Chapter 63.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 63.2 – Author: The Twilight of the Gods.

In the Gnome Ruins, the gnome god Garl glanced at the flashes of explosions. The gnomes and elf gods are fighting to the death.

Among the gods, the gods of the gnome race are different. The gnome’s constitution is the weakest of all the races and even after becoming a god, their constitution has not improved much. In addition, “the rules” didn’t restrict the gnome gods from leaving the god realm. Regardless, the other gods are rarely willing to provoke the gnome gods because these little people can create gods – each gnome god can make a false god in the form of a seven-star mechanical puppet.

Garl went to the center of the Gnome Ruins to the plaza which represents “beauty,” located at the center of the Tree of Life.There was nothing in the beautiful plaza except for the painting of a large tree and a sun on the ground . He grimaced in the direction of the elf god then jumped up and down on the sun painting as though he was playing. The god in his clown suit looked very funny but when he finished jumping, the whole Gnome Ruins began to shake like a giant awakened from sleep.

Everyone knows that the gnomes created seven star mechanical puppets that are equivalent to a false god, but only a few people know that the gnomes also made an eight star mechanical puppet. They spared no effort and used the vast genius of the entire gnome race to create such an impressive mechanical puppet.

When they had finished making it, the gnomes gave the mechanical puppet a name – “Kabbalah,” from the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

It is a gnome relic.

The elven gods in the Gnome Ruins withdrew from the Tree of Life, stunned to see the inner city slowly come alive. The crown plaza was its head, wisdom and understanding were its shoulders, and the beauty plaza was its core – after tens of thousands of years, the eight star mechanical puppet finally tore off its harmless surface and, for the first time, revealed its real appearance.

The god of forestry was the first one that Kabbalah reached for. Kabbalah seized the elven god who was unable to resist and stuffed him into its mouth. The upper and lower teeth closed: “Clang.”

Blood poured out.

The elven god Corellon saw that the dreadful eight-star mechanical puppet had fully risen and was walking towards the elves’ Tree of Life. Seeing the terrifying power of Kabbalah, Corellon has no doubt that it can destroy the Tree of Life in a moment. Destroying a mechanical puppet is an extremely difficult task. It’s easier to just kill the gnome manipulating the mechanical puppet, but in order to avoid such a thing, the gnome will generally protect himself very carefully.

Corellon bit his cherry-red lips. There is a forbidden magic that can kill the gnome god Garl. It will cost him his godhead but there was no time to hesitate while in this situation. He ordered the other elves: “God-arrow formation.”

The elven gods looked at each other. These arrows use a god’s godhead to increase its power. However, Kabbalah was moving closer and when compared to losing one’s life, losing one’s godhead is the lesser evil. The elven gods took their places in the god-arrow formation with Corellon at the heart. He held a golden bow; the arrow made of wood from the Tree of Life was aimed at Garl.

As he pulled back the bow, Corellon’s body became brighter and brighter. When his power was at its height, he released the arrow, penetrating Garl’s defenses – a perfect shot!

This god-arrow is not that powerful in terms of divine techniques, but it is fatal to the frail gnome. A black hole appeared and sucked in the body of the gnome god.

“Ah… ha….”

Corellon sat on the ground, panting heavily. The other elves were also close to complete exhaustion. He saw that Kabbalah, already grasping the elves’ Tree of Life, had frozen. A smile appeared on Corellon’s beautiful face. Suddenly, he was struck from behind. A trace of blood appeared on Corellon’s lips. He struggled to look behind and saw the spider goddess. “For … what?”

The spider goddess giggled, pulling out her spider dagger.

“I want to be the supreme god so you must be my sacrifice.”

Corellon closed his eyes and his slender body fell to the ground. The black hole treated everyone equally and came to take away the elf god’s corpse.


The Battle of Dragon Island has come to an end, the dragon god Io gazed at the undead false god Louis. After many struggles, he finally found the enemy Lich’s life box.

In order to kill the undead Lich, one must find the Lich’s life box. Most Lich will find a secret place to hide their life box, but those who are confident of their own strength will choose to keep their life boxes on them since they believe that their body is the safest place. Louis was obviously the latter type; his life box was in his right hand.

Io transformed into a white dragon and used his frostfire dragon breath. Louis used his death scythe to split the dragon breath but sensed movement on his right side. He turned to see the silver dragon’s teleportation magic at work. As the nine-headed dragon god, Io can transform into every kind of dragon – color dragons, gem dragons, or metal dragons.

Io turned into the golden dragon and grappled with the undead. The golden dragon’s claws were full of divine power and tore at Louis’ right hand. The Lich’s reaction was rather strange, he paid no mind to the attack on his hand and just used the death scythe to cut Io’s belly.


Io, pressing down on his wounded belly, watched the undead rot into powder, which then dispersed into the air. He couldn’t understand why the Lich had neglected his own life box to wound him.

“My lord.”

Just as Bahamut, the dragon god of goodness was about to approach Io, he saw the dragon god’s ruler suddenly bend down and tremble. Io said: “Don’t come nearer!”

Io felt a chill in his body that began to freeze his soul. The laughter of the undead god echoed through his head.

[I am very satisfied with your body, give it to me.]

“Don’t … think … I’ll let you…”

Io closed his eyes and tried to regain control of his soul, but the undead enemy was easily eroding his control.

The Lich had invaded his soul to become the new master of his body.

Io opened his eyes, fondly looked around Dragon Island, then took a deep breath and detonated his godhead


The dazzling light exploded for just a moment before it was swallowed up by a black hole. The hole flashed then seemed to burp.

Beastkin, human, angel, demon, gnome, elf, undead, and dragon gods – all the materials have been collected.

“The rules” disappeared from above the Dragon Island. In the next moment it appeared in the pillar of light at the Lost Land. Due to the fact that the two sides of the continent merged with each other, the metal pyramid was crushed, exposing the eye of space. A spiral-shaped black hole spread itself over the Lost Land. It looked like a tornado. When it touched the space eye, they combined to formed the lower, middle, and upper parts of the tower.

When the Black Tower appeared, the pillar of light that was composed of countless ascending dots of light compressed before suddenly widening. The pillar of light began to break up the crystal-like icy ground. When the pillar of light passed through the barrier of the Lost Land, the barrier instantly disappeared like a bubble that had been popped. The people of the Chaos Continent were shocked to see the sudden appearance of a huge beam of light shooting straight into the sky from the Lost Land. When the beam of light dissipated, it revealed a jet black tower.

The tower was impossible to describe. It could clearly be seen by the naked eye, but at the same time it seemed to covered by some sort of infinitely complex illusion. The tall tower can be seen from every corner of the Chaos Continent. That is the nature of the Tower of God. When the tower appeared, everyone in continent was extremely excited; whether they were mortals or gods, they all decided to go to the Lost Land.

Du Ze gazed through a window at the distant tower. It was as if he heard a game notification in his head.

“System: The Tower of God expansion is now live. All players are invited to participate in the event. ^-^”

Some silly, cute person turned and looked at Xiu lying on the bed. It was now the second day after the battle. When Xiu collapsed, , Rachel and the Thunder Regiment arrived. The golden dragon took advantage of the black dragon’s distraction and took Eric away. The human army panicked and retreated. The beastkin did not chase after the humans; they stayed to bury their dead companions.

Now the BOSS was defeated and “the rules” also updated the information about the Tower of God. The Moe Lord’s road to becoming the Supreme God has been laid out.

Thinking of the words “Supreme God,” Du Ze felt excited but also uneasy. He can never forget what he saw in the Time Corridor – Xiu’s futile struggle to find his most important person. The thought of it made Du Ze’s heart ache.

–“So what if you become the Supreme God?! In the entire world – you’re the only one left!”

Now Du Ze knew that the person Xiu lost in the mural is not Vivian or anyone else from this world, it was … him.

Du Ze looked at his hand.

Is he going to disappear?


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