Chapter 17.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 17.2 – Protagonist: He is mine

The Halphas City Lord looked covetously at the small Xiu. The pointed ears, half hidden in his flaxen hair, showed that he is a gnome. This is a member of the ancient race, the legendary people who created a mechanical civilization! With the gnome by his side, he won’t have to worry that he won’t become stronger.

When his eyes finally rested on the tattered figure of Du Ze, the Lord’s eyes narrowed and he asked: “Dan, tell me, who is he?”

“That is a subordinate of the gnome, an insignificant human.”


The Lord was irritated. He hates humans but the taste of human flesh is indeed unusually good. At the thought of that delicious taste, the Lord unconsciously licked his lips. His eyes as he looked at Du Ze became hot. The humans live on the other side of the continent, therefore there are not many of them here. He has not eaten a human meal for a long time.

“Take them away.”

After hearing the order of the Lord, the demons looked at each other, then Moses came forward. He cautiously approached Du Ze and Xiu – here is a gnome, a type of enemy that he has never fought before.

Du Ze saw the meat mountain shouting. When a demon jumped down and walked towards them in an obviously threatening, unfriendly manner, Du Ze thought that things were not good, especially since Xiu was in gnome form.

The enemy is a group of powerful demons, and what we have here is a team made up of a feeble human loser and a seriously injured gnome who specializes in life skills … Do you really want to be this cruel?! They were facing demons, the race with the strongest individual powers!

In “Mixed Blood,” combat can be divided into categories depending on the number of foes: individual strength, war band (group) strength, army strength, and siege strength (when attacking a city). The demons are the strongest individually; the beastkin have the strongest war band strength; the undead have the strongest armies; while the dragonkin are the strongest at attacking a city. The other races have different characteristics. Du Ze is fortunate to be able to experience the attack power of a member of the race with the strongest individual combat capabilities …

Du Ze glanced at the gnome beside him. Clenching his teeth, he opened the box – gnomes are not good at magic or melee, they are craftsmen. Therefore, Du Ze has to step up and protect the protagonist. He will try to use the artifact. The sword might take control of him, but with his 0-point restore, he should be able to return to normal.

Moses stopped moving when he saw the box open. Everyone marveled as the box split into pieces and a small black whirlpool materialized. The sword slowly appeared: first the tip, then the blade, and finally, the scarlet handle. The weapon fell from the box and cut into the hard ground. Its slender blade had a silver red glow that was hard to look away from.

The Lord’s eyes lit up. It wasn’t just him – all of the assembled demons’ eyes glittered with greed. This is a good sword, it might even be … a magical artifact.

Du Ze grasped the handle of the sword but this action made Moses rush towards him, ignoring the gnome for now.

So quick! Du Ze realized the difference between him and the fighters of this world. He had not even seen Moses move until the demon arrived in front of him. The next moment, Du Ze’s neck was struck. The pain was intense, as though his vertebra was about to break.

Xiu tried to keep Du Ze from falling but his present form was too weak. They both fell down on the ground. Du Ze was unconscious.

Moses didn’t pay attention to them at all. His eyes were on the sword, as if he was tempted to reach out and take it. The Lord’s expression darkened and he grunted but Moses didn’t respond to him. Moses continued to reach for the magic sword.

The Lord of the City of Halphas was furious. He stomped his foot and thorns rose up from the ground, seeking to pierce through Moses’s body.

Moses seemed to wake up from his daze and avoided the thorns. Cold sweat dripping down from his forehead, Moses apologized: “Lord, I …”

The meat mountain ignored Moses’s plea. He took the sword in his hand. His face shone red, reflecting the glow of the flawless silver blade of the Burning Desire Demonic Sword. He was enchanted. Gently touching the blade, the Lord expressed a bit of disappointment: “Why is it just a sword?”

The Lord is a high level Earth-type Magic Specialist. In the reverse side of the continent where the elements are weak, there are not many magicians. This is why he can become the Lord of Halphas City.

Moses wanted to make some excuses. He didn’t know why he was obsessed, trying to take the weapon in public. Then Moses saw that the Lord was smiling.

“You have done me good service before, I do not care about your disobedience.”

Moses was ecstatic and knelt to the Lord: “By your command, Lord.”

“Come …”

Moses had just walked over to the Lord when he heard the smiling demon Lord say to him: “Test the sword for me.”

“My Lord…?”

Moses fell. Half of his waist had been cut. He looked up at the Lord. From his point of view, the eyes of the demon Lord were covered with a faint red light.

“I forgive you.”

The Lord of Halphas City still has the sword out and is very satisfied with its sharpness. If his strength as a magician is insufficient, he can directly cut people in two the way he did with Moses. Commanding that the dying Moses be left behind by the squad, he turned towards Xiu and Du Ze.

In a good mood because he had punished a disobedient subordinate, the Lord felt abnormal feelings of joy and excitement. Looking down at the dark-haired youth and the gnome, he unconsciously spoke too loudly: “I am the Lord of Halphas City. I would like to invite the Master to visit my house for a while.”

Xiu was silent for a time, trying to think of countermeasures. Unfortunately, the Lord’s attention was attracted to Du Ze. The thought of the familiar yet exotic taste of human flesh made the Lord, who had just “exercised,” feel hungry. Once the thought entered his mind, he started to feel more and more hungry, like a starving person. He wanted to stuff that human inside his stomach to fill that inexhaustible void.

Since he is so hungry and that delicacy is right in front of him, why not start eating immediately?

Raising the exceptionally beautiful sword, before Xiu had time to react, the Lord suddenly cut off Du Ze’s left hand. Even in his coma, Du Ze’s body twitched because of the sudden pain.

The Lord picked up the hand and, under everyone’s eyes, greedily and thirstily bit the fingers, chewing the flesh and drinking the blood. He finished off the entire hand but he only felt a momentary satisfaction. Staring at the unconscious human with red eyes, the Lord became angry.

Not enough – not enough – completely inadequate –

The sword’s red glow became stronger and it seemed to sigh in contentment.

The Lord of Halphas City raised the sword, intending to cut off a piece of his food again. However, the demonic sword was stopped. The Lord looked at the hand that was on the blade and, even possessed, he still had some reason left: It’s a gnome’s hand that can create matchless equipment.

The Lord of Halphas stared at Xiu’s eyes, and said: “Let go.”

Xiu did not speak. His amber eyes were full of cold anger. The sharp blade broke open his palm. His red blood flowed down the silver-red metal, and was sucked in by the voracious demonic sword.

– Give it to me.

The Lord saw that Xiu’s eyes were changing color. The amber eyes darkened because of anger. The color became deeper and more beautiful until they turned purple. The Lord thought it was an illusion and rubbed his eyes. He looked at his eyes again.

The eyes were truly a deep purple, the rich eye color of a demon, the pupils slender and vertical.

Those are the eyes of the demon race.



– Do you want power?

I want it.

– Why?

If I have power, no one can take him from me.

You want to protect him?

No, I want to monopolize him.

He is mine, everything is mine.

So give me strength, I have to take back what belongs to me.

Give it to me.

– [black box]

The author has something to say:

Protagonist: He is mine.
Reader: … Haha.
Author: Haha.
Protagonist: Well, unanimously passed.
Reader: WTF!!!

demon xiu
Image: Hottie alert! Hottie spotted!

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      I have been meaning to thank you for translating this novel. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! T^T <3 Your effort is MUCH appreciated. I just dk what to say anymore except THANK YOU!!!! orz

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