Chapter 86 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 86 – Extra: The Story of Third Shidi and Young Master That Must Be Told (2)

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.

Su Shu felt as if he could not figure Wei Ciyin out.

Although he did not understand him before, it was even harder to comprehend him now.

Mei Yin Valley had moved to a valley in Jin He that had an abundance of spiritual energy. As the young master, Wei Ciyin’s lodging was naturally good, with plenty of trees and bamboos, and a small abode. There were no coquettish maidservants or catamites waiting on them daily as Su Shu had expected. Instead, it was just Wei Ciyin and him.

Everywhere around them were wild beasts keeping a close watch on this place. After becoming tiny, Su Shu was unable to cast any spells, and so he would go weak in the knees each time his eyes met those glossy, green eyes. He shook so much in terror that he did not even dare to hop out his room, afraid that some dumb eagle in the sky would peck and eat him.

He could not get what Wei Ciyin was thinking at all, so, all Su Shu could do every day was to cower in the small box and wait for the chance to make his escape.

Wei Ciyin would knock politely on the small box every day. “Little mouse, come play with me.”

Su Shu rolled his eyes and turned around.

There was a sigh in Wei Ciyin’s voice. “I’ll take your silence as a ‘yes’ then.”

With that, he reached out to lift the box lid and grabbed Su Shu out.

Su Shu felt his face turning black. “Wei Ciyin, why are you grabbing me? What’s the point of imprisoning me? I’ve no cultivation and no backers. Are you that free?”

Still smiling softly, Wei Ciyin slowly got onto the bed and sprawled across it. Then he placed Su Shu onto the soft bed with his arms encircling Su Shu. His eyes shone. “How fortunate that you have no cultivation and backers. If I took a shine to your shizun or two shixiong, I probably won’t have an easy time.”

“Is there a screw loose in your head?” Su Shu expressionlessly turned his back on Wei Ciyin.

Despite his sarcastic words, Wei Ciyin uncharacteristically did not lose his temper. He carefully reached out a finger to stroke Su Shu’s soft black hair eyes, and a trace of a smile rippled in his eyes. “I know you hate me. I’m too free. And I’ve got a screw loose too. It’s fine as long as I can make you stay. It isn’t bad to have your company on the upcoming, long road ahead.”

Su Shu was furious, but he could not find a way to vent. So, he snorted coldly and kept silent.

Wei Ciyin said, “Do you have some bias against Mei Yin Valley? Everyone says that Mei Yin Valley is proficient at the art of seduction. There are many female disciples in the valley, and most of them are trained in the technique of absorbing yang energy to replenish their yin energy. They thought my father and I would cultivate the skill of absorbing the yin energy to replenish our yang energy, and so, bed countless women…”

He noticed that Su Shu was not paying attention as he was speaking. Pursing his lips, he leaned in close to Su Shu and opened his mouth for a bite.

The Su Shu now was just the size of a palm. He was caught off guard when he was bitten and thought he was going to be eaten. Jumping out of fright, he turned back to curse him, but he was rendered speechless when he saw Wei Ciyin’s expression.

Wei Ciyin’s expression was solemn. He did not look as if he was teasing him.“Ever since I was young, my father had taught me to stay clear of sexual desire and wait for my predestined other half to appear. Little mouse… I was wrong to treat you the way I did when I was poisoned. But I feel that… you are my predestined one.”

Su Shu looked at him coldly.

No one would feel good after being violated.

Wei Ciyin rubbed his tiny arm and smiled. “It’s fine. There are still many days ahead of us. I’ll make it up to you.”

A glimmer of hope rose in Su Shu’s heart. “Do you really feel guilty and want to make it up to me?”

“Of course.”

“Then, release me.”

Wei Ciyin looked at him in silence for a moment. The corners of his eyes raised slightly as he revealed a charming smile. “No.”

Su Shu sneered and turned back around.

The conversation ended in unhappiness.

Except for leaving the woods, Wei Ciyin actually gave Su Shu plenty of free space to roam around the house and do anything he liked.

But because Su Shu was full of resentment, he did nothing and simply climbed out of the box and made his way under the bed every day to hide from Wei Ciyin.

Wei Ciyin did not drag him out either. The ground was spotless, so he sprawled onto the ground with half of his body under the bed and smiled as he teased and chatted with Su Shu.

Su Shu pulled a long face every day. He felt as if he were about to blow up. He wanted so much to plug himself into Wei Ciyin’s mouth to shut him up. The resentment accumulated until Su Shu finally did it.

Alas, the place and time were all wrong.

At that time, Wei Ciyin was holding him in a small and exquisite bathtub. He smiled cheekily, wanting to undress him. “It’s been a month, and you haven’t taken a bath yet. If you don’t wash yourself, you’ll grow worms.”

The body of a cultivator would not get dirty, let alone grow worms. Most of the time, bathing was only for sacrifice, to clear one’s mind, or to wash away the filth from the outside world. It’s impossible for Su Shu to be soiled with dirt when all he did was to idle, eat, and wait for death. His face darkened as he covered his lapels and glared at Wei Ciyin, “If you pull at my clothes again, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Wei Ciyin raised his eyebrows. “Rude in what way? Screw me?”

His appearance was more feminine than masculine. To Xie Xi, Chu Yu, and the rest, he could be described as “handsome”, but to Su Shu, he was “beautiful”. When he smiled, he looked so radiant, it was truly a feast for the eyes. The words sprouted from those red lips were clearly offensive, but Su Shu still stared at his smile for quite a while. Then, he gritted his teeth and pounced, really intending to stuff himself into Wei Ciyin’s mouth.

He did not expect to be restrained by Wei Ciyin halfway. His feet sank, and he felt his face hitting something soft and fragrant. Su Shu propped himself up and shook his head. It was then he found out that under his hands was… Wei Ciyin’s lips.

Both of them looked at each other in bewilderment. Wei Ciyin reacted first. Smiling meaningfully, he touched his slightly painful lips and deliberately lowered his voice. “Is the little mouse that impatient? Uh, although I can’t hold myself back either…”

Su Shu finally came to his senses. “Scram!”

Wei Ciyin obediently picked up the basin and calmly made himself scarce.

Su Shu’s heart pounded wildly. With a “swoosh”, he darted into the box, shut the lid, and huddled himself.

The love between men… he would not give them strange looks, nor would he discriminate against them. He also harbored some hazy fantasy about his future mate. First of all… the appearance.

Su Shu would inexplicably feel his face burning whenever he thought of Wei Ciyin’s androgynous and wickedly beautiful face.
Truth be told, all these days Su Shu was being held captive, other than occasionally showing him affection and being too long-winded and irritating, Wei Ciyin had never really done anything improper and had treated him well. Other than not setting him free, he was mostly obedient…

Hold on.   

Su Shu did not dare to think further. He rubbed his temples and sighed.

After this incident, Su Shu did not see Wei Ciyin again for several days.

With no one paying any attention to him, a naturally boisterous Su Shu sighed again. Sitting by the windowsill, he stared at the sky blankly.

Sometime later, the world before him darkened, and the clear, magnetic voice of Beauty Wei rang out behind him. “What are you thinking about? Are you thinking of me?”

Su Shu kicked him in the palm.

Wei Ciyin placed Su Shu on his shoulder and said, “Guess who came to Mei Yin Valley earlier?”

Su Shu gripped his clothes and maintained his silence.

Wei Ciyin said in a drawl, “Comrade Xie. He came to borrow the Spirit Devouring Bug. So I asked him how he captured Third Young Master Chu’s heart, but a pity the same tricks did not seem suitable to use on you…”

Su Shu was expressionless. “So, you’re going to let me go?”

“My little mouse seems bored. I’ll take you out for a stroll.” Wei Ciyin took no notice of his words and simply went about his own business. He stepped out of the door and rode his sword. An ignorant eagle nearly flew over, and he easily flicked it away with a finger.

It had been a long time since he had ventured outdoors. The world lit up before Su Shu’s eyes, and he finally revealed his first smile after being held captive by Wei Ciyin.

Wei Ciyin had been paying attention to his expression, and his eyes brightened when he saw that Su Shu had finally smiled. “Come on, little mouse. Give me another two more smiles.”

Su Shu immediately retracted his smile and pursed his lips without saying a word. His huffy look was truly adorable. Wei Ciyin could not help but laugh out loud. He reached out a hand to tap Su Shu’s head gently and strolled leisurely towards the commoners’ city.

Even the nearest commoners’ city was quite a distance away. Wei Ciyin’s pace was so slow that it took them almost four hours to arrive. Compared to Yuncuo, Jinhe was a lot more prosperous. By coincidence, they came across a gathering, and the city was bustling with noise and excitement. It was the first time Wei Ciyin saw such a scene too. He said he was taking Su Shu for a stroll, but in the end, he was the one having fun.

There were storytellers among the commoners. The curtain had just fallen on the Great Righteous and Demonic War, which had affected both cultivators and commoners. It was thus natural for the storytellers to speak of the Great Battle between the Righteous and Demonic Cultivators.

Wei Ciyin’s interest was piqued as he listened to the storyteller’s narration. “… Speaking of the father and son team of Mei Yin Valley, although they were strong cultivators and learned in the art of absorbing the yin energy to replenish the yang energy, they could not be compared to Lu Qingan’s eldest and second disciples. That moment back then could be described as a turn of the tide. Eventually, father and son lost. Left without a choice, they agreed to save the common folks of Yuncuo…”

Wei Ciyin, “…”

He really did not know whether he should commend this storyteller for having the guts. The basis for the ceding of the righteous path’s territory to the demonic cultivators had been announced to the world as “taking pity on the demonic cultivators, so we are giving them a way out”. This person should be aware that he was now in the demonic cultivators’ territory. What’s more, it was rather close to Mei Yin Valley…

Su Shu unceremoniously pounded on Wei Ciyin’s shoulder and laughed.

Wei Ciyin’s eyes brightened. “You’re smiling again…”
Su Shu smiled merrily. “It makes me happy to see you beaten. Why? You want to give me a lesson?”

Wei Ciyin could not help taking him into his palm and nudging his face gently with a finger. “I couldn’t ask for more.”

Su Shu scoffed and turned his head to bite and chomp down mercilessly on Wei Ciyin’s evil finger. Wei Ciyin’s expression remained unchanged as he moved his finger slightly to prod around Su Shu’s mouth. His eyes darkened when he touched Su Shu’s warm tongue.

On the way back, Wei Ciyin finally stopped teasing Su Shu. Su Shu breathed a sigh of relief. Bored, he pulled at Wei Ciyin’s long hair that was scattered over his shoulder and swung his legs as he hummed and braided those strands of hair into little plaits.

Wei Ciyin turned his head for a look and raised his eyebrows. He had some bad memories. “Your eldest shixiong seems to enjoy braiding your second shixiong’s hair.”

Su Shu did not lift his head. “I was the one who taught him.”

Wei Ciyin burst out laughing.

After laughing for a while, his expression suddenly changed. It was the first time he put on such an imposing expression before Su Shu. His gaze turned cold. “Since you’re already here, why not show yourself?”

As soon as he said that, there was a flash of figure a short distance away. Su Shu cast a curious look over. It was a handsome young man with a slender figure. Although he was smiling, there was an indistinct layer of gloom and ruthlessness in his face that would give others a sense of unease with just a glance.

Wei Ciyin smiled and whispered. “So, it’s the young master of the Huang Quan1 Path. Oh my, it has been a long time.”

Su Shu turned to look at Wei Ciyin. Although his smile was fake, he was still more pleasing to the eyes compared to the youth opposite them.

The youth’s eyes that were glaring at Wei Ciyin were almost blazing with anger. “I haven’t yet to repay you for the gift you gave me during the Great Righteous and Demonic War.”

Wei Ciyin threw him a provoking smile. “There’s no need to repay me. If you want, I can even send you a few more times.”

Then he turned to Su Shu and whispered, “See that? That’s the man who drugged me with the aphrodisiac poison…” After a pause, he smiled murderously. “I screwed him over in the Great Righteous and Demonic War. He should have paid for that on the battlefield, but someone saved him.”

Oh, the culprit.

Su Shu looked at the youth with an expressionless face. His eyes suddenly lit up. “Wei Ciyin.”

“Whoa? What happened to my little mouse? This is the first time you called by my name.”

Su Shu resisted the urge to thrash him and said, “If you kill him, then it is not impossible for me to forgive you.”

He had heard of Huang Quan Path. It was also a major sect of the demonic path. Although it could not be compared to Mei Yin Valley, it still had some influence. What’s more, this was the young master of Huang Quan Path. If Wei Ciyin refused, he could snuff out those strange thoughts that had sprung up in his mind these days. No harm done. If Wei Ciyin agreed, then it would be a good time to make his escape while they were busy battling each other.

Besides, the Huang Quan Path’s young master had eagerly come here to stop him. It was impossible for them not to engage in combat.

Su Shu rubbed his hands, silently pulled out two talismans, and readied himself to flee.

Wei Ciyin looked at Su Shu strangely for a moment and smiled, “If I agree to kill him, will little mouse be willing to stay by my side always?”

Su Shu nodded with a smile.

While they were spouting nonsense here, the Huang Quan Path’s young master had already come killing.

It was obvious that Wei Ciyin’s cultivation was a cut above the youth. Even protecting Su Shu on his shoulder did not hamper him from fighting with the Huang Quan Path’s young master. He even turned his head to remind Su Shu, “Hold on tightly to me, little mouse. Don’t fall down. You will become pancake if you fall.”

When Su Shu heard this, his eyes glinted. The youth before them thrust a sword over, and Wei Ciyin turned sideways to avoid the blade. It was then Su Shu took a sudden leap and flew away from Wei Ciyin’s shoulder. With a flip of his hand, he threw out the talisman he had prepared earlier to lighten his body. The talisman enlarged in the wind, looking like a small boat in an instant. Su Shu pounced on it, pulled out the invisibility talisman that he had drawn before, and covered himself with it.

Wei Ciyin instantly noticed the easing of pressure on his shoulder, and his heart went cold. He looked back. It was empty behind and below him. There was no sight of Su Shu.

The color instantly drained from his face, and his mind went blank. He even forgot to lift his sword to block the attack and simply stared blankly behind him. Huang Quan Path’s young master seized the opportunity. His sword quivered and pierced through Wei Ciyin’s body without so much a struggle.

Fortunately, Wei Ciyin had subconsciously staggered a little, thus the sword did not pierce his heart.

Su Shu was holding on the talisman, drifting down slowly with the flow of the wind when he looked back and saw this scene. There was a stab of pain in his heart. Blood spattered everywhere as the sword was pulled out of Wei Ciyin’s chest. Wei Ciyin coughed up a mouthful of blood, closed his eyes, and toppled over.

That young master seemed to be aware that Mei Yin Valley was nearby. If he killed Wei Ciyin, it would not be long before they caught up to him. But if he did not kill him and left him on the verge of dying, then Mei Yin Valley would be so busy trying to save him that they would not conduct a search with great fanfare. He would be able to return safely to his sect. So, after spitting contemptuously at the spot where Wei Ciyin had collapsed, he turned and ran away.

Su Shu sprawled on the talisman and stared blankly at the direction where Wei Ciyin had fallen.

Earlier, Wei Ciyin’s expression was pale and flustered. Perhaps he had not been joking in the past. He had really… fallen in love with Su Shu?

Su Shu wanted to shrink back and retreat. He stuck the invisibility talisman onto his face. But his mind could not help but evoke those memories he had deliberately ignored—

After that incident, Wei Ciyin had actually come to see him alone. The man looked frivolous and hypocritical, but the good thing was that he had a good father who had a strong sense of righteousness to guide him from an early age, despite being a demonic cultivator. Wei Ciyin had been pricked by his conscience and felt guilty, and so he had come repeatedly to apologize. However, Su Shu would be enraged upon seeing him, and so he had deliberately hidden from him every time.

The Great Righteous and Demonic War was brutal and bloody. People who had not experienced it personally could not even begin to understand it. Although he had some talents in drawing talisman, just the talismans alone could not truly protect him on the battlefield, let alone giving him a reputation for it.

Someone was secretly protecting him, but that person was not Lu Qingan.

It was easy to guess who.

Wei Ciyin originally did not have to participate in the war. But each time, he would go, and each time, he would appear in Su Shu’s sight without fail.

When the two of them gazed at each other from a distance away with the battling and bellowing cultivators between them, Wei Ciyin would fan the folding fan that he had taken out from somewhere and whistled frivolously at him before beaming at him.

Hiding in the secret realm was all because he wanted to avoid him.
As for precisely which kind of avoidance, he was very well aware.

As he gradually drifted to the ground, Su Shu closed his eyes. When he opened them again, everything before him was a blur. He reached out a hand to wipe away the tears and cursed in a low voice. “It’s really tiring to live.”

He was only a collateral disciple of a small cultivator clan. His status in the clan was low and he was pretty much ostracized. He was even more insignificant in the vast cultivation world. His prospects were bleak. The good thing was that his mother had managed to entrust him to an old friend and send him to Tian Yuan Sect before she died of illness.

Su Shu’s aptitude was not really that good. At best, he could only be considered as slightly above average. It was very difficult for him to advance in such a major sect like Tian Yuan Sec where talents abound. Fortunately, he was quick-witted and knew how to rub people the right way. And because he had fostered a good relationship with the steward elder, he was selected for Yuan Chen Peak.

On Yuan Chen Peak, Lu Qingan had the most authority, followed by Chu Yu. Lu Qingan lived in seclusion and it was not easy to catch sight of him, while Eldest Shixiong Chu Yu was responsible for imparting skills to them. Thus, he had unswervingly tagged along behind Chu Yu. He hated whoever Chu Yu hated and, because Chu Yu bullied Xie Xi, he did the same too.

Then Chu Yu changed.

After Lu Qingan returned and coincidentally discovered Su Shu’s talent in talisman making he made an exception and accepted him as his legitimate third disciple. From then on, his life was much easier.

He was not even that tired out then. But now, Wei Ciyin really made him vexed.

It was true he hated him. As for liking him…

Su Shu suddenly spat and tore off the talisman on his body and ran towards the spot where Wei Ciyin had fallen. He even remembered to stick two talismans on him while running to boost his speed.

There was a forest below. It was now late spring, and so it was not really that easy to search for someone in the forest. After running for a while, Su Shu was so tired that he had to prop himself on a tree and gasped for breath. The moment he looked up, he locked gaze with a pair of sinister triangular eyes.

A snake was lying still less than three feet ahead. The snake hissed and bared its icy, venomous fangs.

… Fuck!  

Su Shu turned and ran without hesitation.

He had never really drawn offensive talismans before. Even if he did, they were all used up when he broke through the obstacles set by Shen Nian in the Jinghua Secret Realm.

When it rains, it pours.
He had only taken a few steps when the talisman on his body went “poof” and vanished in a puff of green smoke. Su Shu knew the talisman’s lifespan was up. He dug around his bosom with a glum expression and his face turned ashen in an instant.

Most of the talismans on him were all used up in the secret realm. He had no finished talisman on him. There was no way he could draw talisman these days in this body. He had already run out of talismans to use.

He could draw a talisman with his own blood even without using cinnabar, but he did not have any blank yellow talismans of him.

Su Shu plunged into despair. “Urghhh!!! Shizun, Eldest Shixiong, Second Shixiong!!! Scoundrel, save me ahhHHHHH…”

Before he could finish howling, he saw a flash of light from a sword. Su Shu hurriedly leaped aside. He looked back and saw the snake nailed to the ground by a sword.

An icy palm held up his body. Wei Ciyin was in one of his rare tempers. His face was almost savage as he bellowed, “Didn’t you run away? What are you still doing here? If I came one step later, you will end up as food in this venomous snake’s belly!”

Su Shu had such a stroke of bad luck only because he was searching for Wei Ciyin. So when he heard this, he was furious. At the same time, he felt aggrieved. He was about to yell back when Wei Ciyin coughed a few times, staggered, and collapsed under the tree. He managed with some difficulty to sit up against the tree. His beautiful eyebrows were tightly knitted, and his face was ghastly pale. Su Shu lowered his head for a look. It was then he realized that Wei Ciyin’s chest was drenched in blood.

This man was flirtatious and loved to put on a refined act. From time to time, he liked to wear white clothes, drink a little wine with a tart expression, and recite poems. At the moment, his white outfit was almost stained with blood. Su Shu had the heebie-jeebies just by looking at it. Then, he raised his head to stare at the beauty’s pale and near-transparent face for a moment before he whispered, “Scoundrel?”

No response.

“Wei Ciyin?”

Still no response.

Su Shu’s teeth chattered as he murmured, “Dead?”

The frown on Wei Ciyin’s eyebrows deepened. He took a quick breath and pulled out a pill to swallow. Then he opened his eyes and looked at Su Shu with an ambivalent expression. “Sorry to burst your bubble. A scourge lasts for a thousand years. I won’t die for the time being.”

After a pause, he coughed up another mouthful of blood. He wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth and asked lightly. “Little mouse, right from the start, were you planning to escape while I wasn’t paying attention?”

Su Shu nodded ashamedly and timidly.

Wei Ciyin’s heart went cold when he saw Su Shu’s heartless look. He looked at him in silence for a moment, then sighed. “Forget it. I won’t force you anymore…”

He raised his hand and tapped Su Shu gently on the head. Su Shu felt dizzy. He was about to rebuke him, but when the world before him cleared up, the originally enlarged version of Wei Ciyin was gone. He was sprawling blankly on Wei Ciyin’s body. He blinked his eyes doubtfully and stared at the beautiful face that was almost within his reach. “… What’s going on?”

There was a look of anguish on Wei Ciyin’s face. “Didn’t you want to run away? I’ve lifted the spell on you. Go. Scram back to your righteous path territory! How heartless… Get off me. You’re crushing me to death. “

Su Shu did not listen to his words. He lowered his eyes and looked at the young man before him with his eyes slightly closed, his eyelids quivering, and his body trembling. He did not know what was wrong with him when he suddenly leaned over and tentatively kissed those lips that were even more brilliant red from being bloodstained.

Wei Ciyin froze.

Then he somehow summoned his strength to open his eyes. His eyes shone as he stared at Su Shu. Moving his hand behind Su Shu’s head, he turned him over to the ground and pressed down on him softly before biting his lips to kiss and gnaw at it.

Su Shu felt that he probably needed to get Fu Chongyi to do a checkup of his brain. He was pinned down for a while. It was only until his lapels were pulled apart crudely and there was a gush of coolness on his body that he jerked back to his senses. He pushed Wei Ciyin away and got up to run.

A hoarse voice rang out behind him. “Su Shu! Stop right there!”

Su Shu turned a deaf ear.

“You’re obviously in love!”

Su Shu prepared to ride his sword.

There was a thud behind him as if someone was struggling to stand up but collapsed again due to a lack of strength to support himself.

Su Shu looked down at his sword with an expressionless face.

He was a smooth and sly person who would always consider others and his own personal interests, but he hardly acted from his own heart. He had pulled out this sword from the Sword Mound, but Lu Qingan was the one who gave it its name.

Guan Xin2.

This was also Lu Qingan’s warning to him.

Su Shu touched his sword for a moment and went ahead to ride his sword. But then, he turned around and scooped up a semi-conscious Wei Ciyin, picked up his sword, and flew towards Mei Yin Valley.

Looking down at the man in his embrace, Su Shu sighed helplessly.

“… As expected. Like master, like disciple.”

Author’s Note:

From then on, Wei Ciyin and Third Shidi led a shameless life, occasionally disrupting Chu Yu and Xie Xi’s blissful sexy time. _(:з)∠)

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Reika’s Notes:

  • This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.
  • Remember, people, “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.”
  • Third Shidi’s forbidden Romeo and Juliet romance story between two cultivators from opposite sides of the war between the Demonic and Righteous Paths has now come to an end. I wasn’t a fan of it at first but in this chapter, it seems Wei Ciyin did set Third Shidi free so I’m okay with it in the end.
  • Next up – “Extra: That trivial matter between Shizun and Shen Nian.”
  • Thanks for reading!

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  1. 黄泉 – literally “Yellow Springs” but it refers to the afterlife of Chinese mythology. In English, it would be translated as “Hell” or “Underworld.”
  2. 观心 – a Taoist philosophical concept that warns people to be mindful of their thoughts and heart.

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