t help but speak up: “… Shixiong?”

This sudden sound scared Chu Yu out of his wits and he was frozen in shock for a while before he turned his head to look at Xie Xi. He wanted to scold the child but when he saw Xie Xi’s face, Chu Yu’s eyes suddenly widened.

… What the f***!!!

No way!!!

Last night he must have been crazed with drink! Was it the original owner of this body?! The original Chu Yu! Did you beat up the protagonist?!!!


Translator’s note:

They went to a brothel. I translated it as an “entertainment house” since the brothel they went to is a high-class one for rich people. It’s like an inn with food, expensive wines/liquor, private parlors, and bedrooms where clients can sleep. They also normally have dancing, singing, poetry-reading, etc. as well as prostitutes. I thought the readers would be confused if they went to a “brothel” then all they did was eat and drink.

This chapter is super funny! I laughed all the way from the start to the finish of this chapter. Oh Chu Yu, you are so delightfully clueless! And Xie Xi is so extremely thirsty! *points to title of the novel*

It’s actually the next chapter that made me laugh the most though this one is also great.

What do you think will happen next? Will Xie Xi move on to more pervy stuff? Will Chu Yu ever give Xie Xi an embroidered sachet?

Please let me know if there are any errors by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading.

This is tanghulu. This snack was invented in Ancient China and is still popular today. Photo credit: zhu jian


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  1. 见死不救 – Literally “see dead do not save” but I substituted a more English idiom.
  2. 暗暗啐了一口 – secretly spit a mouthful
  3. I think he means he will pretend to be asleep

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