Chapter 33.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 33.2 – Protagonist: I really want to make a chain and shackle you to me.

It was like someone had pressed a pause button. The runes on the outer ring of the wheel of time all lit up, emitted a dazzling light. The unprepared Du Ze’s eyes were blinded by the intense light and teared up.

Du Ze wiped the tears from his eyes and put his glasses back on. Some silly, cute person looked at his surroundings and froze – what is this place?

There was darkness all around him. Du Ze remembered his dream when he seemed to be suspended in a dark space and heard a bad signal telephone call.

Then the caller really came back.

[…… Why … The wheel of time …]

Like last time, the voice was still hard to understand and interrupted by static noise, but even if there is a strong interference, he could still hear the sound.

[…… I found you …]

The communication was interrupted again. Du Ze did not have time to question that voice. He tried to call out, but there was no reply. It was totally silent in the darkness. Only his voice could be heard. The last time this happened, he was dreaming and he woke up soon after, so this time he was in … a dream?

Wake Up!

A stupid Moe person then pinched his own thigh forcefully. Since it was a dream, he used a lot of strength to pinch so that the flesh of his thigh was bruised. 1

Wu wu wu2——QAQ!

The pain made Du Ze come out from the illusion and the first thing he saw was a huge colorful hourglass in front of him. When Du Ze was able to get his breath back, he stared at the hourglass – wtf, is this also an illusion?

The hourglass that suddenly appeared in front of him was about 10 meters high, and the sand inside was also the size of Du Ze’s fingertips. There was not much left of the sand in the upper part and it looked like the sand was stuck, unable to fall. Du Ze stared at sand in the hourglass. His thoughts turned treacherous: if he makes the sand flow through, can he leave this place?

So some jerk kicked the hourglass.

The hourglass shook, shed a grain of sand, and then the sand became stuck again, as if mocking a level five noob.

[System: The player “Du Ze” used a serial kick attack on “Hourglass”]

Every time Du Ze kicked the hourglass, a grain of sand fell. When Du Ze was about to kick it for the fifth time, it was as though the anger gauge of the hourglass had reached its peak and the hourglass suddenly burst into a blinding light.

[System: “Hourglass” used a killing blow on the player “Du Ze.” The player “Du Ze” is sent back to the resurrection point.]

When Du Ze regained his senses, he saw that he had returned to the lab. A silly, cute person glanced around him blankly. The lab looked like a thief had rifled through the room; all sorts of papers were scattered on the ground. Old John, who had been outside of the metal building, was nowhere to be seen.

A clear birdsong sounded and Du Ze watched as a red bird flew down in front of him. The bird was about one meter long, had a soft and slender neck, patterned feathers, and a long, beautiful tail hair forked like fish. Anyone who looks at it would know what it is – a Phoenix.

The beautiful Phoenix saw Du Ze staring at it and happily spread it wings and chirped – this action looks exactly like that little chick that was always acting cute!

Du Ze stared at the Phoenix with horror: Isn’t this the protagonist’s cute pet?!

The Fire Phoenix tweeted then flew up and perched on the shoulder of someone who had appeared without Du Ze noticing him. It was a stranger with brown hair who looked very approachable.

Who’s this?

The brown-haired man saw that Du Ze was puzzled. He smiled warmly and said: “I am Old John.”

… what?

At this point, a sigh came from behind the Du Ze.

“You’ve finally come out.”

Du Ze looked up. Behind him was the huge wheel of time. A person was sitting on top of it, looking down at Du Ze. The silly reader hadn’t had time to really look at him before that person jumped down from the wheel.


Countless white papers flew around. Du Ze was ruthlessly pushed down onto the heap of research reports, making his back hurt. As he lay on a pile of papers, he straightened his crooked glasses, and looked up.

This is… Xiu?

The Xiu who straddled him looked a lot more mature. Xiu’s gnome form was supposed to look like a twelve-year-old, but the person in front of him looked like a fifteen-year-old. Xiu lowered his head. The two of them looked at each other. Xiu’s flax-colored hair hung softly and half-covered his bright amber eyes that looked almost crazy with emotion.

Du Ze was stupefied. Xiu leaned down and mercilessly bit Du Ze’s mouth – it can only be described as a bite. It had no tenderness and was used to vent Xiu’s crazed feelings. Du Ze even tasted blood. He whined and waved his hands, confused by what was happening.3

When Du Ze was finally released, he did not have to look in the mirror to know that his mouth must be swollen. Xiu moved his head close to Du Ze’s and the gnome’s burning hot breath assaulted his ear.

“I really want to make a chain and tie you to me.”

What the hell is going on?

The shocked Du Ze heard the voice of the brown-haired man explain.

“The little Master is so excited because he has been waiting for you for four years.”



The first year – missing

The next year – waiting

The third year – limit

The fourth year – collapse

– [black box]


The author has something to say:

Protagonist: I really want to make a chain and tie you to me.

Reader: This young man is not a pet! (╯‵-′) ╯︵┻━┻

Author: That is the Moe Lord.

Reader: (Wagging his tail)


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  1. Literally “so his thigh meat was heroic” 大腿肉壮烈了
  2. crying sound
  3. Literally “completely unaware of what had happened.” Translator’s note – basically emphasizing that he was clueless (as usual, lol).

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