Chapter 34.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 34.1 – Author: Choose a good rival, this is a lifetime thing.

“Four years” – these words echoed in Du Ze’s mind. He couldn’t imagine it. Clearly, he just went out for a little bit … Four years?

This was too much information for him to process!

The stupefied Du Ze sat up and stared vacantly at Xiu. He could clearly see that the gnome’s mouth was red. Xiu seemed to be aware of this and licked the corners of his mouth before revealing a very sweet smile, like a child eating his favorite candy. The protagonist was giving off a sweet but dark air.

Du Ze’s heart beat violently. He looked at Xiu’s hand that reached out and carefully rubbed the back of his neck. Xiu liked touching his neck before, but somehow, this time it was different. He could feel Xiu’s fingertips on his skin, hinting at excitement, ready to make trouble.

Something’s not right. Du Ze swallowed his saliva with some difficulty. His throat felt tight. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down and Xiu’s fingers slid underneath it.

The protagonist was now giving him a feeling like he was a volcano that was about to explode while Du Ze was stuck in the crater waiting to die – well, if any YY novel protagonist had to wait for a little brother for four years, his anger gauge must be overflowing. But please be calm, protagonist! The author did not write “four years flew by” – therefore, if you want to explode, please find your family’s rotten “haha” (troll) author instead of venting your anger on this innocent reader!1_ (: з “∠)

Du Ze felt Xiu’s hand encircle the back of his neck as the gnome pulled him closer. The young boy, with his forehead against Du Ze’s, said in a soft, sweet voice: “Do you have anything to say?”

This young man really does not know why it turned out like this – ah!

“If you don’t, then listen to me.” Xiu soft voice was full of patience. “I have a lot to tell you.”


A huge explosion came from the west where the Gnome Ruins’ “Wisdom” plaza was located. Black smoke rose from that direction. Old John frowned; his gentle voice was tinged with a slight displeasure: “Someone broke in. Are children so violent now? … Here they come.”

The street became noisy with the sound of many footsteps drawing nearer. Du Ze put Xiu behind him – now that the protagonist was in his gnome form, it’s a bit inconvenient.

Those people moved very fast and they appeared in front of Du Ze almost instantly. It was a mercenary squad. A thief with neat, light-colored short hair was running ahead of the main group. When the thief saw Du Ze and Old John, he slammed on the brakes. One of his companions that was behind him narrowly missed a collision.

“Hey! Why did you suddenly stop and block my way, Enoch?!”

The one complaining was a muscular, brawny man with a big sword in his hand. Sitting on his shoulder was a little girl who clapped her hands and giggled, saying: “Enoch is a fool ~ a fool!”2

The burglar, known as Enoch, turned back. Pointing to Old John and Du Ze, he asked: “Don’t you see the people across the street?”

Du Ze stared at the group of people. Effortlessly, he recalled their names: Rogue Enoch, Warrior Bart, Fire Wizard Honey, and … Du Ze’s heartbeat began to quicken, and he stared at the figure that was slowly walking toward them. It was a blond youth clad in silver-white armor, with a heroic, bold3 face and eyes as bright as stars. When Du Ze looked at him, there seemed to be a villain in his brain narrating the plot of “Mixed Blood.”

The protagonist joined a mercenary team.

There was a high-strung thief named Enoch, who always liked to run first.

There was a young fire wizard named Honey, who likes humming.

There was a big sword fighter named Bart, who everyone knows is a bodyguard for Honey.

They pointed to the Paladin and said to the protagonist, this is our captain.

His name is Eric.

Paladin Eric.

— the rival has appeared! Hello, big brother.

In YY novels, the rival’s role is very important. He and the cannon fodder serve to give experience, send equipment, send sisters, send younger brothers, and so on to the protagonist. It’s a heavy responsibility.

However, there is a big difference between the rival and cannon fodder. One is a durable item while the other is disposable – the cannon fodder only appears once, but the rival will dedicate his whole life to follow the protagonist from start to finish. His time on stage is even longer than that of the harem members. Therefore, there is a popular saying among the harem novel writers: “Choose a good rival for your hero. It’s a lifetime thing.”

Yi Ye Zhi Qiu chose a good match (?) for his family’s protagonist. First of all, the rival has excellent talent (Human) similar to the main character. His affinity for the light element is SS level which is enough to suppress the protagonist. Secondly, the rival’s background was particularly glorious and domineering: he is the Son of the Lord of the Temple of Light. His social status is very noble and lofty,4 not to mention that his relationship with Saint Vivian is also ambiguous. Taking all this into account, the protagonist has every reason to want to choke him to death.

(TN: Eric is called 圣子 which literally means the “Son of God” but also means the son of the saint, the son of the holy king, etc.)

When the hero first met his rival, the son of the Lord was concealing his identity while he traveled around the Chaos Continent. At that time, none of the readers thought of it as a fateful encounter. The readers were still naive and looked forward to how the too awesome5 protagonist would lead the mercenary team into the Gnome Ruins. The mercenary leader looked very good, the protagonist checked over his little brother (possible future ally) ~

Later, the readers learned that Enoch was a direct descendant of Jack, the king of thieves.

Later, the readers learned that Honey was “Mage God” Antonio’s6 granddaughter.

Later, the readers learned that Eric was the son of the Lord of the Temple of Light.

Later… there was no later.

Eric never forgot his elf friend, and when the two of them learned of each other’s identities later, they began their mutual lifelong rivalry.

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  1. 躺枪 – literally “lying down gun” but refers to a bystander who nevertheless gets shot
  2. Author repeated the last phrase
  3. 英气 “heroic spirit” 逼人 “threatening” (should I put “fearless” or “gallant” instead of bold?)
  4. 一人之下万人之上 – literally “One person under the million people”
  5. Oh my gosh, I translated this as “too awesome” but actually it’s 霸气侧漏 meaning “domineering side leakage.” The domineering part is easy to understand but the side leakage refers to a commercial for sanitary pads that prevent side leakage. The meaning is therefore literally “so domineering that sanitary napkins cannot stop his domineering outflow.
  6. Antonio is called 法神 (law god) which is also the name of a mythical animal I previously translated the ranks and this one was called “God of Law” but I think I need a better translation. It is the highest level of mages.

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