Chapter 26.3 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 26.3 (Part 3 of 3) – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter Title: Wedding Festivities

Without any hesitation, Chu Yu flung up the sheathed Xun Sheng to block an attack. The sword was struck with great force and the wound on his stomach that had just closed opened up again.

Something rose up in his throat and Chu Yu suddenly coughed up blood. Tears glistened in his eyes, Chu Yu looked at what had attacked him. It was a long, thick, thorny … vine?

Suddenly, a sword flashed out behind him and the vine was cut into three pieces. The pieces of the vine that had fallen on the ground seemed to alive; they were wriggling and violently struggling. Chu Yu was watching this with relish when someone embraced him from behind. Xie Xi’s voice sounded as though he was scared of making Chu Yu angry: “Shixiong … you’re bleeding …”

Blood was already flowing down.

Chu Yu’s breath was reeking with the scent of blood. He took out some pills and swallowed them, never taking his eyes off that vine.

It seems as though the thing that silently kills those who are caught up in the illusion is this thing. The sea of flowers was vast. There was no knowing how many vines so they definitely shouldn’t stay here.

He was kept silent and broke away from Xie Xi’s embrace. Chu Yu limped a little as he walked off with his sword drawn.

Xie Xi stretched out his hand but didn’t dare to hold on to Chu Yu. He paused for a moment then licked his lips and followed.

Chu Yu went to the Mausoleum Ruins to join in the fun. He wasn’t really looking for a treasure. Just as he was leaving the sea of flowers he saw an ancient bronze mirror, rusty and mottled, with a mysterious pattern etched on it.

Chu Yu didn’t think twice and picked it up then continued walking forward.

Xie Xi was still staying some distance behind him. He wasn’t too far away, just close enough to be able to rush forward to protect Chu Yu if he needed any help but not close enough to disturb him.

After a few days of walking slowly, Chu Yu realized that something was wrong.

A cultivator’s physique is different from ordinary people. They heal very fast. However, after two to three days his abdominal injury still hadn’t healed at all.

What did the novel say?

“The wounds a person sustains while inside Mausoleum Ruins must be cured by items from the Mausoleum Ruins.”

****! He forgot all about that!

Chu Yu was in quite a lot of pain but still had to look for a way to find medicine. The Mausoleum Ruins is a big place and he didn’t know how far away the its boundaries were.

It has mountains, bamboo forests, seas of flowers, and even a bleak battlefield, desolate as smoke. Except for the fact that the sky was always grey and an unknown scent was always floating in the air, it wasn’t very different from the world outside.

This led Chu Yu to travel for two days to find medicinal herbs.

Chu Yu counted the days on his fingers. Two more day and the exit to the Mausoleum Ruins entrance will be closed. If they don’t hurry and leave, he will get trapped inside with the protagonist for ten years.

Thinking of the protagonist, Chu Yu paused, but he never looked back.

In recent days, he has deliberately ignored Xie Xi. Even if he cannot hug the thighs, he still doesn’t want to be enemies with Xie Xi. He is Lu Qingan’s first-ranked direct disciple and the second son of the Chu family. He can’t associate with Xie Xi anymore.

That would be the best for everyone involved.

Chu Yu silently ignored the grief in his heart. Taking out a star map,1 he determined his position and slowly made his way to the Mausoleum Ruins portal.

In the Mausoleum Ruins no one dares to fly since they might encounter an interspatial rift.

Xie Xi still followed him silently.

Chu Yu was absolutely unable to say cruel words like “don’t follow me.” He sighed at the thought of the person following him but in the end allowed him to stay.

After two days of slow going, he finally saw the entrance. Unfortunately, before Chu Yu even had time to catch his breath, he heard the sound of a racket in front of him.

Chu Yu leaned carefully against a tree and took a look. It was the people who entered Mausoleum Ruins with them, including Song Jingyi. Opposite them were … cultivators?

No, the cultivators who entered were just 10 people, where did the others come from?

Song Jingyi, who seemed to be injured, clutched his chest and scolded in angry tone: “How did these evil demons enter this place?!”

On the other side stood more than 10 people wearing black robes with blood-red designs. They all had a purple and black auras, the sign of demonic cultivators. Their leader chuckled in a casual manner: “Did you really think that I was waiting in Jiao Xia for the insects to hatch? Ha, you righteous cultivators call those insects vulgar and nasty but those spirit worms breed in spirit veins. They should obviously be called Spirit Devouring Worms.”2

The original owner has a memory about this.

There’s a legend about the Spirit Devouring Worms that says they can devour sealing spells and the worms do not decay.3

**** it, it seems he heard something important!

Chu Yu silently hunkered down to watch this lively scene.

“Well, not that the situation is clear, hand over the spirit grass.” The man’s voice suddenly became gloomy. Chu Yu thought about it. He didn’t know the man’s name so he had to keep quiet and continue watching.

Several of the Righteous Path disciples were injured. They looked at each other, then at Song Jingyi who was holding the spirit grass.

The expression on Song Jingyi’s face was extremely ugly but showed that he was helpless.

Many of them were injured in the Mausoleum Ruins, but these demonic path cultivators were in good health lying in wait for them at the entrance.

Gnashing his teeth, Song Jingyi said in a stern voice: “Temporarily letting these evildoers go is something I do today to save my fellow disciples.”Then took out a jade box that was filled with spirit grass and threw it.

The man took it, opened it, then glance at the contents. He nodded: “You can go.”

A few of the younger disciples of the Righteous Path had ugly looks on their faces, half believing and half doubting, as they retreated to the Mausoleum Ruins exit.

When they had all left, one of the Demonic Path cultivators asked: “Young master, you … why didn’t you just kill them all?”

The leader shook his head: “Although we were prepared for them to arrive, they have a lot of things with them. If they were forced to fight desperately, it would be a lot of trouble for us and a waste of time.”

Listening to this conversation, Chu Yu repeatedly nodded his head but shook his head at Song Jingyi’s lack of backbone.4 He stared at the Demonic Path cultivators. He had been squatting down all this time and his legs had become somewhat numb. Why aren’t you leaving?

“Your lordship looks lively enough, don’t you want to come out?”

The man’s laughter sounded sweet, like an acquaintance who was just joking around but the shocked Chu Yu broke out in a cold sweat. In case this was just a trap, Chu Yu continued to crouch down under the tree, silent.

He is injured right now and it wouldn’t be prudent to be excessively involved in this type of incident.

“Under the tree.”

The man spoke plainly. Chu Yu looked up and heard a “Shing” sound as Xie Xi, who had been following close behind him, blocked a sword strike. Xie Xi had rushed forward to save Chu Yu.

The young master put his hands behind his back as he stood in front of the tree. He looked at Chu Yu first then at Xie Xi. He said in a surprised voice: “It’s you?” After a pause, he said in a murderous tone of voice: “I didn’t expect to meet you two. Since we’ve met, there’s no need to leave.”

Chu Yu quickly figure out the situation: he and Xie Xi had been traveling for a few days. Both of them were tired. Xie Xi has not meditated to restore his spiritual energy. In addition, he himself is injured. Therefore, if they attacked these dozens of Demonic Path cultivators who were full of energy would be tantamount to suicide.

Quickly glancing at the treasures in his interspatial ring, Chu Yu slowly sighed.

Maybe he won’t die but Xie Xi will.

Still, having said that, if the protagonist were to die, that wouldn’t be fun.

Chu Yu mustn’t think about it too much. He raised his sword and shouted loudly: “Xie Xi!”

Xie Xi was pleasantly surprised. Sweeping away a few cultivators with a sword strike, Xui Xi turned to Chu Yu and said: “Shixiong, Shixiong you want to talk to me?”

Child, please stop planting flags like this. I beg you, please be mindful of your status as the protagonist ….5

Chu Yu was speechless for a moment as he dodged the incoming swords. His voice sank: “You don’t want me to be angry at you? Alright, then leave at once. I will be right behind you.”

Xie Xi stared at him blankly: “I can’t.”

“This isn’t negotiable. Either you do it or you can no longer call me Shixiong in the future.” Chu Yu kept his face impassive even though the wound on his abdomen had opened up again. He immediately regretted being too afraid to waste time before to take his medicine.

Xie Xi’s face went pale and he said in a panicked voice: “Shixiong, don’t ignore me … You, you will be right behind me? Really?”

Chu Yu paused: “Certainly.”

He doesn’t want to spend ten years in this shithole.

Xie Xi was silent for a moment then said: “If I do that then, Shixiong, you really will forgive me?”

“As long as you leave immediately,” Chu Yu said.

Xie Xi gritted his teeth. He struck at the cultivators opposite him, opening up a path, then he moved like the wind and quickly disappeared from Chu Yu’s sight.

Chu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. The young master said with a smile: “Chu Yu? Jiao Xia’s Chu family’s second son? Your Shidi ran away and abandoned you. Surrender.”

Chu Yu ruthlessly wiped off the blood from the edge of his lips. He snorted: “You know **** all!”

That child Xie Xi was so strongly attached to Chu Yu that if he were to say that he would forgive Xie Xi if he died right away, he wouldn’t hesitate.

This kind of sincerity is too deep and terrible.

Chu Yu waited until Xie Xi was farther away then he took a gold bowl out of his interspatial ring and activated it. The small golden bowl flashed then Chu Yu was completely covered by its protective shield.

The young master of the Demonic Path cultivators recognized this thing. For just a moment he was taken aback then he suddenly laughed: “You’re going to sit there and not move? I’m waiting for the Devouring Spirit Worm so even if the Mausoleum Ruins close, I can still leave. Do you intend to sit there for ten years?”

Chu Yu’s face was impassive: “I’m not worried about you.”

The young master sneered at him coldly and sat down cross-legged as though he also had no intention of leaving. Time gradually passed. The gray haze in the sky slowly dispersed and gradually revealed a sky the color of blood.

In a trance, Chu Yu heard Xie Xi’s voice. He slowly closed his eyes.

In terms of cultivating, ten years is but an instant.

He will sit here for ten years. The plot went wrong but perhaps ten years later Xie Xi will have turned back to the path of a harem master protagonist.

The seal around the Mausoleum Ruins closed.

The faces of the people outside changed expression in different ways.

Song Yuanzhuo shook his head, sighing. He said in seeming regret: “Unfortunately, Chu Shizhi was not able to escape.”

Xie Xi’s brain was full of static.

Song Jingyi’s eyes hid his secret joy at the misfortune of others, but he schooled his expression into one of pity: “I didn’t expect that Chu Shidi would sacrifice himself to let Xie Shidi escape …”

Xie Xi’s face was full of anguish. Lu Qingan, his face solemn, gripped Xie Xi’s shoulder: “Xi-er!”

Xie Xi’s eyes were bloodshot. He trembled: “Shizun … Shizun, I lost Da Shixiong … “

Lu Qingan was silent.

Xie Xi suddenly broke away from Lu Qingan’s hold and ran towards the entrance to the Mausoleum Ruins as though he was crazy. He collapsed and shouted: “Shixiong! Shixiong! Shixiong!”

But the entrance to the Mausoleum Ruins was closed.

He sat down, tears streaming down his face. He murmured: “You lied to me …”

His life, no spring and autumn, only winter and summer. Cold and hot; ultimately without resolution.6



Translator’s Notes:

  • Whew! I finally finished this chapter. It was super long, lol! *cough* I still don’t have an editor so please leave a comment if you find errors. Thank you.
  • What a crazy ending … our poor little fishie will be stuck inside the Mausoleum Ruins for ten whole years?? I hope no one blames Chu Yu for this. As he said, he didn’t actually want to get stuck in that s***hole but was forced to sacrifice himself to save the protagonist.
  • I’ve been rather troubled by money problems so if you could donate via, I would really appreciate it. Even a small amount would be useful since I’m really short on money right now. Thanks.

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  1. 星盘 – lit. a star plate
  2. 噬灵虫 – lit bite/devour spirit lower life form. Unfortunately, the last character means a lot of different things like insects, insect larvae, worms, etc. It could be spiders for all I know.
  3. Possibly meaning they are immortal/do not age.
  4. 骨气backbone; strength of character; moral integrity
  5. 很对不起你主角的身份 – lit. “I’m very sorry/excuse me for the identity/status of your protagonist.” Tried to make sense of it.
  6. The last lines are some sort of poetry. 他的此生,没有春秋,只有冬夏。非寒即炎,终不得解。Basically expressing his grief and desolation at being apart from Chu Yu. They don’t even know for sure if Chu Yu is alive or not.

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