Chapter 59 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 59 – Shidi, beat him up!

Xie Xi scanned the things on the table again then leaned over to pick Chu Yu up. He said in a soft voice: “Shixiong…”

Chu Yu’s face turned blue when he thought of those objects on the table: “Xie Xi, if you dare to take one step closer to those things, don’t even think about coming to my bed later.”

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Xie Xi repressed his smile and nodded solemnly to indicate his agreement. He walked back into the room, closing the door behind him. He sniffed the sweet smell of the incense in the air and murmured: “Shixiong, this incense seems to have something added to it.”

… If Wei Ciyin added something to it, clearly it couldn’t be anything except for an aphrodisiac?

“…” Chu Yu said, “What the hell has Wei Ciyin been imagining?”

Xie Xi kicked over the small table scattering the objects across the floor, then he used a water-based skill to extinguish the incense burner in the corner. Only after he had finished these actions did he then lay Chu Yu down on the bed properly. Gazing at the cute, lovable, jade-like little Chu Yu who was wrapped in a loose, wide robe, Xie Xi’s heart softened. Pinching Chu Yu’s little face, Xie Xi laughed and said: “Whatever he is thinking of, Shixiong and my inclinations and interests are not something an outsider like him can use foreign objects to meddle with.”

Ah…so that’s what you object to?

Chu Yu felt indescribably grieved and indignant. When he turned his head to look out the window, he was suddenly even more frightened.

He hadn’t been paying much attention before but now he looked he could see that it was almost night time. The sky was beginning to darken. The twilight sky that had been scrubbed clean of snow was very clear and the stars were already twinkling faintly on the horizon. In a few moments, Chu Yu would turn back into his adult form.

… No, for his body’s sake he has to try negotiating with Xie Xi.

Chu Yu coughed dryly and said in a very solemn and serious manner: “Ah, Shidi…”

Xie Xi looked up at him with a gentle smile on his beautiful face that seemed even more exquisite and profound in the dim light of sunset. His voice was magnetic and low: “Hmm?”

Chu Yu, caught off guard, was very nearly seduced by this bewitching voice. He lifted his hands to cover his nose and closed his eyes, silently reciting the Heart Sutra. No, you can’t allow yourself to be seduced!

If he’s defeated now, he will end up in a total mess later.

Chu Yu took a deep breath then tried to discard his distracting thoughts and sat up. Putting on a serious expression, he said: “Shidi, young people should exercise self-restraint. Indulgence is not a good thing. Look at Wei Ciyin’s debauched appearance. That is the result of excessive indulgence…”

There wasn’t any expression on Xie Xi’s face as he repeated in a low voice: “Hmm.”

When his body began to heat up, Chu Yu could feel his body slowly being restored and sped up his speech: “Isn’t it pretty boring at night? At this time should really be aiming to purify ourselves and read more books… oh, there are no books here. Then we can refine our skills, diligently cultivate, and practice austerities to become closer to the Heavenly Dao. Anyway, we are in Mei Yin Valley and the Nascent Soul cultivators might be disturbed…”

Before Chu Yu could finish speaking, Xie Xi had pushed him down on the bed. It was fortunate that the demonic cultivators clearly knew how to enjoy life, unlike the righteous cultivators who advocate the ascetic lifestyle. The pillows on the bed were very soft. Chu Yu almost felt as though he was falling as his body sank into the soft bed. Xie Xi’s hot breath was in tickling his ear. Now that Chu Yu was bigger, his robe could no longer completely cover his body, and he was now exposing his shoulders, waist, and abdomen. Xie Xi’s hands were caressing along Chu Yu’s bare skin. After a short pause, he started kissing the side of Chu Yu’s neck, gradually working his way down to Chu Yu’s newly exposed chest.

Chu Yu gave up his struggle and let Xie Xi kiss him. He soon started panting rapidly and his knees involuntarily bent upwards. Wrapping his legs around Xie Xi’s waist, he unconsciously started rubbing himself against Xie Xi.

Having gotten the response he was aiming for, Xie Xi laughed softly. His eyes were a little red and he couldn’t stop himself from ripping Chu Yu’s remaining clothes right off. It was now a little dark inside the room. Xie Xi blinked then lifted his body off Chu Yu slightly to take out a lamp from his interspatial storage ring. After lighting it with a breath of fire Qi, he set it beside the bed. The light shone down like moonlight landing on the smooth white skin of the person underneath him. Passion flared in Xie Xi’s eyes. Grasping Chu Yu’s wrists tightly in his hand, Xie Xi kissed him on lips for a long time before kissing his way down from his lips to his chin, then to his chest, waist, and lower down…

Chu Yu regained his senses and quickly tried to push him away: “Don’t!”

To let the protagonist use his mouth… how shocking!

Xie Xi shook his head tolerantly. He said in a low and soft voice: “What Shixiong has done for me, I will also do.”

Chu Yu reluctantly pulled back his hand and covered his burning face. The expression on his face was that of someone who was intoxicated with pleasure. He looked up at the dark roof, biting his lips and resisting the urge to moan at the new feelings of overwhelming ecstasy.

This is really…

Making it more and more impossible to stop.

When Chu Yu woke up, the space beside him on the bed was empty.

His body had been cleaned up and was wrapped up tightly in a quilt. As he slowly got up, he felt a tearing pain in an indescribable place, making his face twitch.

As he predicted, he shouldn’t have expected Xie Xi to hold back.

In order to make the most of the time when Chu Yu had regained his adult form, Xie Xi worked very hard, doing the papapa with Chu Yu all night and trying out many new positions to the extent that he lost track. It was only when the sky started to turn lighter that he was finally content to stop and clean Chu Yu’s body up, knowing that he was about to turn back into his child form again.

What time is it now…?

After he had been sitting up on the bed for a while and seeing that Xie Xi hadn’t returned, Chu Yu put on a robe and jumped out of bed. Unfortunately, his legs were so weak that he almost fell down to his knees. Mentally scolding Xie Xi, Chu Yu parted the layers of gauzy curtains and opened the door.

Upon exiting the room, Chu Yu was surprised to see Xie Xi standing under a green bamboo tree not far away. Chu Yu stood on tiptoes and saw that Wei Ciyin was standing opposite Xie Xi.

Logically speaking, Wei Ciyin’s target is Chu Yu. Why did he now go looking for Xie Xi?

With a new offense added to the old one, Xie Xi wanted to kill Wei Ciyin but, because of various reasons, he was unable to kill him right now. Xie Xi should be furious and should not want to give him face. Is that why Wei Ciyin had now dared to seek Xie Xi out and provoke him?

Chu Yu admired this brother’s courage for a while then carefully walked towards them, taking dainty, small steps. Even before Chu Yu could call out to him, Xie Xi turned around, reached out his arms, and wrapped Chu Yu in his arms before turning back to shoot a cold took towards Wei Ciyin again.

Seeing that Chu Yu was looking exhausted, Wei Ciyin gave Chu Yu an ambiguous look and asked him carefully: “Fellow Daoist Chu, how was your sleep last night?”

Chu Yu turned away to look up at Xie Xi, while keeping his face expressionless, and said: “Whatever you want to say, spit it out or get lost.”

Wei Ciyin touched his nose, but he couldn’t endure the unveiled hostility of the big and small person in front of him. Smiling, he lifted his sleeves to cup his hands in farewell and left.

Chu Yu stared at Wei Ciyin’s back.

Although this person has been so vocal about his dislike of his family’s seduction and bewitchment techniques but, after all, he grew up in this place. Thus, it seems that he still will often inadvertently use Mei Yin Valley’s charming skills.

The way his little waist undulated as he walked… it was quite feminine and seductive.

Chu Yu silently blessed his luck1 for a moment then glared at Xie Xi: “Hmph! Xie Xi, you actually dared to eye what’s in the pot as you eat from your bowl!2

Xie Xi: “…”

The child was stunned.

Chu Yu was filled with righteous indignation: “In spite of the fact that you just did it with me all of last night, today you then abandon me to meet privately with that little bi**h.”

Xie Xi: “…”

Chu Yu was heartbroken: “How can you do this to me? We will sleep apart tonight.”

Xie Xi: “…”

Xie Xie was silent for a long time. The corners of his mouth twitched and he said: “Shixiong…”

Chu Yu snorted coldly and turned his head away.

Fortunately, he was now in shota form. Even if he pouted like this, it only looked cute and not OOC. Xie Xie was somewhat agitated by Chu Yu’s actions as he imagined what Chu Yu would look like if he acted like this in his normal, adult form.

The more Xie Xi thought about the image, the more his heart was inflamed. He couldn’t help but bend down and kiss Chu Yu. Xie Xi’s face was full of smiles as he said: “Alright, alright, I was wrong. Shixiong can scold me all he likes but don’t ignore me.” He paused then said firmly: “And no sleeping apart.”

That’s no fun.

Chu Yu huddled into himself and kept silent.

Xie Xi smiled sweetly as he petted and kissed Chu Yu. He said: “Shixiong, Wei Ciyin came here to woo me.”

Chu Yu was dumbfounded: “Huh?”

Xie Xi said: “He asked if I was interested in betraying the Righteous Path and joining Mei Yin Valley.”

Chu Yu: “…”

Xie Xie’s face was pale. “He said that his father knew about my parents.”

What the ****? The protagonist’s parents were buried here???

Chu Yu was shocked.

Surely Xie Xi wouldn’t join the Demonic Path, would he? What would Chu Yu do if he did? He couldn’t betray the Chu family to join Xie Xi. Chu Yu was still at a loss when Xie Xi continued: “I refused. So Shixiong shouldn’t worry that Shidi will shift any of his affections to another. Shidi has no interest in that type of trash.”

… Who cares about that?

Chu Yu was helpless and fixed the expression on his face: “We need to find a way to interrogate Wei Ciyin with torture.”

“No need.” Xie Xi held Chu Yu tightly in his arms and ran his fingers through Chu Yu’s long, dark hair. His eyes were cold as he said: “I have Shixiong. That is enough for me. No matter what secret troubles there are, after wordlessly abandoning me for so many years, they are no longer worthy of being called parents.”

Chu Yu opened his mouth but couldn’t think of any words of comfort to say to Xie Xi.

In the novel, what happened to the protagonist’s parents was not revealed. In fact, even their names were never mentioned. Whether Xie Xi had truly been abandoned by his parents or not, their two-decade-long separation has turned Xie Xi’s initial feelings of longing into indifference and even a slight feeling of hatred.

Xie Xi had the right to feel this way3 so Chu Yu couldn’t make Chicken Soup for the Soul for him.

After spending a few days in Mei Yin Valley, just when Chu Yu’s repeatedly ravaged waist4 was almost ready to rebel against him, the master of Mei Yin Valley finally sent a note that he was going to return the next day.

Wei Ciyin, who had always seemed relaxed and easygoing, finally got into action. He, Chu Yu, and Xie Xi crouched down in a dark corner to negotiate terms.

After discussing it for a long time, they decided that Wei Ciyin would be responsible for making the master of Mei Yin Valley relax his guard and then put him down.

That was when Chu Yu…


Chu Yu raised his hand: “Sorry, but to use the Soul Bell on someone that person must be awake and calm… Or at least, he mustn’t fight against it. It’s best if he is clear-headed and unresisting. Can young master Wei guarantee this?”

If they just let Xie Xi handle it, then he could fight and beat up the master of Mei Yin Valley until he could no longer resist. However, seeing as they were at Mei Yin Valley right now, beating up their clan leader was obviously impossible…

The Nascent Soul elders who supported Wei Ciyin had sworn that they wouldn’t interfere. They would only stand aside quietly, like a group of people eating popcorn5 while watching the show.

Wei Ciyin: “… Why is your family’s secret treasure so troublesome to use?”

Chu Yu chuckled.

Wei Ciyin was the one who didn’t gather enough information, yet he dared to blame Chu Yu for it?

Wei Ciyin was bewildered. How could he go so far as to mount a sneak attack on his own father to beat him half to death?

Chu Yu yawned and rubbed his sore waist. Sitting lazily in Xie Xi’s arms, he grabbed Xie Xi’s dark hair and wove it into a braid as he glanced sideways at Wei Ciyin who was pacing back and forth trying to think of a plan.

Xie Xi, totally ignoring Wei Ciyin, looked down at Chu Yu braiding his hair and blinked. He suddenly remembered that Chu Yu had done this once before.

Chu Yu was completely engrossed in his task of braiding Xie Xi’s hair when a vague memory flashed through his mind and he couldn’t help but brood over it. After pondering it over for a long time, he suddenly remembered the details.

At that time, Chu Yu was in Tian Yuan Sect. One day, Chu Yu had out of the blue felt extremely restless and bored so he grabbed Xie Xi and inspected him from side to side. Suddenly, Chu Yu had an evil idea. He combed Xie Xi’s hair. The obedient little Xie Xi’s attitude was exactly what Chu Yu had been looking for. The boy happily sat down and waited patiently for Chu Yu to finish. Chu Yu spent all afternoon braiding Xie Xi’s hair into pigtails until he looked like a little girl…

Xie Xi laughed and said in a soft voice: “Shixiong is still the same. He hasn’t changed at all.”

Chu Yu’s face was calm: “Shidi is wrong. Shixiong has improved.”

Then, somehow, Chu Yu found a hair tie decorated with a sunflower and calmly tied Xie Xi’s hair with it, finishing up a perfect and cute little braid.

Xie Xi touched the braid, not knowing whether to laugh, cry or ignore it.6 He turned Chu Yu’s face towards him and then kissed that little face.

When Wei Ciyin looked back to see this scene, a complicated feeling arose in his heart.

As matters stand right now, he was going to be forced to do this. No, it’s out of the question.

Moreover, his father Wei Yuanshan’s mind had been muddled for a long time. If he doesn’t come to his senses soon, Wei Ciyin was afraid that the Mei Yin Valley might be swallowed up by the Dun Yue Sect.

Wei Ciyin stared at the big and small figures facing each other. Suddenly, inspiration struck. A strange light appeared in his eyes, he said: “Fellow Daoist Chu, I have an idea.”


“Kindly hold your friend down first. Tell him not to get too excited.”

Chu Yu was silent. His intuition told him that Wei Ciyin’s idea wasn’t going to be anything good. He tightened his hold on Xie Xi and whispered into his ear: “When I pinch you later, beat him up but don’t kill him.”

Xie Xi nodded in a docile manner.

Seeing Xie Xi nod, Wei Ciyin, who knew nothing of what Xie Xi was agreeing to, sighed in relief. In order to demonstrate his sincerity, he took Xie Xi and Chu Yu to discuss matters in his darkroom but left his subordinates behind.

Once he had composed himself, Wei Ciyin smiled and said: “It’s actually quite simple. My father is quite fond of children. Therefore, if Fellow Daoist Chu pretends to be my son, my father will be pleasantly surprised and will let down his guard for a moment. Thus, when Fellow Daoist Xie appears to take him down, he will definitely be able to subdue my father.”

Chu Yu: “…”

Chu Yu pinched Xie Xi’s hand hard.

Xie Xi immediately sprang into action. After gently putting Chu Yu down first, he flashed over to Wei Ciyin and mercilessly kicked him. His punches and kicks didn’t use any spiritual power but he was thoroughly able to beat Wei Ciyin up while Chu Yu smiled and energetically cheered him on.

Thunk. Thunk. The sounds echoed inside the room. Wei Ciyin’s face turned black and blue and his robe became messy so that he cut a sorry figure. He said angrily: “Fellow Daoist Chu!”

Xie Xi dusted off his hands and calmly walked back to Chu Yu. His eyes were bright as he waited for his reward.

Chu Yu stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the forehead.

Xie Xi frowned, dissatisfied.

Chu Yu understood. Grabbing Xie Xi’s head, Chu Yu drew his head down low to his height then kissed him on the lips.

A smile spread across Xie Xi’s face, making his expression soften. Xie Xi touched his lips then picked Chu Yu up again, staring indifferently at the resentful Wei Ciyin.

Looking at the two of them, Wei Ciyin scowled, realizing that he had been tricked. After pulling back in his anger for a long time, he smiled awkwardly: “Fellow Daoist Xie, surely you wouldn’t want your Shixiong to remain this way for the rest of his life?”

Xie Xi just stared at him coldly.

For fear that Xie Xi would lose control and kill Wei Ciyin, Chu Yu held him tightly. He turned back to Wei Ciyin and said: “Are you sure your father will be pleasantly surprised by my appearance?”

What if Wei Yuanshan knows about the secret technique that turned Chu Yu into a child? What could they do if Wei Yuanshan figured it out and slapped Chu Yu away before he can get close?

Wei Ciyin shook his head: “You don’t have to worry about that. My father, he… has an almost paranoid desire to protect children.” He paused then added, “Fellow Daoist Chu can rest assured that my father hasn’t studied this secret technique.”

Chu Yu pondered this then nodded: “That’s it.”

Reika’s Notes:

  • Please let me know if you find any errors.
  • Papapa – this is the onomatopoeia of flesh on flesh, meaning *cough* two bodies becoming one.
  • I guess Xie Xi likes to “eat” the banana 🍌 as well as the fish.
  • Let’s light a candle for Chu Yu’s hardworking 🌼 chrysanthemum!
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  1. 福至心灵 fú zhi xīn líng – literally “bless your heart” meaning some good fortune. It’s sometimes used mockingly.
  2. 吃着碗里,看着锅里 Trad. 吃著碗裡,看著鍋裡 chī zhe wǎn lǐ , kàn zhe guō lǐ – lit. eyeing what’s in the pot as one eats from one’s bowl (idiom). Meaning – not content with what one already has. In other words, having a wandering eye.)
  3. 理所当然 (lǐ suǒ dāng rán) as it should be by rights (idiom); proper and to be expected as a matter of course; inevitable and right
  4. Just a reminder that “waist” is the character 腰 (yāo) which means: waist; lower back; pocket; middle; loins
  5. Well, the raw said eating melons, not popcorn, but it’s the same general idea.
  6. 避讳 (bì huì) literally – “to avoid a taboo word or topic”

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