Chapter 18.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 18.2 – Protagonist: Give it back to me

Once again Xiu cut off its hand, but the stone giant didn’t give up trying to hit Xiu. It was easy to avoid the giant, but Xiu suddenly had a bad feeling – with the stone giant’s recovery speed, the other hand should have already been restored, why not attack him with both hands?

Xiu had just figured out that something was wrong and his face showed his consternation. The Lord of Halphas City burst out laughing while launching his sneak attack: “Haha – say goodbye to your human friend!”

Ignoring the stone fist above his head, he turned back. In his line of sight, he saw that the stone giant’s enormous hand was about to hit the rock where Du Ze was – with that speed and amount of force, Du Ze and the rock would both be smashed into rubble.

A moment, it will take but a moment, and that moment is impossible for him to overtake…

It was like pressing a pause button. The space around him was dyed black and white.In that space and time, his heartbeat was so loud that it was deafening.

That person – will die?

His heart contracted painfully. That pain caused his brain to send out comforting thoughts.

He will not die. He can revive. He …

He will die.

The first time they met, the man said: “My only power is to restore myself. You can easily kill me.”

He has never deceived me.

He will die.

– but I won’t allow it.

So destroy everything, destroy that eyesore.


His heart beat wildly, the blood in his veins was boiling hot as it broke through a barrier, bringing unequalled strength.

“Now -”

A sudden burst of blindingly bright light stung the eyes of the demons. The purple-gold lightning tore through the void and a destructive energy obliterated the stone giant’s hands. When the beautiful lightning dispersed, all of the demons were looking at the place where stone hand had disappeared without a trace. If it were not for the small purple lightning arc still crackling in the air, they might wonder if they dreamt the whole scene.

Dan can hardly contain his excitement at finally seeing something fascinating. He cannot believe his eyes. That spectacular electric power … This is obviously the legendary –

The businessman shifted his eyes to look at the demon who was the culprit. Not just Dan, but all of the demons were looking at Xiu, whose fingertips were occasionally sending out sparks. The demons’ breathing became labored and their eyes were glued to Xiu. They were in a frenzy of awe and worship.

What a mighty and beautiful devil!

If it was not for the rules of a challenge, the others would have already kneeled in front of Xiu and asked to become his followers.

Xiu looked at Du Ze’s closed eyes, then at the tiny current at his fingertips. The purple electricity affectionately rubbed his hands. The corners of his lips lifted and he laughed.

Why didn’t he discover this before? This power is too simple and pure.

There’s a word for it: Destruction. Deconstruction.

Xiu’s long black hair fell down from his head, revealing a pair of gorgeous purple eyes. In those purple depths, electric power glowed. He looked at the stiff stone giant and his smile became wider and wider.

Destroy it.


A tiny current flashed in the air, and then triggered a cascade of reactions, like falling dominos. An enormous power grid covered the stone giant. It cut it up mercilessly, destroyed it, and let the prey fall apart.

Destruction, destruction, destruction…

In a bustling city towards the east, a demon wearing a pair of spectacles raised his pen and was about to write something when he suddenly stopped. After confirming that the lightning element was not an illusion, he stood up and nearly overturned the tables and chairs: “… Lord Bael? ”


When the stone giant had been defeated, the Lord of Halphas City fell from the sky. The arrogant Lord was in terrible shape. Because he was not good at controlling lightning, half of his body was charred. His whole body was like a badly-roasted pig that was cooked by a rookie chef.

Xiu’s victory was clear and the demons were excited to know that they would have a more powerful Lord soon. Xiu stepped forward and placed his sword at the Lord’s throat, saying, “Finally you came out.”

The Lord of Halphas City looked at Xiu in horror. Voice trembling, he said, “You, you can’t kill me – according to the rules, you cannot -”

His eyes were wide with terror and his face pale with disbelief. The Lord desperately wanted to speak but could not say anything. The one holding a sword to his throat stooped down and said, “Give it back to me.”

Give it to you … What? …

The Lord couldn’t figure out what Xiu wanted. The huge body fell to the ground, twitched a few times, then was still. The demons were in an uproar. They saw Xiu raise his sword again, a lot of blood sprayed out and stuck onto the blade. Some of the blood had splashed on the smiling Xiu.

He had to get back what belonged to him.

The red glow of the Burning Desire Demonic Sword intensified as it was saturated with blood.

Yes, it’s all yours, so take it back.

In front of the other demons, Xiu cut into the body. He wanted to find the stomach but, because the Lord had a lot of fat in his body, he was repeatedly frustrated. So he began to dismember the corpse. All of the demons stared at this bloody scene. Even though demons are cruel, a sight such a this was very unusual.

He is mine, everything is mine.

Xiu finally found the stomach and the small intestines, but unfortunately the innards had been turned into paste by the lighting. This made Xiu’s expression somewhat ugly. He destroyed the body and looked up. In his red-tinged vision, Dan’s figure was particularly striking.

Dan knew that Xiu’s attention was on him and he smiled, “Hey, I just helped you -”

“Give it back to me,” was all Xiu said.

Dan knew that he was referring to the clothes but he was reluctant since he had not thoroughly studied the restore function yet. While he hesitated for a moment, he saw the electricity crackling above Xiu’s fingertips.

“I’ll return it!”

Xiu took back the sweater vest. The familiar smell made the red light in his eyes dim slightly. When he looked up again, Dan had fled. The demons surrounding him kept silent as Xiu fanned out his wings and flew to a certain rock.

Du Ze was still unconscious, therefore he could not see that the demon hovering over him had a complex expression. Xiu’s eyes were still red, and he was tempted to do something to prove his complete ownership of that human.

The Burning Desire Demonic Sword whispered: Kill him, this is also total possession.

Xiu stretched out a bloody hand to the black-haired youth’s throat. As Du Ze breathed, his Adam’s apple trembled, proof of the life moving within him.

As soon as force is applied, that movement will stop.

The red glow of Burning Desire turned brighter and brighter.

The next moment, Xiu’s fingers felt the familiar warmth of Du Ze’s skin and started to stroke it.

He did not betray me, the demon thought contentedly. He’s mine.

The red glow in his purple eyes finally faded. He picked up Du Ze and left.


After escaping, Dan patted his forehead with the book in his hand and breathed a sigh of relief: “Really terrible.”

Though he said that, there was no fear at all in the green-clothed demon’s face. When he put down his hand, he saw a blood stain on the cover of his book. Dan wiped his forehead with his hand and saw blood: his forehead had been cut open, and he hadn’t noticed it at all.

Dan looked at the blood and began to laugh happily: “It is very interesting, it is really worthy of someone descended from him.” For a long time he hasn’t seen the lightning1 of destruction. He wiped his forehead with his hand and the cut in his face vanished in an instant: “If it was allowed, I would like to fight with him, but it’s also interesting to continue watching as a bystander …”

“I still like the world, so I definitely do not want to go to the boring god-realm.”



The law of the jungle is our truth.

Invasion, destruction, and conquest? We are loyal to ourselves.

Make us stronger with the blood of the enemy.

Not satisfied with it? Go and play a game.

Daring is a synonym for us; we pursue strength, speak with strength.

Angels? That is a group of bird men.

We? We are the noble demons (Asmodians).

– “Mixed Blood: Demon race collection”

The author has something to say:

“One day the protagonist dropped a reader on the river.”
Author: Did you drop a literary reader, a regular reader, or a two-cornered reader?
Main character: Give it back to me.
Reader: Which side should I spray with auntie’s blood first?

Announcement: Chapter 19 will be posted on a different website tomorrow. Please visit our NU page where all of our special releases are always posted. 😀

Translation notes:

The author has something to say is a parody of the story of the wood cutter and the river god.

One day a wood cutter was cutting wood beside a river. As ill luck would have it, his axe slipped from his hands and dropped into the river below. The poor wood cutter became terribly unhappy and started crying bitterly. At this, the River-God felt pity for him. He appeared before him with a golden axe and said, “Is it yours?” The honest wood cutter replied, “No Sir, it is not mine.” Then the God brought a silver axe and said, “Is it yours?” He again replied, “No, it’s not mine, Sir.” At last, he brought the steel axe that the wood cutter had lost and said to him, “Is it yours?” Then he gladly answered, “Yes Sir, this is mine.” The River-God became pleased at this honesty and gave him all the three axes. Then he disappeared.


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  1. The raw actually uses “thunder” but since it’s electricity, I translated it as lighting.

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