Chapter 74.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 74.2 – The law: A fool cannot survive.

“I prefer to use wisdom to solve things instead of force.” He said: “A fool cannot survive, that is the law of the Temple of Wisdom. You have been asked a lot of questions, now it’s your turn to ask me questions.”

If you ask a good question, you can go through customs. Du Ze felt that the human race’s BOSS was really very amiable. For a person to always be the examinee, only someone who has experienced it will know how painful it is.

“The rules are these – the questions you ask must be understandable and must be either factual or a theory that a few people know, or a widely know anecdote. The most important point is that you have to know the answer. If there is more than one correct answer, I just need to give one.”

Ah, they were completely restricted. A silly, cute person was speechless. This is not scientific! Everytime a YY novel’s protagonist encountered this type of test, wasn’t he supposed to use the “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” type of question to stump his opponent?

However, the god was not finished explaining the rules.

“Both sides will have 10 minutes to answer questions. You can’t talk about it with each other. You can choose three people to ask questions but …” The god glanced at Du Ze and the gold mercenary team. “For the sake of my chosen race, I can give all the humans a chance to ask questions but the others will be forced to remain silent.”

Du Ze was shocked by the eccentricity of the Lord God. With Antonio, Honey, Bart, Enoch, plus himself, there was a total of five people. Although Old John and the others cannot speak, they now have five chances to ask questions. The strongest in this game of question and answer is Antonio whose knowledge is the most profound among the group. But if the first Mage God fails, apart from Xiu who has the protagonist’s halo, Du Ze can’t imagine who else could come to their rescue.

Xiu glanced at the group and said to Soth: “Let all of the humans ask questions.”

“Here are five humans -”

“No.” Xiu interrupted the the god: “It’s not just five humans.”

As he spoke the last half, Xiu’s voice changed from the hoarse voice of his Lich form to a pleasant-sounding young voice. To the amazement of Enoch, a handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes smiled at the god: “- I’m here.”

Du Ze felt Xiu’s hand in his turn soft and warm. He almost wanted to cover his face in embarrassment; he nearly forgot that Moe Lord had this cheat.

“… Well, you’ll have six chances.” Soth stared at Xiu with eyes full of a complex emotion. “Let’s get started. Who wants to ask a question first?’

When the trial started, Violet suddenly felt that she had lost the power to speak. She held Alice’s hand, worriedly watching Xiu and the others. The humans were all staring at each other, at a loss. Bart, the big guy, was sweating profusely; trying to think of a question that the god wouldn’t be able to answer was too difficult and he would rather recklessly fight the god. Enoch was scratching his head as though he was trying to come up with a suitable question. Antonio and Xiu were the most relaxed of the group. One was drinking and the other was meditating with a thoughtful look on his face while holding his own silly, cute person by the back of his neck.

Du Ze was equipped by Xiu and began to desperately go over his memories. After nine years of compulsory education, including three years of hell that he spent studying for the college exams, he ought to be able to show his cool, domineering side.

But all I can come up with are some ridiculous brain teasers! QAQ

While some silly, cute person was silently paying tribute to his teachers, wanting to return to the time when he was in school, Honey strode forward. The little girl raised her head and spoke a riddle.

“There is a god of truth who always speaks the truth and a god of lies who only tells lies. Behind them are two doors; one leads to the upper realm and the other leads to the lower realm. You don’t know who is the god of truth or the god of lies, and you can only ask one question. What question do you ask to find out which door leads to the upper realm?”

A high-level Western-style brain teaser that Du Ze had heard many times. A certain silly, cute person was stunned when he heard this riddle but the god just smiled and said: “I will ask this: If I asked which door leads to the upper realm, which door would the other god point to?”

Honey hadn’t thought that her riddle would be instantly solved. She scrunched up her face, looking very annoyed.

Honey’s riddle seems to have inspired Enoch. The thief said with gusto: “I also thought of a question. Five people want equal shares of a cake but you can only cut it three times, how do you cut it?”

“First cut one-fifth of the cake, then what remains is four-fifths of the cake. Slice the remainder in half to produce two-fifths. Stack those two-fifth slices then cut them in half again to produce one-fifth servings.”

The god also answered this immediately, without hesitating. Du Ze felt Xiu’s hand tighten. He turned to look and saw that Xiu seemed to be a bit speechless, as though this was an unexpected answer. Because they were in the BOSS stage now, Du Ze didn’t want to ask Xiu about it.

“Eh, you can answer it so quickly? This clever thief thought about it for a long time.” Hearing the god’s answer, Enoch grabbed his short hair and said: “You could also kill one person with a slice then cut the cake into four pieces – “

… What a vicious riddle!

The first two questions were easily answered by Soth. Antonio gulped down a lot of wine then stepped forward and leaned over to touch Honey’s hair.

“This old man will ask a riddle that is based on Honey’s.” Antonio took a deep breath. Even with his cheeks flushed from the wine, his eyes were clear. “There are three gods. Their names are ‘True’ ‘False’ and ‘Random.’ You don’t know which god is which. The True god always speaks the truth; the False god always tells lies, the Random god will randomly say truth or lies. You need to find out which god is which. You can only ask three yes-no questions and you can only ask these questions to a god. The gods can understand you but they will only answer in their own language. In their language, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are ‘da’ and ‘ja’ but you do not know which is which.”

When Antonio had finished speaking, the whole group was silent. The riddle fused the puzzles of “unknown language,” “truth and lies,” and “randomness.” For the first time, the god was deep in thought, and Du Ze was on tenterhooks.

As the minutes ticked by, Du Ze looked nervously at Soth who had pulled out paper and pen and was drawing a logic tree. It was nearly ten minutes, but before the time was up Soth smiled and said: “That’s a good question. I almost ran out of time.”

The god lifted his hand and the paper he wrote on flew into Antonio’s hands.

“That’s my answer.”

Antonio read the paper in his hand then sighed and waved to Xiu. “This old man is helpless. He could only help you come to this point.”

Xiu nodded his thanks to Antonio. Du Ze was still trying to think of countermeasures. His head hurt because he couldn’t think of a way to beat this BOSS. Now the situation is bad because even the most promising member of their group, the first Mage God, has not been able to ask the god a question he can’t answer. Other than Xiu, the remaining members of the group are merely cannon fodder. Bart can be regarded as useless this time. Du Ze decided to try his luck first.

As Du Ze walked up to the god and pressed on his headphones, he suddenly froze – why does he have to come up with a difficult riddle like Antonio did? His greatest strength does not lie in that but in his identity as someone who crossed over to this world.

He thought of a question that no one in the world could answer.

Absolutely no one

The god saw a black-haired youth looking up at him with a cold expression on his face.

“What is the true essence of this world?”


Translator’s Note:

Antonio’s riddle is called “The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever.” You can google it if you like. I’m sorry I can’t explain it here since it’s super difficult. I’m very bad at riddles. I knew the answer to Honey’s riddle but I couldn’t answer Enoch’s.

Last chapter I asked the readers why they thought Xiu had saved the gold team. Well, here we have our answer: Xiu did it to get Antonio to join them. Clever!

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