Chapter 66 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 66 – Demon Lord Yan Heng

That was fast.

Chu Yu was startled, and his mind momentarily blanked out before he started thinking about how he could persuade Chu Sheng to let them in.

Chu Sheng suddenly gave a bitter laugh and said, “They want to see the Chu family’s forbidden area? I’m afraid it’s not just to prove our innocence.”

As a large clan, the Chu family was sure to have countless enemies who envied and coveted what the Chu had. Now, a big gang of them had come. Other than those who genuinely wanted to investigate the existence of the remnant soul of Demon Lord Yan Heng, the rest were likely here to snoop around the Chu family’s estate.

“Big brother……”  

Chu Yu hesitated. Before he could get any word out, Chu Sheng’s face turned solemn, and he said in a low voice, “Little brother, big brother is prepared to let them in. Don’t worry, they won’t be able to trespass the forbidden area. Little brother…… Don’t blame me. I’m also doing this for the family.”

Chu Yu was dumbfounded. It was a while before he managed to react; his face darkened.

It seemed that Chu Sheng had already decided, but he thought Chu Yu was unwilling and had instead turned around to persuade him.

After a moment of silence, Chu Yu’s mouth twitched. He floundered for a while, then ​put on a silent and painful expression, and nodded his head

……Since he had already been misunderstood, he might as well continue the act…….

The two brothers hastily conferred for a while. Chu Sheng sent someone to throw Fu Chongyi out of the Falling Maple Leaf Valley​ before ​he set off ​with ​Chu Yu​ towards the perimeter of the valley​.

The Falling Maple Leaf Valley was usually a peaceful and quiet place. The commoners at the foot of the mountain knew that the cultivators on the mountaintop had set up a magical array and thus they seldom came up to disturb them. Seeing the horde of people outside the barrier now gave Chu Yu a start.

Chu Sheng had been thinking about it these days. Their grandparents were still in seclusion, and few from the Chu family could step out and stand up for their clan. It would not help matters if their stance was too obstinate. They might as well just agree to those people’s demands to see the forbidden area; after all, there was no harm in that if even he himself could not access it.

Those who came were all from small sects, factions, and clans; their faces were unfamiliar. Chu Sheng invited all the Nascent Soul cultivators from the Chu family to keep the crowd in check. Under the imposing presence of those cultivators, no one dared to move for the time being.

The situation was still controllable. If they could use these people to prove their innocence, then it would save them a lot of trouble in the future.

Chu Sheng heaved a small sigh of relief, but he could not really summon and put on that genial demeanor as before. He asked lightly, “Can I take it that everyone’s appearance here meant that you have concluded that the remnant soul of Demon Lord Yan Heng is in the Chu family’s forbidden area?”

After a moment’s silence, a thin man said, “You guys know what your own clan has done! Chu Sheng, is it because you are guilty that you dare not let us in?”

Once he had opened his mouth, the others gradually began to speak out – some spoke vehemently, some firmly, and some softly. Most of them did not have much confidence, but it was always the case that there would be a bunch of people who would speak in a heated tone and ignite public indignation.

Chu Yu squinted his eyes and focused on the few people who were fanning the flames. He tugged at Chu Sheng without making a sound.

Chu Sheng nodded his head, his gaze solemn and cold.

After making a racket for a while, an old gentleman with white hair and white beard stepped out. He stroked his long beard and said, “Elder Young Master…… No, Head of Chu, please do not blame us. After all, the issue of Demon Lord Yan Heng and the Soul Summoning Banner is of utmost importance as it concerns the safety of the entire cultivation world. We are only concerned about the world. We will just check the forbidden area and won’t do anything else. If this rumor is really just a rumor, then we will apologize to the Chu family.”

Someone finally said something that was grudgingly pleasant to the ear. Chu Sheng nodded his head and gave him an out.

“Since everyone is so suspicious of the Chu family’s forbidden area, then do as you please.”

They clearly did not expect Chu Sheng to be so open-minded. The crowd hesitated for a moment. They looked at each other and shrank back instead.

These cultivators were most likely egged on by someone and came here with their blood boiling with righteous indignation. They thought they could witness history, and came bearing their weapons. They assumed that Chu Sheng would definitely resist and refuse them entry, which would give them a boost and some legitimacy so they could make their moves. Once the Chu family retaliated, they could request assistance from the various big sects to forcibly break through the Chu family’s protective array and made use of the chaos to take advantage of the situation.

Fishing in troubled waters, why not?

Who knew that Chu Sheng would be so magnanimous.

Chu Sheng could roughly guess what they were thinking, and his face was bland as he said, “What? Are you all afraid to come now?”

Since they were already here, why would they go back empty-handed without seeing anything? It wouldn’t be worth it.

The stream of cultivators followed and entered the Falling Maple Leaf Valley with a solemn expression. Chu Sheng and Chu Yu rode their swords at the very front, a trace of a bitter smile flashing through their gazes when they exchanged glances.

They arrived at the front of the forbidden area soon after. Other than the several nascent soul cultivators who followed to keep the crowd in check, there were a few more of them standing in the vicinity of the main hall. Thus, these people did not dare to move or act hastily and just let their eyes wander over the place and at each other.

Most of them were cultivators still in the Qi refining stage, with only a handful in the core formation stage. If Chu Sheng wanted, he could simply send a nascent soul cultivator and wipe them all out.

If the Chu family was really harboring evil intentions, it was not impossible for the Chu family to let them in, then kill them all.

Chu Yu folded his arms and casually swept his glance over this group of people. His hand slowly slid down to the hilt of Xun Sheng as he prepared himself to react to any unexpected incidents.

The hall was so grand it still looked spacious even with a few hundred people in it. The large stone pillars depicted the deeds of the Chu ancestors, while the ground was covered with patterns of the Chu clan’s emblem. The group of people curiously took a look around as they stopped and went, but as they wandered around, someone suddenly halted in their tracks.

The other sparsely scattered cultivators also stopped and hesitantly looked at the man.

Chu Yu could tell at a glance that it was that thin, middle-aged man who spoke in the most heated tone earlier.

That man’s gaze was severe, and there was an indescribable hostility burrowed between his eyebrows. He suddenly pulled his sword out and looked towards Chu Sheng.

“Chu Sheng! What are you going to do to us?”
All the people present were stunned.
Chu Yu was baffled, why so much drama from this person? What’s his problem?

Chu Sheng also looked at him with a frown, “My fellow cultivator, what do you mean?”

The middle-aged man sneered, “I only just realized after coming all the way here. Earlier on, you were faltering and unwilling to tell us the truth about the Chu’s forbidden area. And then you changed your mind and let us in. At present, this hall is swarming with cultivators from the Chu family. Killing us is easy. Chu Sheng, are you trying to silence us? Justice is in the hearts of the people. Even if you cover it up, you can’t hide from Heaven’s punishment! “

……What the hell?

Chu Yu continued to be baffled. Did this guy hear his inner rants?

“You were ruthless enough to even kill your own father. I doubt you’d have any scruples about killing insignificant cultivators like us!”

It was as if his words jolted the others awake. They initially came to scout the Chu’s forbidden area out, but in the end, they had not even gone near the forbidden area’s entrance when they raised their weapons and stare at Chu Sheng, astonishment and bewilderment showing on his face.

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It had to be said that no one knew whether the remnant soul of Demon Lord Yan Heng was in the forbidden area of the Chu family. These people were initially a little apprehensive, and now, after that person’s ‘reminder’, they immediately realized that other than resistance or acquiescence, the Chu family had another choice, namely, to silence them all.

Although it is pointless to silence them, these cultivators had spontaneously gathered in the hope that they could take the Chu family by surprise. The others did not know about them, so if the Chu family really wiped them out, then it was very likely that no one would find out for quite some time.

Chu Sheng finally lost his patience when they mentioned his father, Chu Shuangtian. His face turned frosty, and he kept his mouth shut.

The atmosphere stiffened for a moment.

It was a while before Chu Sheng regained his footing. His gaze grew frostier as he said, “If you doubt the sincerity of the Chu’s family, then feel free to leave. If anyone from the Chu family stopped you, you may deal with them as you deem fit.”

There was a moment of silence before the group of cultivators started whispering among themselves. After a while, a sudden scream rang out.

Chu Yu was initially staring at the entrance of the forbidden area. He was startled when he heard the scream and hurriedly took a look. A sword was protruding from the chest of the thin man who was still alive and kicking earlier. Blood was flowing non-stop. He pointed a trembling finger at Chu Sheng, exclaimed twice, then crumbled onto the ground.

Chu Yu and Chu Sheng were flabbergasted and immediately rushed over to investigate.

A pierce to the heart. He had thoroughly kicked the bucket. This was no show.

Did he die for real?

He even stared wide-eyed, as if he had died with a grievance, in the direction of Chu Sheng. One of his fingers was pointing at Chu Sheng.

​A sharp-eyed member of the audience immediately yelled, “It’s the swordplay of the Chu clan!”

Everyone knew that the Chu family’s swordsmanship was first-rate. Chu Sheng was highly skilled in swordplay. His strokes with an unsheathed San Huo were so natural and smooth that one could only marvel and sigh in admiration and envy.

Chu Sheng subconsciously covered his right hand, a complicated look in his eyes.

Chu Yu knew Chu Sheng well. He knew Chu Sheng would never do such a thing. But all those cultivators did not necessarily think the same way. Right away, there were already some people who were taking out their talismans and some who were chanting incantations under their breaths. Everything spiraled into chaos. Chu Yu hastily pulled Chu Sheng out of the mob and said with a frown, “Big brother, we have to calm them down first.”

Chu Sheng nodded his head. Just as he was about to command the nascent soul cultivators outside the main hall to hold these people down, the ground of the main hall suddenly shook violently. Chu Yu was not expecting this and almost fell to the ground. The good thing was that Chu Sheng always had his eyes on him and caught hold of him in time. He asked concernedly, “Little brother, are you all right?”

Chu Yu shook his head and looked down. With just one look, he realized that there was a problem he had never noticed earlier.

The floor of the main hall was engraved with the maple leaf emblem of the Chu family. It was gigantic with a meandering luster​ around its shape. And this time, the original hazy glow had taken on a slight bloody red color and was quickly spreading to every single vein on the maple leaf. It did not take long before a huge, bloody maple leaf appeared on the ground.

The smell of blood enveloped the main hall. With a pale face, Chu Yu followed the trail of blood and looked at the ​spot where the blood was the thickest. He saw the body of that middle-aged man. Earlier on, they were too preoccupied with his wound and did not notice that there was actually a hint of a strange smile on the corners of the mouth of this middle-aged man.

The entire floor of this main hall was a magical array. And the blood sacrifice of the middle-aged man had activated it.

Just as he was contemplating it with a headache, the main hall shook again. There was a ‘buzz’ in Chu Yu’s head, and his body involuntarily turned back to face the entrance of the forbidden area. It was then he realized that the gate to the forbidden area had open. It was pitch black inside. The next moment, there was a flash of an object with a faint green light as it flew and merged into his body in the twinkling of an eye.

At the same time, the magical array engraved in the main hall kicked into high gear.

Chu Yu was very familiar with the undulations of this array.

The teleportation array!

The Chu family ancestor actually drew a teleportation array on the ground of the main hall right in front of the forbidden area!

Everything happened in a blink of an eye. Chu Yu’s vision darkened, and he felt nauseated. It was natural for long-distance teleportation to cause discomfort, even more so when an array activated by a blood sacrifice had a strange odor about it. Chu Yu covered his mouth, and Chu Sheng suddenly grabbed his hand.

Chu Sheng did not look too good, “Little brother, we have been tricked. The goal of the demonic cultivators who have been lurking among these people is not the forbidden area, but this teleportation array.”

As they had brought up the forbidden area persistently, Chu Yu and Chu Sheng really believed that their target was the Chu family’s forbidden area.

No one knew where this teleportation array would send them to, but it was definitely not a good place to be at.

The world in front of him gradually blurred in a jumble of light and shadow. After some time, Chu Yu opened his eyes and took in everything in front of him.

In the distance, there was a snow-covered peak and green pine needles peeking out from underneath the blanket of snow. ​​Close at hand​ was ​a deep abyss where the wind was howling as if the abyss itself was wailing. The void was so deep it looked like a bottomless pit. It was as if one could be sucked in if they stared at it for too long.

Chu Yu was stunned.
He was all too familiar with the scene in front of him. 

……Isn’t this the back cliff of Yuan Chen Peak where the demonic abyss was?

Why did the teleportation array in the main hall in front of the Chu’s family’s forbidden area send them here?

Chu Yu’s temples suddenly jumped, and he felt as if something creepy had crawled into his mind. He mulled over it for a moment before he calmed down a little.

With the appearance of such a big group of people here, Lu Qingan and Xie Xi would surely come immediately to investigate. With Lu Qingan and Xie Xi here, there was no need to worry about dealing with these people.

Most of the few hundreds of cultivators here looked clueless, whereas the remaining few were already riding on their swords and were staring at the demonic abyss with their eyes blazing.

Chu Yu swept his glance around at random and silently cursed in his heart.
The maneuvers and subterfuge of the demonic cultivators were really profound. Out of the few demonic cultivators who had revealed their purplish black spiritual energy, there were some who had spoken up for the Chu family earlier. He and Chu Sheng were only focused on those who were fanning the flames with their heated words and had totally overlooked these few cultivators.

Distinguishing a demonic cultivator by his spiritual energy was easy. The expressions of the remaining cultivators changed as they looked at the two brothers from the Chu family with a complicated look in their eyes, and looked back at those demonic cultivators riding their swords in the air. It was as if they were unsure if they should continue to trust the Chu clan.

They did not have to think much about it. The leader of the demonic cultivators suddenly let loose a burst of elated laughter.

“After so many years of preparation, we can finally rouse that Lordship. All of you righteous path cultivators, open your eyes and wait for death!”

Having said that, the old man with white hair and white beard suddenly took out a piece of Soul Sustaining Jade, paused, and threw it into the demonic abyss.

Chu Yu’s heart skipped, and he blurted out, “What did you throw—“

The old man laughed heartily as he turned back and said, “I’m the sect master of Dun Yue Sect. My efforts to get the Spirit Sealing Grass to awaken one of the remnant souls of that Lordship was not in vain. The demonic abyss shall rise today!

As if in response to his words, the ground of the cliff shook. The sound of something collapsing could be heard all around as if it was the apocalypse. The howling of the wind in the demonic abyss became more and more wretched until it sounded like the earsplitting howl of a devil; it was so shrill and piercing it made one’s head swim.

Chu Yu covered his ears and wondered, ​what’s happening? Why aren’t Lu Qingan and Xie Xi here yet?
Just as he was​ feeling uncertain​, he suddenly saw someone riding a sword over. He took a closer look; it was Third Shidi.

The old man shouted enthusiastically, “Demon Lord Yan Heng! Lead the demonic cultivators to reclaim our glory!”

Demon Lord Yan Heng!
Chu Yu’s vision darkened and he quickly considered a number of things. He immediately grabbed Chu Sheng and rode his sword to meet Third Shidi. As soon as Chu Sheng heard the words ‘Demon Lord Yan Heng’, his face turned pale, and he backhandedly grabbed Chu Yu for fear that he might leave.

Third Shidi’s face was full of confusion, “Eldest Shixiong? Why have you returned? What’s this about the demonic abyss? How did these people get in? There are even demonic cultivators? ……Oh, when I was drawing talismans earlier, the ground shook without warning, and the stone table was almost shattered to pieces.”

Chu Yu dodged all his questions and clenched his teeth, “Where are Shizun and Xie Xi?”

Third Shidi obediently replied, “​​​​Second Shixiong was worried about you when he heard that some cultivators were ​​​rallying together to go to the Chu family​, so he set off for the Chu family earlier. Shizun was worried that​​ ​Second Shixiong ​would make matters worse,​ thus he followed after him.”

He faltered, confusion showing on his face, “What happened?”

What happened?

Chu Yu smiled and patted his head, “Nothing.”

Just that this demonic abyss looked as if it was expanding, and once it grew a little bigger, half of Tian Yuan Sect would most likely be swallowed.

His malice was already so suffocating even before he​ was​ ​​awakened, wouldn’t it be even worse when he was fully awakened?

After a moment silence, Chu Yu said with a stern face, “Third Shidi, take my brother and flee now. Go away as far as you can, don’t ever come back!”

Chu Sheng was astounded, “Little brother?”

Chu Yu smiled at him.

Although the situation was urgent, his little brother’s smile was so rare that Chu Sheng was momentarily floored. The next moment, a talisman was thrust right in his face. He fell before he could react. Chu Yu conveniently grabbed hold Chu Sheng’s limp body and said: “Third Shidi, this slumber charm of yours is really powerful.”

As much as Third Shidi’s head was always in the clouds, he could tell that something was wrong. He said, “Eldest Shixiong! I’ll call Shizun and Second Shixiong back now!”

“No!” Chu Yu said sharply. “Take my brother and leave immediately. Even if you see Shizun and Xie Xi, reveal nothing to them. Something big is happening here; the other elders from Tian Yuan Sect will come and straighten this out.”

After a pause, he still did not feel at ease and said deliberately, “If Xie Xi pushes you for information, then tell him I’ll be fine. No matter what happens, he should keep himself under control and wait for me.”

Having said that, he handed Chu Sheng over to Third Shidi, took a deep breath, and returned to the back cliff.

Third Shidi was dumbfounded. He looked at Chu Yu’s back for a moment, then gritted his teeth and turned around to leave.

Seeing that Third Shidi had left, Chu Yu felt relieved as he stood behind a bunch of cultivators with his arms folded.

Some cultivators in Tian Yuan Sect were in the Demigod stage. If the appearance of these demigod cultivators could not resolve this, then worst comes to worst, he could only take up the mantle.

He intuitively felt that he should keep Xie Xi away from here when it really came to that.

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