Chapter 68.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 68.1 – Reader: Eat, sleep, compete

Du Ze wondered if Xiu was aware of it. In the torch’s light, Xiu’s face was gloomy and dark. He stared at Belial’s teleportation array and said: “Continue.”

Xiu pulled Du Ze into the teleportation array. Violet and Alice wiped away their tears and followed with the others. Du Ze gazed at Xiu’s figure and wanted to open his mouth, but in the end he said nothing.

They left arena 68 and came to arena 67. Because the demon sisters haven’t calmed down yet, Old John fought. The 67th demon god only lasted for a few seconds before he was torn down by Old John’s katar and turned into a teleportation array.

Old John glanced at the place where the demon god had vanished and said to Xiu: “The Little Master should have also noticed that the demon god is a mid-level Sword Master.”

“They’re going to get stronger,” said Xiu. He looked up at the arena above them and continued while smiling: “Otherwise it would be too boring.”

Xiu’s prediction was confirmed in arena 61. The 61st demon god had the strength of a high-level Sword Master. Based on this progression, it was possible to infer that every six demon gods would be a higher level in strength. If the 54th demon has the strength of a low-level Grand Sword Master, then every 18 levels the demon gods will have the strength of a higher class.

With Old John fighting, they advanced quickly. It took only a minute for him to defeat a demon god and they quickly reached arena 54. As expected, the 54th demon god was indeed a low-level Grand Sword Master. Du Ze calculated that if things continue this way, they will encounter a Sword Saint in arena 36 and a War God in arena 18.

Du Ze assessed their team. The demon sisters are only in the Sword Master level, but with the addition of the Sword Saint Old John and the black dragon Muir, plus the Moe Lord whose power level is over 9000 – with such a magnificent lineup, even with the negative combat fighting ability of himself and Ariel, they can surely steamroll the opponents in the demon god arena.

The silly, cute reader felt gloomy. This arena was surely installed by the plot god to copy the novel’s 72 demon cities story arc.

In this way the team fought their way up to arena 38. For the first time after Belial, they encountered a second demon god who was conscious: Halphas. Compared to Belial who took the initiative to to sacrifice herself for them, the “unfriendly to humans and loves to dine on their flesh” demon god Halphas’ attitude was much more… malicious.

“I don’t want to accept this situation. You have the future that should belong to me while I am imprisoned here.” Halphas said in a hoarse voice: “There is nothing here except people who are climbing the tower, swarming like locusts – like you.”

“The only thing I am happy about is that some of the people climbing the tower have brought me a lot of food. The meat of the human race has always been difficult to get.” Halphas’ blood-red eyes were on Du Ze. He licked his lips then said to Xiu: “If you give me that human, for Bael’s sake, I will consider letting you pass.”

“Ah … This man is really delicious.” Xiu said with a smile. His low voice was sensual enough to make people’s hearts race as they blushed. “But only I can taste him.”

Halphas, in his black dove form, narrowly avoided Xiu’s sword. He flew up the arena before looking down at the horned demon holding a silver-red sword. The demon raised his head and the look in his dark purple eyes was enough to make people shudder,

“You shouldn’t covet him,” Xiu said.

The black dove Halphas made a sound like a hoarse tweet. He spread his wings as far as they would extend then fanned them down. Black feathers shot down like arrows. Muir changed into his dragon form to protect the others. The black feather was unexpectedly sharp, breaking through the dragon’s hard scales. Muir roared in pain. Using his tail, he pulled out the black feather.

Seeing Muir is protecting Du Ze and the others, Xiu flew up, bringing the attack to Halphas.When Xiu got close, Halphas suddenly folded his wings and a large number of black feathers rained down on him. This time the feathers were not a direct attack; Halphas’ aim was to block Xiu’s view. Xiu was surrounded by black feathers. A strong sense of danger made him raise his sword and he instinctively blocked in front of him on the left side.

“Caw! BOOM!!!”

Xiu was driven down to the arena’s floor by the black dove attack. The huge impact they made created a large crater. Xiu was almost buried in the stone. His hands were on Halphas’ beak. If he were to let go or weaken his hold even a little, that sharp beak would surely pierce through his chest. Xiu stared at Halphas and his purple eyes began to glow.


Even though Halphas moved very quickly, its tail feathers were still hit by the lightning. The lightning arced up from the tail to its whole body. Though the lightning didn’t do much damage, they paralyzed his body for a moment. While Halphas was unable to move, Xiu cut off the black dove’s right wing.

“Ugh-. ”

Halphas fell heavily on the ground; his head upturned, his blood-red eyes looked angrily at Xiu.

“D**n! If I hadn’t been limited by the tower, how could you …”

Halphas’ words were interrupted when Xiu cut off the black dove’s remaining wing. Xiu looked down as Halphas transformed into his humanoid form. With his long black hair falling down, Xiu covered his mouth that was smiling dangerously.

“You remind me of a man who once took Du Ze’s left hand.” Xiu’s smile deepened, as if he was recalling something interesting that he wanted to share with Halphas. “Do you know what I did afterwards?”

The sword cut into Halphas’ body silently, exposing the scarlet viscera inside.

“I cut his belly open and tried to retrieve the part that was taken away — like this.”

As Xiu spoke, the silver-red sword slowly cut open the internal organs inch by inch.

“The first thing I found was the small intestine, and then I found the stomach -unlike you, that man’s stomach was as big as his body.”

Feeling the ice-cold tip of the sword moving around inside his body, Halphas looked up at that person’s slender vertical pupils and felt an unspeakable fear for the first time.

“I looked very carefully, but in the end I failed because I made a mistake.”

Blood splashed Xiu’s face, making it sticky and slippery. He sighed as he gazed at the foot of the demon god that was already turning to ash.

“It’s a pity.”

Muir watched all this happen. He knew it wasn’t normal but he wasn’t too bothered by it. For Muir, everything is fine as long as he is able to protect Hilda’s offspring. The black dragon opened his huge wings, releasing Du Ze and the others.

Du Ze saw Xiu standing near the teleportation array. Blood was dripping down from the Burning Desire Demonic Sword. The cracks on the stone floor showed how fierce the fighting had been.

“Are you alright?”

Xiu put away Qian Bian, took Du Ze in his arms, then casually replied: “It was nothing. His strength seems to have been limited by the Tower of God.”

Du Ze immediately grasped the reason behind this. The Tower of God is a screening machine that can turn any type of creature into a god. However, if those who have just become a false god or have not yet become false gods were to really fight the demon gods, then it would cause their total annihilation. That’s why it’s understandable the tower limited the strength of Halphas and the others. In that case, the BOSS of the demon god arena will not be able to use his full power against them. But that was not the key point here. Just like with Belial, their biggest problem is not power but emotion.

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