Chapter 75 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 75 – Never to Meet Again

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.

Xie Xi would basically give in to Chu Yu everywhere except when it came to bedroom matters. So any idea of sleeping separately was just Chu Yu’s wishful thinking.

Chu Yu sighed. The child had grown up; he was no longer an obedient….  

Tonight was the day ​that Fu Chongyi would purge the poison and swap arms for Chu Sheng. After a bout of tender loving, Chu Yu lay nestled in Xie Xi’s arms to mull it over. It was not that he did not trust Fu Chongyi, but… Chu Yu could not help worrying when he recalled Fu Chongyi’s peculiar expression earlier.

​​Xie Xi could ​more or less guess ​what ​Chu Yu ​was thinking. He ​stroked his back, patted him in a comforting manner, and ​asked in a low voice, “​Shixiong,​ why don’t you​ tell me what you were doing in that place for the whole year?”

Chu Yu knew that Xie Xi only wanted to distract him from his worries​, so he complied and thought back to his time in the abyss. ​He smiled, not intending to hold anything back from Xie Xi. “​Shidi, do you still remember ​Fu Lanxue, my brother once mentioned him before?”

​Xie Xi pondered over it for only a moment before he nodded his head.

​​​So Chu Yu told him all about how Fu Lanxue had helped him. Although he had been miserable the first few days at the abyss, tormented daily by the pain until he had finally passed out. Chu Yu remained tight-lipped about those days, mentioning only the times he was happy to share. Like, when ​he had tired of eating fruits​,​ he ​​had lured​ out a group of wild ​beasts using himself as bait​. Fu Lanxue then had ​no alternative but to kill ​those beasts, only for Chu Yu to find out that ​they​ were either poisonous or too hard to eat.

He now found it funny, but Xie Xi was horrified. His face ​turned dark​, and there was a faint burst of fire in his eyes. He ​suppressed his anger and ​asked in a calm tone, “What else?”

​​Chu Yu ​was sprawled on Xie Xi’s chest and did not notice the change in his expression. He ​laughed merrily for a moment and went on dauntlessly, ​“Once, I found that there were ​flying beasts ​in the abyss. ​In my excitement, I forgot ​Elder ​Fu’s ​warning and wanted to use ​those flying beasts to fly me up… Then a big bird came and grabbed me, it tried to ​fling me ​to my death before eating me.​”​

Chu​ Yu was really been terrified ​back then. After all,​ he had been like a handicapped person​ without any spiritual power. It was only in ​mid-air that he realized how ​freaking ​awesome ​it was when he was a ​cultivator. ​He had been afraid for a long time just after the incident, but now, looking back, he only found it funny.

​​It was really too depressing​ down there, and although he ​had ​always felt that Xie Xi ​had been keeping vigil above the abyss. He​​ had wanted to see ​Xie Xi very much. So in a moment of lapse, he had tempted fate.

​​Chu Yu sighed​. His eyes ​shone when he recalled this. ​Just​ as he was​ about to ask Xie Xi whether he had really waited ​above the abyss for a long time, his ​lower jaw was​​ forcefully​ grabbed ​and ​​​lifted​.

He raised his head, only to see Xie Xi’s gloomy face. ​Xie Xi’s eyes were full of anger​ as he ground his teeth and ​asked, “Chu ​Yu, didn’t you have a single day of peace?​ Will you only rest after you have frightened me to death?”

Faced with ​Xie Xi’s furious and handsome face, Chu Yu thought​ it over​ for a moment​​​. As understanding dawned on him, he ​broke out in a cold sweat.

​As the involved party, he had found the incidents hilarious when he thought back on it. But Xie Xi would probably have found the tales alarming…

Xie Xi ​glared at Chu ​Yu for a moment, ​then bit Chu Yu’s lip​s​ in a bitter kiss, releasing him only when ​Chu Yu could​ ​not breathe​​.​ ​His anger was still not appeased, and so he raised ​a hand ​to smack Chu Yu’s butt.

​​Chu Yu knew that he was​ in the​ wrong, so he could only eat ​the humble pie when he was ​slapped on the ass. ​After a moment of silence, he said with a dry cough​. ​“​Actually, I ​had peaceful times too… Elder Fu gave me a stone to carve into​ the people I missed. It took me a year to ​finish sculpting.”

​Xie Xi gave a start and a flush of red suddenly crept up his face. ​He said coyly, “Oh? Is that so?”

​After ​leaving the abyss​, Chu Yu had ​​forgotten all about the small stone ​sculpture. Now that he had suddenly remembered it, he sat up, feeling heartbroken. ​He did not have any spiritual energy at that time, so he could not store it in his ring and, therefore, could only carry it around in his bosom. Fortunately, the stone sculpture had slipped out, into the water, before Song Jingyi had whipped him, so it was still intact. But Xie Xi would not have noticed what was at the bottom of the water prison when he had come to save him.

​​​… If he returned there now, would he still be able to find it?

Seeing Chu​ Yu’s despondent look, Xie Xi ​pondered over it for a moment before he got up ​to put on his ​inner garment. He then got out of bed ​to put on his​ outer​ robe​ before he picked up ​Duan Xue. Chu Yu remained sitting on the bed, bewildered. “Shi​d​i, ​what are you doing?”

Xie Xi’s eyes​ narrowed ​in a smile. He ​bent over and held Chu Yu’s face​, kissing him gently on ​Chu Yu’s red and swollen lips. He said, “​Shidi​ suddenly ​remembered something I have to attend to. ​I’ll be back in two hours. Shixiong, please wait for shidi.​”

​​​Chu Yu was confused and picked up his own inner garment, intending to put it on. “I’ll go with you.”

​​​Xie Xi uttered an ‘uh’ before he continued. “Although shidi is overjoyed that shixiong finally have the sense to follow shidi, there is no need for shixiong to tag along this time. It’s fine as long as shixiong is still on the bed when shidi is back… it will be even better if you are naked.”

Chu Yu put on his inner garment with an expressionless face, covered himself with the quilt, as he lay back down onto the bed.

​​​Xie Xi could not help but chuckle as he extended a hand to stroke Chu Yu’s hair. Then he stepped out and left riding his sword.

​​Chu ​Yu turned over and ​gazed ​blankly ​out of the window at the sky.

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​​​The Fu Clan had set up a barrier, and the world within the barrier was not affected by the four seasons. Even if there were thousands of miles of ice and snow​ beyond the barrier, ​it would still be as warm as spring within. But without Xie Xi in the room, the room seemed to instantly turn chilly and desolate.

​​​It was a while before ​Chu Yu ​returned to his senses. He blinked​ as he suddenly thought of the long-forgotten​ system and spoke slowly, “​System, I seemed​ to remember you saying that ​you would unbind me​ when the original ​novel ends?”

​The system laughed drily, “Host, what are you talking about~ I don’t understand you~ Ah~ The wind tonight is really noisy~”

​​Chu ​Yu gnashed ​his teeth. “​Hoho​.”

​The system still had some tricks up its sleeve. “The system​ has​ intercepted​​ a barrage of ​​​​bullet​ screen​ messages1​​ for the host​~​”​

​Chu Yu said, “Oh.”

​Chu Yu sneered. “Why don’t you show me the comments first, then unbind my account.”

​The system cried, “Host~ I have a family to feed~”

​Chu Yu, “Scram.”

Was it really okay for artificial intelligence to have such rich emotions?

​The system went silent for a moment​ and played​ dead​, not budging no matter how Chu Yu nudged it. ​He was about to flare up when there was a “beep” in his ears.

​“A barrage​ of bullet screen messages loading in progress~”​

​… Is this damn system planning to pick a ​fight to the death here?!
【​Netizen Beloved Concubine’s Majesty: I reckon shidi will go crazy… from not seeing his precious shixiong all these days​ ⊙ω⊙ +2​​​​​​】​

​​【​Netizen​ Oh Cool​: The author is slicing onions again 〒_〒+2】​
【​ Netizen​ ​Passer​: So​​ tragic, I’m blind from crying.​..​ Begging the author to be kinder to shixiong and shidi… waiting for shixiong to recover and drive the car2. ​+2.】

【​​Netizen ​t​his haunted house is​ a​ ​lil’ cute​: My heart aches for shixiong……+2】

【Netizen ​Sesame Riceball​​: Hahahahaha ​finally ate fish again ▼w▼​ please boil more fish soup~】

​​Chu ​Yu was expressionless as he closed his eyes.

​​​…The screen changed. The start, which had been full of fans wailing as their hearts ached for this and that, had given way to rabid fangirling at the bottom. There was no doubt that the latter part of the bullet screen was all spammed with messages of ‘double happiness​’ 3 and ‘strewing flowers for novel completion4’.

​​​Reckoning the​ bullet screen​ frenzy ​was more or less done by now, ​Chu Yu opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

Actually… the comments were not that big of a deal. ​​Just fangirls ogling them. In any case, they could only fantasize based on the converted text by the system. It was not as if they could actually see Xie Xi and him.

​​​After comforting himself for a moment, Chu Yu remembered the main offender of his ire and smiled as he thought over and reorganized all the swear words he could think of. He cleared his throat, ready to cuss the system when the door was flung open.

​There was a gust of the night breeze, and a slender figure appeared at the door.

​Xie Xi was back.​ 

Chu Yu blinked. Then he could not help but shrink back when he saw Xie Xi’s expression. ​

​… What’s up with him now? ​
​​​He had still been joyful when he went out, so why was his face as black as Yan Luo’s5 ​on his return? He was even grinding his teeth, and his veins were throbbing… who was blind enough to have offended the protagonist?

​Chu Yu’s eyebrows twitched, intuitively feeling that ​​he was going to be out of luck. He laughed drily, “Shidi, what’s wrong? Who made you angry? Come and tell shixiong about it.”

​​​Xie Xi backhandedly the door shut with a frosty look, then walked over expressionlessly to sit at the edge of the​ bed​. He raised his hand and handed something over to Chu Yu.

​Xie Xi had been holding it in his hand, so the object was still warm. But even as Chu Yu reached out to receive the object, he could not help shivering slightly when he came into contact with Xie Xi’s icy hand. On seeing the shiver, Xie Xi immediately retracted his hand. Instead of placing the object in Chu Yu’s hand, he huffily tossed it onto the bed​.​

​Dejected, Chu Yu looked down and was instantly surprised and delighted.

“This is… the stone ​sculpture? ​Shidi? You… don’t tell me you ​went back to Jiao​ ​Xia just to ​look for this…​”

​Xie Xi held his arms crossed as he silently sat at the side with a cold expression. His thin lips were tightly pursued with the corners of his lips ​pulled down. He looked enraged and aggrieved.

​​Chu ​Yu looked at him, then at the stone carving​. After doing this several times, ​it finally dawned on him. He ​quietly looked at the stone carving on the bed​ – it was of ​Chu ​Sheng.

Back in those days, he had missed Xie Xi the most, but he had also felt guilty towards Chu Sheng. As he had decided to always accompany Xie Xi after leaving the abyss, he felt this was a little too cruel towards Chu Sheng who had a younger brother complex. So after deliberating over it, he had decided to sculpt Chu Sheng.

​When​ they had been talking about this stone carving​ earlier​, Xie Xi​…​ probably thought ​he was the one that Chu Yu had carved. ​So he​ had​ eagerly​ ​​gone to ​J​iao Xia to ​search for it​ feeling all sweet and excited…

​Chu Yu could almost imagine the look that would have been on this child’s face the instant he had found the small stone sculpture…

​Why… did he feel as if his heart was aching, and yet he also wanted to laugh… ​?

Turning his head to ​look at Xie Xi​, whose face was as black as the bottom of a frying pan, Chu Yu ​​could not muster up the courage to laugh. He ​placed the stone carving ​at the head of the bed, ​then moved over to hug​ Xie Xi around his waist. He whispered, “​Shidi?”

​Xie Xi pulled a long face ​and remained silent, although he did not swat him away.

​Time to pacify him…

​Chu Yu struggled to hold in his laughter and took the initiative to pull his inner garment apart. Rubbing up against Xie Xi, he nudged Xie Xi down onto the bed and blinked. “Is Shidi angry?”

Xie Xi maintained his silence.​

Chu Yu inwardly sighed to himself. He could only lower his head to peck at the corner of Xie Xi’s lips and reached out to hold his hands. ​Realizing Xie Xi’s hands were as cold as ice, Chu Yu frowned and tugged his hands towards his own chest and held them in a grasp. As soon as his hands touched Chu Yu’s warm skin, Xie Xi extracted them and let them fall down to his sides.

​​​Chu Yu was helpless upon seeing Xie Xi like this. ​He rose, dragged him fully ​onto the bed, and pressed down on him again. ​After​ thinking it over for a ​moment, he ​still felt too embarrassed to act ​cute and beg​ for​ forgiveness​; thus he instead explained ​his reason​ for why he carved Chu Sheng​ in a low voice. ​Seeing Xie Xi’s expression softening, Chu Yu felt relieved and persisted in his efforts, continuing to rub and touch Xie Xi all over as he smiled and asked, “Shidi, are you really going to ignore shixiong?”

​Xie Xi lowered his eyes.

Chu Yu soundlessly reached his hand ​out ​​towards ​an indescribable part of ​Xie Xi’s lower body​ ​and stroked it​. ​Upon noticing the change​ coming over it, he stopped coaxing him and immediately withdrew his hand and covered himself with a quilt​. “​Then​,​ I’ll sleep​. Don’t disturb me.”

​Xie Xi, “…”

The next moment, the quilt covering Chu Yu was ripped away from him, and his partially opened inner garment was forcefully pulled apart. Xie Xi then pinned him down and ​wordlessly lowered his lips to ravage Chu Yu’s. Chu Yu was deeply kissed until he felt giddy, and in his daze, his legs were suddenly pushed apart. The next instant, a scorching, swollen, and hard object was shoved in, fully embedding itself deep in him.

There had been no foreplay​, and Chu Yu furrowed his brows at the pain. He pinched ​Xie Xi, who then released his lips. ​Xie Xi thrust in and out relentlessly until Chu Yu gradually adapted​ to him​​​. It was only when Chu Yu finally lost himself and could only ​let out meaningless sobs and ​groans that Xie Xi finally gasped and ​said, “I ​understand everything… but I’m​ still​ angry.”

​…The temper of this brat. ​

Being brutally penetrated by Xie Xi made ​Chu Yu’s mind blank. He climaxed roughly and came, raising his head with a frown on his face. It was only when that thrilling sensation gradually dissipated from his veins that he opened his mouth, “Alright… It’s just a stone carving​. You still have me to accompany you… Ah……” ​

​He was caught off guard as Xie Xi thrust ruthlessly​ ​into him again and his voice broke. Clenching his teeth, Chu Yu continued, “… Isn’t that enough?”

Xie Xi had only been temporarily depressed. ​If anyone else had rushed all the way to another place excitedly, only to ​discover that what he was looking for did not actually belong to him…​ that person would ​probably feel salty too.

​After furiously going at it for a spell, Xie Xi’s actions turned gentler. He looked down to see that the rims of Chu Yu’s eyes were red and glistening with tears. Regretting his previously hasty actions, he lowered his head to kiss his tears away. He hesitated, “… Does it hurt? Or shall we… stop?”

​​​Chu Yu flew into a rage. “If you dare to stop, then don’t ever dream of doing it again!”

Who the hell says words like this while doing it midway?!​

Xie Xi was speechless. ​It was when he saw that Chu ​Yu did not actually seem to be angry that he dared to kiss and caress ​him. Acting like a pampered child, he said in a sweet voice, ​ “​Shixiong must compensate me and carve one for me​ too​.”

​Chu Yu, “Okay, okay.” ​

Xie Xi said, “One per month.”

C​hu Yu, “…”

Fearing that Xie Xi would sulk again, Chu Yu said helplessly, “​Fine.”

After another sleepless night, where Chu ​Yu ​had barely closed his eyes and was so tired he seemed ready to ascend to heaven. However, when ​he​ ​recalled ​that there should have been some news about Chu Sheng in the morning, ​he​ slept for only a moment ​before getting up to get dressed.

Xie Xi dreamily scooped him back into his arms. “Shixiong, lie with me for a while longer…”

Chu Yu rolled his eyes and swatted Xie Xi’s hands away. “We have been freeloading here for so long, we should leave soon. You go ahead and sleep in. I’ll take a look at my big brother.”

​The wide-awake ​Xie Xi​ stopped feigning sleep and rose to get dressed. He tugged at Chu Yu’s hand, refusing to let go. Chu Yu could only lead them both out of the room as he held onto him like a child. They had only taken a couple of steps when they ​unexpectedly bumped into Chu Sheng, who was heading their way.

​Chu Sheng’s face visibly darkened when he saw them ​holding hands. He pulled Chu Yu behind him and glared at Xie Xi with hostility. Turning back to look at Chu Yu, his heart ached. “Little brother, why do you look so pale…”

​Chu Yu glanced at Chu Sheng, whose face was like joss paper, and silently roasted him in his heart.

Big brother, exactly whose face between them ​looks paler and even more sickly…?

Chu Sheng was so distressed that he almost ​shed tears. “Why has my ​little brother become so thin…​?​”

​​Big brother, ​you are so skinny that you’re just a bag of bones…​​

Chu Sheng wailed. “Little brother, ​big brother is useless and couldn’t protect nor take care of you.”

​Chu Yu gave up on him and carefully eyed Chu Sheng’s right arm. He grasped Chu Sheng’s wrist without saying ​​a word and as he checked his inner condition, he smiled and said, “Alright, big brother. I’ve recovered; I’m fine. You should worry more about your own body. How is it? Did it go well? Where is Young Master Fu?”

​Chu Sheng’s smile froze. “He told you everything?!”

Realizing his slip of the tongue​, Chu Yu kept silent for a moment longer before reproaching Chu Sheng, “Big brother, you shouldn’t hide it from me. ​Haven’t you ever considered what would end up happening to me if something really happened to you?”

His question had never really crossed Chu Sheng’s mind before.

All Chu Sheng had ever thought of was how his little brother could be happy, and what would happen to him if his little brother left him. He had never really considered Chu Yu’s position if he was the one who left Chu Yu…​  

​Chu Sheng’s eyes became moist after a moment of silence​. “I’m sorry. Little brother, big brother has made you worry.” ​
​Chu Yu patted his shoulder. “So how did it go?” ​

Chu Sheng shook his head​.​ “I ended up passing out last night. When I came to today, there was no one around, and all the residual poison ​had been purged… ​Young Master Fu left a letter​, telling us to just leave. That he has used up too much spiritual ​energy and ​has already gone into seclusion.​”​

​​​Chu Sheng left some words unspoken. ​

These words were not the only ​messages in Fu ​Chongyi’s letter.

His heart was heavy. He closed his eyes and thought back on the contents​ of the letter. It​ was as if he could see the struggle and ​agony on Fu Chongyi’s face as he wrote those words.

​​“Since​ Ah Sheng doesn’t have me in your heart, my futile pestering would only make you sick of me. Chu ​Yu is fine now, and the poison in Ah Sheng has been purged.​ Let’s not meet again in the future. My heart is like water; it will not stir as long as I don’t lay my eyes on Ah Sheng again. ​This is… for the best.”

​Never to meet again. Perhaps it’s truly… for the best.

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Reika’s Notes:

  • LOL! The sculpture was of the brocon! Poor Xie Xi was super disappointed.
  • Lianyin says that the fox is named Lianyin.
  • ​(Lianyin: WHY ARE THEY​ PAPAPA-ING IN MY FU GEGE’S HOUSE?! YELLS​!​) ​(Fu Chongyi: Maybe I should start charging for the room… strokes Lianyin the fox).
  • Whoa, Fu Chongyi asked Chu Sheng to never come to see him again?! Poor doctor!
  • Please let me know if there are any errors. Thanks for reading.

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  1. 弹幕​​​ ​bullet​ screen aka comment barrage. A function ​that allows viewers to post on-screen comments in videos, movies, etc in real-time​.​​
  2. 开车 literally starting and driving the car. It’s slang for the development of a sexual plot in novels, drama, etc. Basically, the netizen is asking for a papapa scene.
  3. 囍​ it’s an old traditional Chinese symbol​ of good luck, especially ​in ​marriage​. This character is frequently used in Chinese weddings to congratulate and celebrate the union of two lovers.
  4. 完结撒花 it’s customary for readers on JJWXC to post ​this message on the novel’s board to congratulate the author for completing a novel.
  5. 阎​​罗 ​Yan Luo​, or King Yan Luo, is the ruler of hell​​ ​In Chinese mythology​. Also known as King Yama.

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