Chapter 48.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 48.1 – Protagonist: I wanted to do this a long time ago.

“Let me take care of this. The Prime Minister will not trouble you.” Jack winked at Xiu and Du Ze. “It’s payment for helping me get Vie back.”

Jack gave some instructions to Enoch, who then took a bottle from Vieruodis and sprinkled a liquid on the white flowers and blood. The ghastly assembly dissolved in a blink of an eye, leaving no trace of evidence for the two bodyguards.

“Vie and I will not appear in front of other people again. If possible, can you watch Enoch for me?” said Jack. “My stupid apprentice lacks common sense. From the time I picked him up, that guy has acted dumber than a bag of rocks and he doesn’t know right from wrong. Fortunately, he is very obedient so he is very suitable for you.”

Jack looked up at Xiu and his eyes seemed to see and understanding everything clearly. “You can use him as a pawn and regard him as a henchman. Do what you want with that fellow, I only have one request – don’t let that fool die.”

It is for this reason, that Enoch in the “Mixed Blood” novel can be said to be Xiu’s most effective younger brother. That rash brother and the Xiu that doesn’t differentiate between right and wrong were a perfect match. Even when Xiu ordered Enoch to do something wicked, the thief would not hesitate to do it. Enoch just stupidly followed Xiu’s anti-social, anti-society agenda … is it not delightful?1 Du Ze doesn’t know what to say – the thief might be the Moe Lord’s right-hand man, but still he feel like the other person is a pain in the ***.

Xiu didn’t speak but his indifferent expression clearly showed his rejection of this proposal and Jack shrugged.

“Well, for the sake of that guy’s life, I’ll keep him away from you.”

The Thief King made a meaningful remark and went to Vieruodis. Everyone watched Jack push Vieruodis’ wheelchair away. The two figures looked like a happy grandmother and grandchild, but the two of them didn’t’ care.

The next day, Du Ze’s wish was finally granted and he got back his doujinshi. Although it was sent back right under Xiu’s nose, Du Ze didn’t fear that the Moe Lord would discover that it was the little yellow (hardcore adult) book. Some cute person stared at the doujinshi which was locked up inside a small black box. The box was covered with numerous and intricate seals. In Du Ze’s imagination flashed the image of the son of god’s beautiful face changing colors as he locked the evil little book that was now inside the little black box.

Doujinshi: This is bondage play.

Du Ze stroked the doujinshi’s box as if it was a dog’s head and laughed silently: This is very suitable for you.

Now that he has the doujinshi, what should he do next?

Originally, at this time in the “Mixed Blood” novel, Xiu should have killed Darwin at the duel field. This angered the Prime Minister but he received the Emperor’s favor. This launched the third stage of the Star Empire story arc: the cute Master, with a lot of younger brothers and sisters, joined the Emperor’s faction. He helped the Emperor eliminate many rivals and was able to increase his favorability rating with the Emperor. When the Emperor of the Light Empire sent an invitation to a weapons contest, Xiu represented the little Emperor in the weapons contest and met many acquaintances in the Light Empire.

Princess Kelly, the son of god, and Saint Vivian.

Since the Star Empire story arc has been halved, then the next event will be “the Moe Lord goes to the weapons contest to meet his true love?”

This time, will Xiu refuse to go?

Du Ze was feeling a little lost. The person who sent over the doujinshi was not Enoch. It seems that the thief’s mentor really did forbid contact between him and Xiu. Whether it’s the sister, the mentor, or the younger brother, Xiu has rejected them all – that person simply wants to turn away everyone, leaving only two people in the world.

However, Xiu chose the wrong object.

I am not a person of this world.

Xiu turned his head and asked, “What did you just say?”

Du Ze’s mouth was still open but his voice was stuck in his throat and he couldn’t speak. This is not the first time he tried to confess everything to Xiu, but that invisible existence still forbids him from speaking the truth: The World is a novel; you are the protagonist and I am the reader.

And the invisible existence stopping him seems to be warning him: This world is a novel; you are the reader, not the protagonist.

It’s because of this kind of restriction and his 0-point restore that Du Ze always feels that he is an alien2 and that a mysterious existence was always watching his heretical presence and looking for opportunities to remove him.

“… Shall we go to the weapons contest?”

When he heard Du Ze’s words, Xiu’s first reaction was: “You want to see Eric?”

Some silly, cute person doesn’t know what expression he should make when he is talking about the rival that the Moe Lord remembers. He was just about to explain but Xiu didn’t wait for his answer before he said: “As it happens, I also want to.”

Son of the lord, this young man can see your death flag being planted.

Enoch said Eric has been looking for Du Ze, and Du Ze has been wondering about this: Why is Eric looking for him? He thought it over but couldn’t think of an answer. If he really wants to know, then he can only ask Eric why.

When they set out to go to the Light Empire, Du Ze found that he had a problem. Some silly, cute person looked at the little black box in his hand and fell into deep thought: If it’s a book then he can still put it under his armpit, but now should he get a backpack?

Xiu seemed to intuit Du Ze’s predicament. He walked over to Du Ze and said: “Give me your hand.”

Du Ze was perplexed. He extended a hand, which Xiu held, then he saw Xiu take out something from his pocket. It was a familiar-looking silver-white ring set with a blue crystal.

Wait, isn’t this the interspatial storage ring that they looted from the Flame Lord? Some silly, cute reader recalled, in order to properly guide Xiu on how to capture the demon sister twins, he reminded Xiu how to use the rings…

—— You can give this to the person you like.

Silly, cute Du Ze felt shocked as he watched Xiu put the ring on the palm of his right hand then draw a drop of blood from his fingertips. Xiu the dropped blood on the ring. A red and green light flashed. The green light was healing magic and the red light was the ring recognizing its master.
The elf licked the blood from his fingertip erotically. He picked up the ring on Du Ze’s hand, his green eyes full of bottomless feelings.

“I wanted to do this a long time ago.”

His finger was now tightly bound and his heart also felt as though it was squeezed.

Xiu not only drove away all his younger sisters, his mentor, and his younger brothers, but Du Ze replaced the younger sisters, mentor, and the younger brothers, stealing everybody’s role.

The Thief King said to Vieruodis: “We were born to be together.”

Du Ze looked at the ring on his finger and a sentence spontaneously emerged in his brain: The reader and protagonist definitely have to be in true love.

—— To go to the weapons contest so that Xiu can see the female lead Vivian, do you really want Xiu to give up all hope or to give up all hope yourself?3

The next day, the two men left the Star Empire and went to the Imperial City of the Light Empire.

The weapons competition is one of the high points of the “Mixed Blood” plot. In order to curry favor with the first War God Ulrich, the Empire of Light held a contest aimed at finding suitable weapons for the Sword Saints who had recently joined the Light Empire.

The Empire was wealthy and powerful. To attract more talented people to participate in the contest, the Empire made the contest prizes exceptionally generous.


The first prize is marriage to Princess Kelly.

The second prize is the opportunity to choose a treasure from the Royal Treasure House.

The third prize is 5,000,000 gold coins.]

Du Ze and Xiu were standing in front of the weapons contest venue and looking at a bulletin board with the information about the contest.

There is no difference between the current rewards and the rewards he remembered from the novel. The prizes did attract a large number of weapons masters and even some of the reclusive mountain dwarves were disturbed by the noble and powerful families who made every effort to entice them to join as their representatives – if someone wins first place and marries Princess Kelly, then it’s likely that he will become the next Emperor of the Light Empire.

However, those who asked a dwarf master to represent them are totally out of luck this time. When it comes to forging weapons, the gnome is superior to the dwarf. In the novel, Xiu participated as a representative of the Star Empire. He changed into his gnome form and made a sword. Moe Master made an artifact so the sword stunned the whole audience. Xiu deservedly won first place but publicly rejected the first prize and chose to get the second prize instead. Princess Kelly was humiliated and wept.

The crazed fan said: “It’s so satisfying to see bad people’s faces slapped!”4

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  1. 不亦乐乎 – an idiom from the Analects of Confucius. One good thing about the Analects: it’s translated, phew! Therefore when you search on Baidu, the idioms already have an English translation.
  2. Literally “he was being repelled by the world.”
  3. 死心 means to give up all hope (of romance). It’s poetic because the two characters means “die” and “heart.”
  4. 大快人心 – an idiom meaning: happy that the bad guys have been punished

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