Chapter 81.1 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 81.1 – Protagonist: New skill get.

If Xiu had not mentioned the doujinshi, Du Ze would have forgotten that he was carrying such a deadly device that he would have gotten rid of if he could.

The silly, cute reader’s mood was now extremely bitter.

It’s not because our army is incompetent, the enemy is just too cunning.1 The difficulty has now risen by one entire order of magnitude and he must prepare himself to bravely face his fate while the Moe Lord was acting strategically: Give a man a fish or teach him to fish – after learning from the doujinshi, we can slowly play again.

Du Ze suddenly realized a sad fact. Xiu pushing him down … Does he need to use a birthday wish for that? The Moe Lord’s H level had progressed to such an extent that with just a little bit of touching and licking, refusing is simply impossible. The Moe Lord’s H skills are already out of this world but, unexpectedly, he still remembers that little yellow (hardcore) book!

Noting the deep, profound pain in Du Ze’s eyes, the little Xiu tilted his head slightly and asked: “I can’t?”

… Moe Lord, don’t you know this book is very evil thing! This is not something kids should read! Q口Q

As the person who must live up to his promise, even though he already had one foot in the grave that he had dug himself, Du Ze still made one last ditch effort to escape, like a dying man’s death throes: “That book … It’s not good.”

“I want to see.” Xiu stretched out his hand and smiled as sweetly as a child who wanted to eat sweets. “You just said that today you will fulfill all my wishes.”

A person who doesn’t court death will not die. Why haven’t you graduated from death flag school yet?

Du Ze almost burst into tears.2 The contents of the small yellow (hardcore) book is not the problem, the problem is the doujinshi’s two main characters. If it was just an ordinary hardcore yaoi doujinshi, a certain silly, cute person wouldn’t be so worried about being forced to hand it over.

“… I really can’t?” asked Xiu softly. His head drooped and he looked very pitiful. Anyone who saw him like that would want to pile up all the treasures of the world in front of him to cheer him up, let alone a silly, crazed fanboy like Du Ze. A silly, cute person’s brain overheated. He immediately pulled out the doujinshi from his interspatial storage ring and handed it over.

Looking at the small black box that appeared in his hand, Du Ze remembered that the demon was still sealed by the son of god. He didn’t know how much Eric was stimulated by the contents of the book because even the thief Enoch, who was an expert at unlocking stolen treasures, couldn’t unseal this box. Du Ze looked at Xiu opposite him and a small hope sprang up in his heart: if the Moe Lord can’t open the seal, wouldn’t it be …. safe?!

The son of the lord, good job!

Du Ze looked at the gnome who was running off to study the small black box, full of enthusiasm. For the first time, Du Ze hoped that the rival would prove to be strong this time.

Xiu played with his machines and tools. Du Ze watched for a while, anxious, but eventually he unconsciously leaned back against a wall and fell asleep. When he woke up, Du Ze felt a warm body on his chest and when he bowed his head, he saw Xiu’s short flaxen hair and soft, velvet cloth that was slightly open, revealing a slender white neck. The gnome was sitting in his arms, his head down as he carefully read the book.

From this angle, Du Ze could see the page Xiu was reading which showed a naked man and a mighty, majestic beast engaged in harmonious activities.

Doujinshi: Yoooooooooooo~

Du Ze: …

Because he was extremely shocked, Du Ze almost stopped breathing. Xiu sensed the change in Du Ze’s breathing and looked up. His flax-colored bangs fell down on both sides, revealing a pair of bright eyes.

“Are you awake?”

Du Ze was still in a state of deep shock and asked: “You unsealed it?”

Xiu nodded and said lightly: “I used the anti-magic machine to draw out the light elements inside.”

Technology rules the world … Du Ze wanted to cry. The Moe Lord read two pages and learned pistol play. He read eight pages and learned mouth play. If the Moe Lord reads all of the pages of the doujinshi … This little student doesn’t want to know the result of the Moe Lord’s Ultimate Evolution Upgrade!3

Seeing Du Ze staring at the doujinshi with a deep and profound hatred, Xiu smiled. He held up the book then pointed at the drawing of the man, as excited as though he had discovered a new world.

“I didn’t realize I could play like this.”

Moe Lord, don’t look so happy when you get a new skill! TAT4

Xiu didn’t mind the lack of response from Du Ze. He turned the pages of the doujinshi to the ninth page – the human in the picture turned into the undead.

“Who is this man?” Xiu asked.

The inevitable question came. Du Ze braced himself. He looked at who Xiu was pointing at then froze. He thought Xiu was asking who the person who changed shape is but he was not pointing at the character who changed into the undead. Instead, he was pointing at the drawing of Eric.

“Who is he?” Xiu’s fingertips drew a circle on Eric’s face and asked again.

After the initial surprise, Du Ze felt like an unprepared student who was called on to recite by his teacher. He couldn’t say: Ah, that’s the author’s hand-picked rival, your official match.

Seeing that Du Ze did not respond, Xiu asked a different question, seemingly determined to figure out something: “Is this man you?”

Du Ze shook his head, unusually decisive. The man who was blushing and saying “I’m coming”5 is definitely not him!

After seeing Du Ze deny it, Xiu nodded his head to show that he understood then continued reading the doujinshi. He was very calm but some silly, cute person was not calm at all.

That’s … it? No more questions? Wait, this is not scientific! Shouldn’t Xiu pay more attention to the shape-changing protagonist of the doujinshi? Why didn’t he ask about it? Is it because the Moe Lord already knew it was him?!

Du Ze saw that Xiu once again skipped over the parts of the doujinshi where the protagonist transformed. Xiu seemed to be more interested in the bondage/toy play. Because he was too anxious about it, even though he knew that he might be raising a flag, Du Ze couldn’t help but ask: “You’re not curious about this man?”

Xiu’s hand stopped moving. His fingers were right on the protagonist who had turned from undead to gnome form.

“Do you want to say that he’s like me?” Xiu turned and looked up at Du Ze. “Or do you want to say … he is me?”

“- He is not me.” The gnome’s tone was exceptionally firm.

Du Ze saw his image reflected in the bright-coloured eyes and only his image, alone.

“If this person is you … “ Xiu pointed to the drawing of Eric and said: “… Then this other character is me. If this person is not you, then that other character is definitely not me.”

The corners of Xiu’s lips curved up in a dark but sweet smile.

“I will do this to you only and only I can do this to you.”

Du Ze was speechless. Xiu’s words were so shocking that when he opened his mouth, his heart felt like it was going to jump out of his throat. Xiu circled Du Ze’s neck with his arms and the two people’s lips touched lightly.

“Just like this …”



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  1. 不是國軍無能,而是共軍太狡猾 – a historical quote “It is not that our army is incompetent, but the communist forces are too cunning” has become popular but modified slightly. Often used in cooperative team play when your team loses.
  2. 内牛满面 – literally “cow face” but it’s internet slang, somehow it means “tearful” or “burst into tears”
  3. 究極體 – the heck! This means the ultimate evolution of the Digimon’s body. I learned a new word today: digivolution.
  4. The raw actually said “skill get” and get was in English. This is a phrase from Japanese video games.
  5. 一庫 – this is the transliteration of the Japanese “iku” (to come). Apparently this is a common thing heard in JP AVs.

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