Chapter 54 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 54 – I’ll give you a kiss

The demonic cultivators had retreated silently and without warning. During the war whenever the demonic cultivators fought, right before dying the demonic cultivators would usually clutch their chest as they coughed up blood and shout out, “The Demonic Path cultivators must win!” Who would have thought that they would suddenly turn and run away behind everyone’s backs?

All of the people who were present were confused by this turn of events. The first few high-level cultivators who had found out about it thought that it must be a conspiracy. They prowled outside the boundaries of the empty demonic cultivator camp two hours before they finally inspected it.

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The demonic cultivators had all packed up and run away.

Chu Yu was confused.

I thought that it was only the cultivators who were from Mei Yin Valley that were going to retreat. How come all of them have now run away? How are you going to fight? What are all the demonic cultivators doing?

They had been fighting for several years and this new development was far too sudden.

The cultivators present all stared at the man above them, clearly skeptical.

The man coughed to clear his throat and said: “Because we aren’t sure if this is a demonic cultivator’s new plan or trick, I will have to ask all Daoist friends to continue to be vigilant and guard Qing Tu for a few more days while we investigate the situation to make a decision.”

The confused cultivators left the training grounds with dazed looks on their faces. Chu Yu was also pondering over this matter as he looked over at Chu Sheng, who had been intentionally or otherwise staring at him all this time. He grinned and waved at him. Chu Sheng was so enchanted by that smile that he almost ran towards his little brother to give him a hug. However, before he could link up with them, Xie Xi took Chu Yu into his arms and left on his flying sword with Third Shidi.

Flames almost shot out of Chu Sheng’s eyes.

Chu Yu stole a glance at Chu Sheng’s face, sighed and scratched the underside of Xie Xi’s chin. “I told you, don’t make my big brother angry.”

When Xie Xi’s chin was scratched by Chu Yu’s small hands, his heart quivered. He stroked Chu Yu’s head, a bit uncomfortable. He whispered: “Does Shixiong’s heart ache?”

Who’s heart wouldn’t ache for this big brother of his who loves him so dearly?

Seeing Chu Yu nod, the expression on Xie Xi’s face turned gloomy and he said with a hoarse voice: “Shixiong, I envy Chu Sheng. He has the love of his close relatives whereas I…”

Chu Yu knew that Xie Xie was deliberately acting pitiful to get his sympathy but even so he still couldn’t help but feel pained. After a moment, he raised his little hand to stroke Xie Xi’s hair. His small face was solemn: “Shidi, don’t be sad, you have me.”

Not waiting for Xie Xi’s overjoyed reaction, Chu Yu laughed. His large, bright eyes gazed merrily at Xie Xi as he said tenderly: “Did you forget? I’m your father.”

Xie Xi: “…”

Third Shidi, who was following quietly behind them, couldn’t hold back his snort of laughter.

Xie Xi looked back at him coldly: “Wei Ciyin seems to be a little interested in you. Do you want to go to Mei Yin Valley?”

Third Shidi’s face suddenly paled and he immediately covered his mouth.

Xie Xi could lecture Third Shidi but not Chu Yu. All he could do was stroke Chu Yu’s head and whisper: “Shixiong is really carefree during these days while that demonic technique is in effect as if he were under a protective talisman.”

Chu Yu laughed and said nothing.

“But has Shixiong given a thought yet about what will happen once he has recovered?”

The expression on Chu Yu’s face turned stiff: “…”

“Shidi will definitely do everything to help Shixiong to recover as soon as possible.” After a pause, Xie Xi embraced that little body even tighter and said with some regret in his voice: “Though Shixiong’s current appearance is also very attractive.”

Chu Yu had tears in his eyes: “…”

Sure enough, although he was no longer a cannon fodder character and had taken over the (female) lead’s role, he still shouldn’t dare to court disaster…

Xie Xi took Chu Yu back to the Chu family camp. They sat in the front hall with Third Shidi squatting beside them. Third Shidi secretly wanted to tease Chu Yu and Xie Xi.

Da Shixiong was someone who had always stood aloof and high above others and Second Shixiong was a cold and quiet Sword Immortal. But when the two of them were together, their images completely changed, especially now that Chu Yu had become such a small version of himself. With his current soft and tender looks, Chu Yu was unable to give off his usual noble, cool, elegant, and magnificent air. It was even harder for Third Shidi to restrain himself because he wanted to tease the two of them so much.

Ah… I want to knead that little face!

Third Shidi nursed his grievances silently. He always felt that around them the air was filled with the annoying scent of two people’s mutual affection.

Fortunately, not long after that, Chu Sheng came back, followed by Lu Qingan.

The pair seemed to have been arguing as they walked. The expression on Lu Qingan’s face remained unchanged but the expression on Chu Sheng’s face looked a bit ugly. Chu Yu knew that he was likely the source of their argument so he put his arms around Xie Xi’s neck and quietly huddled deeper in his arms.

Chu Sheng first breathed a sigh of relief but then turned even more sullen than before when he saw his little brother so quietly and neatly huddled in someone else’s arms. Looking at Chu Yu so snugly ensconced in Xie Xi’s arms, Chu Sheng couldn’t bear to let him go and turned to continued the argument they had been having.

“Senior Lu, Yu-er is my little brother and a member of the Chu family. The Tian Yuan Sect does not need to be disturbed by that group from Yun Cuo.. Instead I will take my little brother and a Nascent Soul stage elder with me.”

Lu Qingan said softly: “Yu-er isn’t just a member of the Chu family, he’s also my disciple. Bringing along a Nascent Soul stage expert won’t necessarily make it safe. The reason behind the demonic cultivator’s retreat is still not clear, therefore the Chu family need to continue to guard and support the rear. The Chu family needs the manpower to keep a strong guard.”

Chu Sheng was speechless with fury. He flipped his sleeves and it took him a long time before he could hold back his anger. He said, “That’s enough reason for me to bring my little brother back with me!”

The expression on Lu Qingan’s face never changed: “Let Xi Er take Yu-er with him.”

Chu Sheng frowned: “Why?”

Lu Qingan said: “Xi Er is at the peak of the late Core Formation stage, merely a step away from Nascent Soul stage.”

Chu Sheng was unable to refute this.

Lu Qingan continued: “Since fellow Daoist Chu Daoyou has died. The Chu family is now without a leader. You must go back to the Falling Maple Leaf Valley to keep watch over the Chu family.”

Seeing the complex expression on Chu Sheng’s face after he spoke, Lu Qingan nodded and stopped talking. Chu Yu jumped down to the ground from Xie Xi’s arms and walked with small quick steps to Chu Sheng’s side. Hugging his leg and pulling on his hand, Chu Yu tried to comfort Chu Sheng.

It must have been hard for Lu Qingan. He did not speak much for such a long period of time but now time he made a whole speech just to persuade this brocon…

But the brocon is so pitiful…

Chu Yu stroked his hands.

Chu Yu said in a soft whisper: “Don’t worry, big brother. Xie Xi will take good care of me.”

Chu Sheng kept silent, looking down at the little brother whose head currently didn’t even reach his waist. The little white face that was turned up towards him looked nervous. His large, round eyes were clear and bright and his skin white as jade, like an adorable little figure made of ice and snow. It seemed as though Chu Yu really had been turned back into a child.

Chu Sheng was in a trance, his mind filled with thoughts of Chu Yu when he was a child.

Their parents were often away because of various business matters and their grandparents were frequently in closed cultivation. People from the outside weren’t allowed to see the children so the vast Maple Valley was mostly empty inside.

Since he and Chu Yu had been left alone together a lot, naturally they had become close. From the time his first teeth had grown in when he was just a toddler, Chu Sheng had watched over Chu Yu’s every step. Traumatized by his second brother’s tragic death, Chu Sheng couldn’t help but treat his little brother even better than he had treated his other brother before. He gave Chu Yu the best of everything and never let anything hurt him.

Then, when Chu Yu turned thirteen, he had suddenly requested to join Tian Yuan Sect.

Chu Sheng was the most reluctant to part with Chu Yu.

However, Chu Yu still left. Chu Sheng then began his solitary cultivation, practicing asceticism. Due to the restrictions placed on new disciples of the Tian Yuan Sect, at first, he couldn’t even go to see Chu Yu. He could only watch the maple leaves in the Maple Valley turn from green to red then fall to the ground.

… It seems like many years must have passed like this.

Except for the time he when he had raised little Chu Yu, he had almost never had the chance to spend a lot of time with Chu Yu.

After a long silence, Chu Sheng closed his eyes and remembered the moment that San Huo stabbed into his father’s body. Suddenly, he shivered, knelt down and buried his head in Chu Yu’s neck.

It’s really been a long time…

Chu Yu was worried and caressed his head: “Big brother?”

Chu Sheng took a deep breath. Raising his head, he rubbed his slightly red eyes and reluctantly stroked Chu Yu’s head. He said in a hoarse voice: “Little brother, you have to come back soon. Big brother will be waiting for you.”

Chu Yu stunned and nodded automatically.

Looking back, Chu Yu later wondered: Why was Chu Sheng so willing to compromise?

It was a little unexpected that he would be willing to give in so quickly.

Chu Yu was overjoyed and beckoned to Xie Xi. Xie Xie walked over and looked at Chu Sheng, who was straightening up. He looked at him for a moment longer then bowed. “Many thanks, brother-in-law.”1

It was silent in the front hall.

Lu Qingan sipped his cold tea and looked impassive. Third Shidi shivered and moved further behind Lu Qingan. Chu Yu covered his face with his hands and turned his head away silently but secretly snuck a peek at Chu Sheng’s facial expression.

Chu Sheng’s face was a bit distorted at being called “brother-in-law.”

Invisible gunpowder smoke filled the air from the shot that was just fired and a warhorn silently echoed around.. Third Shidi clenched his fists as he prepared to watch the battle between the most powerful disciple of the younger generation of Tian Yuan Sect and the soon-to-be leader of the Chu family.

Chu Yu was speechless for a long time. Then he turned his head and changed the topic. Pulling his lips into an excessively large smile, he said “Ah… What did you hear in the hall?”

Chu Sheng leaned over and hugged Chu Yu, pretending that he hadn’t heard anything Xie Xi just said. Chu Sheng said, “After discovering that the demonic cultivators left their camp, several elders went all the way to the Jinhe and found that the demonic cultivators have indeed all gone.”

They were just still a little bit worried so they dared not let the Righteous Path cultivators leave just yet.

Now that he thought of it, the demonic cultivators left without a word after many years of waging a war with the Righteous Path cultivators. This would only make the cultivators even more vigilant in guarding the front lines of the Jinhe. Could it be that the demonic cultivators were bored so they wanted to play a trick on the Righteous Path cultivators?

Thinking about it was fruitless and only gave him a headache, therefore Chu Yu gave up on this train of thoughts.

Anyway, what he had to do now was to prepare for his trip to Yun Cuo. When he met Wei Ciyin again, he should be able to ask him about it.

With a fierce look, Chu Sheng drove Xie Xi away. Then to guard against Xie Xi sneaking around to spend time privately with Chu Yu, Chu Yu slept with Chu Sheng for the next few days.

Finally, at the moment of separation, Chu Sheng was still very reluctant.

Outside Qing Tu, it was a barren desert for thousands of miles. Now snow was covering the vast expanse of the scenery, stretching as far as the eye could see. Snow was also still falling heavily. Chu Sheng handed Chu Yu the light umbrella he ordered to be customized for him and stroked his little head: “Take good care of yourself.”

Chu Yu nodded.

“Be careful, beware of demonic cultivators.”

Chu Yu nodded.

“Don’t trust strangers easily.”

Chu Yu continued to nod.

“Don’t be stingy with your energy at a critical moment, I’ve put Heavenly Thunder Eggs in your storage ring.”


Chu Sheng kept on giving orders one after the other, making Chu Yu feel dizzy from nodding repeatedly so much. Chu Yu then stopped him from speaking further: “I know, big brother. You have to preside over the evacuation of the Chu family, so go quickly.”

Chu Sheng looked at Xie Xi silently. He nodded at Xie Xi and finally put Chu Yu down. After a short pause, he flew back towards the camp with his sword.

Lu Qingan hadn’t come so the only one left was Third Shidi who stood shivering in the snow. After sending away that big brother that he had a strained relationship, Xie Xi picked up Chu Yu and kissed his face with a sigh of relief.

Chu Yu reluctantly pushed his face away.

…. What the ****? His body was small so everyone who saw him wanted to pick him up and hug him. Don’t tell him that during this period of his life, will his feet never touch the ground?

Turning his head to look at Third Shidi, Chu Yu blinked and asked: “Third Shidi, is there something you want to say?”

Third Shidi hesitated then took out a large stack of paper talismans and handed them over to Chu Yu. He said in a small voice: “I know Da Shixiong doesn’t lack for magic items but this journey you are going on will be long and dangerous. Shidi has recently made a breakthrough and drew these talismans over these last few days…”

Chu Yu was shocked. Noticing that Third Shidi looked tired and sleepy but still eager and in good spirits, he couldn’t help but feel a little moved. He reached for the talisman, smiled and nodded: “Thank you, Third Shidi.”

Third Shidi said shyly: “Da Shixiong, please…”

Chu Yu: “What?”

“… Let me pet you?” Third Shidi’s eyes flashed full of expectations.

Chu Yu: “…”

Xie Xi’s cold eyes glared daggers at him: “Scram.”

He tightened his hold on Chu Yu before getting onto Duan Xue and flying away.

Chu Yu was dumbfounded. He waved back at Third Shidi then poked Xie Xi’s chest.

“Why do you always have such a bad attitude towards Third Shidi?”

Xie Xie was silent for a moment. When he spoke his voice was somewhat muffled. “Shixiong is always looking at Third Shidi. He is so cute and fair-skinned, perhaps Shixiong…”

Chu Yu scowled: “If you say another word, I’ll go back to return to Third Shidi.”

What is the child thinking all day? His mind was actually filled by visualizing strange fantasies of him and Third Shidi?2 I haven’t even grown up yet but he’s already worried about me playing around? 3

Speechless for a time, Chu Yu realized that Xie Xi was insecure because of the many mishaps that had already befallen him. Reaching out his hands, Chu Yu gently rubbed Xie Xi’s face, staring at him earnestly.

“Your face is cold… are you angry?”

Xie Xi grimaced and refused to speak.

Chu Yu sighed: “… I’m all yours but you still worry about all these silly things… If you don’t like it when I look at others, then I won’t look at anyone else. I’ll only look at you, okay?”

Xie Xi smiled and stared at Chu Yu for a while. He looked a little depressed.

Chu Yu was helpless: “What is it?”

Xie Xi said: “Right now, I really want to kiss Shixiong.”

Chu Yu knew that Xie Xi was depressed because of his current appearance and therefore his inability to take part in the type of kisses that Xie Xi seemed to enjoy. Chu Yu’s heart was filled with silent laughter as an evil thought grew in his mind. He puckered his lips and tilted his head up: “I’ll give you a kiss.”

Xie Xi: “…”

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  • I laughed so hard when Third Shidi wanted to pet chibi Chu Yu but Xie Xi got jealous!
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  1. 舅哥 – this is what people call their wife’s brother
  2. 脑补 nǎo bǔ – literally “brain supplementation.” It’s like “jumping to conclusions” but in a more extreme (and funny) way.
  3. 这红杏都还没长出来 – Literally “This red apricot hasn’t even budded yet but he’s already worried about the red apricot branch growing outside of the garden wall.” The part about the red apricot branch growing/hanging over the wall is a metaphor for a wife’s infidelity.

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