Chapter 73.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 73.2 – Protagonist: Are you comforting me?

He found Xiu at a corner bookshelf, holding a book in his hands and reading it very carefully. Du Ze glanced at the title – “A Guide to Fusion Magic.”

Aware of Du Ze’s arrival, Xiu closed the book and put it back on the shelf. Seeing that Du Ze was staring at the book in puzzlement, Xiu explained: “I read the book at school before but left before I could learn it.”

Xiu’s voice was expressionless but even though it did not show any emotion, it made Du Ze felt very uncomfortable.

That first time they couldn’t answer the sphinx’s question, Xiu didn’t know the answer because he left school. The people there could not accept Xiu when he became undead. Even though Xiu’s nature did not change much, everyone there could only see Xiu as an evil undead and opted to expel him.

He isn’t one of us; his heart will certainly be different. (TN: He can’t be trusted because he is different.)

Du Ze felt a pain in his chest as if a needle had stabbed his heart. Du Ze enthusiastically grabbed Xiu’s hand. The skin of Xiu’s palm didn’t have even a hint of body heat which made Du Ze’s distress even more severe. He could not help but squeeze that hand, wanting to warm it up.

“When we leave this tower, we can go back.” Du Ze earnestly said to Xiu: “Whatever you haven’t done, I will do it with you.”

If you haven’t finished learning, go to school and learn it. Going back to finish what you haven’t finished – even if you can never go back to the past, we can still make up for some regrets, right?

Xiu lowered his eyes and stared at their clasped hands. The soul flames in his dark eyes flared up.

“Are you comforting me?”

Hearing Xiu’s hoarse voice, some silly, cute person’s social barrier started acting up – is he going to blow it?

The Lich’s expression was very gloomy. Du Ze eyes widened as Xiu placed his pale fingers on Du Ze’s face and lifted Du Ze’s chin.

“Then comfort me a little more,” said Xiu softly; the sound was almost a whisper. Xiu bent his head and pressed his bloodless lips on Du Ze’s.

Du Ze felt as if snow had fallen on his mouth softly. It was ice cold at the entrance of his mouth, about to melt. Du Ze could not help but stick out the tip of his tongue to lick the other’s lips. Xiu took the tongue into his mouth and gently sucked on it as though it was a bit of honey he has reluctant to swallow.

The kiss went on for a long time so even though it was not intense, Du Ze finally felt out of breath. Xiu, holding Du Ze whose mouth was open wide as he gasped, slid his hand into Du Ze’s clothes. Du Ze felt as though a piece of ice was suddenly attached to his navel. He shuddered.

Xiu felt the delicate quivering. His eyes were very black, the kind of black that had sucked out all the light around him.

“No breathing, no temperature, isn’t this form very scary?”

Du Ze embraced Xiu tightly and shook his head.

“You are Xiu.”

That’s enough.

Xiu closed his eyes. How can he describe this person?

He thought of a ray of sunlight that he had seen in the orphanage. It melted the ice on the window little by little, until it shone on him and it was if it warmed him to the center of his heart.

This presence is more dazzling than the brightest light.

From the first time they met until now, only this person has ever been able to redeem him.




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