Chapter 88 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 88 – Extra: The Story of Chu Sheng And Fu Chongyi That Must Be Told

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.

How long has it been since he had felt such panic and fear?

Chu Sheng’s eyes blurred as he pursed his lips tightly and did his utmost to ride his sword. It was as if time was flowing in reverse beside him, and he could not grasp hold of it no matter how hard he tried.

He even felt his head hurting: Fu Chongyi might not have long to live?

What kind of person was Fu Chongyi? He was like water, gentle and calm on the outside, but flexible and tough on the inside. And, he had his crazy moments… like the arm now affixed on him.

His heart felt so stifled that he was flustered. It felt so terrible that his eyes stung. Chu Sheng absent-mindedly recalled his first encounter with Fu Chongyi.

Chu Sheng was gentle and indecisive by nature. His father, Chu Shuangtian, was worried that he would be too powerless to take over the Chu clan and protect his younger brother in the future, so he ordered him to travel around the world to toughen up. Aware of his own shortcomings, Chu Sheng made up his mind to come to Jin He. When he first arrived at Jin He, he met Fu Chongyi.

The man dressed in aqua was pure, bright, and as gentle as jade. There was a trace of a smile on his eyes. He was not exceedingly handsome, but like the spring breeze, he was pleasing to the eye and made a favorable impression on others.

At first, Chu Sheng wanted to make the acquaintance of such a distinguished person.

This idea was shattered at the moment Fu Chongyi’s fox pounced on him.

When they were young, Chu Yu and Chu Yu’s second elder brother had been scratched by wild foxes on the mountain. Since then, Chu Sheng had a bad impression of foxes. Furthermore, he was a bit of a germaphobe. He was already restrained enough not to hack the fox to death when the fox nudged its face against his.

Fu Chongyi was still smiling at the side. “It likes you very much.”

Chu Sheng pulled a long face, not wanting to speak to him. But he still managed to squeeze out a smile to return his greeting.

After this incident, the desire to make his acquaintance dimmed. He did not expect both of them to be assigned to a cultivator’s squad the next day. Fu Chongyi was to lead, while he was to assist.

Most of the righteous path cultivators were even more proud and arrogant than the demonic cultivators. What’s more, Chu Sheng and Fu Chongyi were both young and did not introduce themselves. The patrol had only just begun when someone put on airs and voiced their discontent.

Other than issues concerning Chu Yu, Chu Sheng could not toughen his stance when it came to other matters. He was still considering how to persuade these people when Fu Chongyi went up to them to ease the tension. It did not take long for him to get on familiar terms with them. Their relationship was pretty good as they fraternized with each other.

Resourceful and socially adept, Fu Chongyi always had a way to convince these people.

Naturally, Chu Sheng could not be compared to him. He felt depressed when he thought about how he had been lectured by his parents about this. The more he looked at Fu Chongyi, the more he felt that he was like the fox in his arms.

The patrols of the squad went smoothly for a few days when they were ambushed by the demonic cultivators.

What’s more, they were cultivators from the rarely seen Yu Shou Sect. Patrolling with them were cultivators of the Qi Refining Stage, and while ensuring their safe escape, Chu Sheng and Fu Chongyi were thrown in confusion and ended up captured. The good thing was that their captor had the foresight to know not to kill them indiscriminately after noting the clan motifs on their robe and the top grade immortal swords in their hands. He merely hauled them back to hold them captives, even treating them decently.

After all, the Great Righteous and Demonic War had been on hiatus for a hundred years. Even if they could not avoid a battle in the future, they certainly could not let a fight break out now. The small conflict at the frontline of Jin He could be said to represent a kind of delicate peace. Those who died were only cannon fodders of the Qi Refining Stage. Those with high standing and cultivation could not afford to die yet.

Although Chu Sheng had a gentle temperament, he still had the pride of a cultivator from a renowned sect. Naturally, he was not pleased to be held captive. When he saw that there was only one bed in the room, he was livid.

Fu Chongyi, however, was composed. He smiled. “Actually, I’ve been wanting to ask about the red maple motif on your sleeves. According to what I’ve heard, only the Chu clan in Jiao Xia uses the red maple as their family emblem…”

Chu Sheng looked at the objects on the bed with disdain and nodded with a solemn expression. “I’m Chu Sheng. And you are?”

After all, his first impression of him was not good. And now he was in an awkward situation alone with him. Chu Sheng could not really force himself to smile.

However, it was still necessary to introduce themselves.

Fu Chongyi looked at the corners of his grave and tightly pursed lips. His eyes curved as his smile deepened. “I’m Fu Chongyi of the Linlan Fu clan.”

Fu clan?

Chu Sheng involuntarily thought of Fu Lanxue, who reportedly died after jumping off a cliff. Come to think of it, Fu Chongyi’s name sounded familiar. Just as he was contemplating where he had heard the name, he heard Fu Chongyi say, “Young Master Chu had never looked at me these days, nor were you willing to speak to me. Could it be that you dislike me?”

Chu Sheng shook his head.

Fu Chongyi said, “Is it because of this lazy fox?” On seeing Chu Sheng’s expression softened, he lowered his head to look at the fox in his arms which was struggling to pounce on Chu Sheng. He spoke frankly. “My grandfather caught it and gifted it to me. He said it could find my predestined one…”

Chu Sheng’s eyebrows twitched. His expression chilled. “Young Master Fu, please watch your words.”

Fu Chongyi heeded his advice. “It was a slip of tongue. Young Master Chu, please do not mind me.”

Having said their pieces, both of them looked at each other in silence. Their spiritual energy was sealed, so they could not meditate. They looked at each other from dawn till dark until they could bear it no longer and climbed onto the bed together. They laid a distance away before sleeping, with one on the left and one on the right. Surprisingly enough, Chu Sheng slept rather peacefully. But when he woke up, he found himself in an extremely intimate pose in Fu Chongyi’s embrace.

The white fox was lying close beside his head, twitching its fluffy tail, tickling him.

… What’s more, a man, no matter how gentle and refined he looked, was still a man. His little buddy would always rear its head to announce its presence every morning. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And they were so close to each other than Chu Sheng could clearly feel it…

Fu Chongyi opened his eyes in a daze. “Good morning, Young Master Chu.”

Chu Sheng’s face darkened. Yet, every day when he woke up, his arms would be around Fu Chongyi’s waist or Fu Chongyi’s arms would be around his back. Once in a while, the fox would sleep between them, snuggling up to them in a sound sleep.

Chu Sheng’s head ached. He was missing his adorable little brother more and more now. His younger brother was the sun in his life. Even if he was unhappy, seeing his little brother would cheer him up.

Chu Sheng squatted quietly by the door to wait for the righteous path to ransom him.

Who would expect him to bump into a female demonic cultivator when he stepped out of the door?

And it happened that Chu Sheng was her type. The instant the female cultivator, who had a rather promiscuous and wanton private life, saw Chu Sheng, her eyes shone. Her lewd, no-holds-barred words rang incessantly in Chu Sheng’s ears. No matter how gentle Chu Sheng’s disposition was, he was still infuriated to the point he about near blacked out. But because he was under their control, he could not strike out at her, so he could only endure it in silence and ignored her.

The female demonic cultivator was naturally not as restrained as the righteous path female cultivators who had to think about their reputation and status before doing something. After repeatedly getting the cold shoulder from Chu Sheng, she finally flew into a rage out of humiliation and sneaked into his room in the middle of the night. Chu Sheng and Fu Chongyi were immediately jolted awake. When they heard the woman proclaimed that she was going to make Chu Sheng hers and kidnap him home to have a baby, Fu Chongyi was rendered speechless for a moment. Finally, he could not hold back anymore and burst out laughing.

Chu Sheng’s expression was a tragic sight to behold. “…”

Both of them would always end up entangled with one another in the middle of the night, and this night was no exception. They were startled by the sudden appearance of the demonic woman and had not realized that they were both leaning against each other and holding hands.


Actually, he could probably sense something back then.

The sound of the wind whistled past his ears. Chu Sheng lowered his eyes and reached out a hand to touch his own lips. Pain crept up his heart as he thought back to the scene where Fu Chongyi had, without a word, tugged Chu Sheng towards him and pinched his chin up to kiss him.

He was actually somewhat numbed. When Chu Yu told him the truth, there was a loud buzz in his head. All that remained were panic and numbness; he never even felt a heartache. What he had not expected was that recalling his past memories would put him in such agony that even breathing had become a burden.

More than ten years ago, when Chu Yu was trapped in the Mausoleum Ruins, Xie Xi almost went berserk. He was the same too. He rushed to Yu Hua Sect the moment he heard the news. He knew Xie Xi had gone mad; not because he had heard about it from the grapevine, but because he had seen it with his own eyes.

He waited for half a month outside the Mausoleum Ruins, hoping that when he opened his eyes one morning, Chu Yu would walk out of the ruins and looked at Xie Xi and him with an indifferent expression. Then, he would walk next to him and look at him in silence, just like those times he did when he was a child.

When Chu Sheng felt that he was about to go insane, Fu Chongyi rushed over and pierced his acupoints with golden needles to sober him up a little. It was a pity that Xie Xi had fallen too deep to the setback that they could not rouse him at all. His grandparents came out of seclusion to bring him back. Not long after he got a lecture for it, the Great Righteous and Demonic War broke out.

It was all because of the demonic cultivators that Chu Yu was trapped in the Mausoleum Ruins.

Chu Sheng did not hesitate to take his sword into battle. He did not expect to meet Fu Chongyi the moment he arrived at Jin He. His smile was still as gentle and warm as the spring breeze. “Young Master Chu, it has been a long time.”

Chu Sheng could not understand why Fu Chongyi would want to accompany him and stay by his side. For ten years, as long as it was on the battlefield, Fu Chongyi would beside him. Chu Sheng could not help but question him. Fu Chongyi smiled and said, “Because of the circumstances back then, I had no choice but to offend you and take your lips in mine. I felt guilty, so I’d more or less like to make up for it.”

…… Actually, about that matter, he was the one who should thank Fu Chongyi. Otherwise, Chu Sheng would have to either commit suicide to preserve his chastity or get kidnapped by the demonic woman to make babies. Chu Sheng was thin-skinned, so he was embarrassed to voice it out. When he learned that Fu Chongyi’s meticulous care and concern were all merely to make amends, he felt vaguely disappointed.

Although he still pulled a long face, his heart had involuntarily begun to see Fu Chongyi in a favorable light. He no longer refused to move with him, and even felt at ease when he did.

This was not a good trend. Chu Sheng tried his best to control his emotions, revealing nothing. A voice in his subconscious told him that it would all be irreversible if he smiled at Fu Chongyi.

But… Fu Chongyi’s silent, comforting gaze when both his parents met with mishaps, and Fu Chongyi’s worried and busying figure after discovering that he had been poisoned slowly occupied his gaze. It was as if he was being dragged into the deep abyss, gradually… consigned to eternal damnation with no hope of redemption.

But the Chu clan needed him. He knew what were the things he should and should not do. A delicate peace balanced between them, with no one exposing it.

Until one day when the poison acted up and Chu Sheng was in so much pain that he subconsciously resisted Fu Chongyi. Unable to bear it any more, Fu Chongyi grabbed his shoulders and growled out the secret hidden in their hearts.

Chu Sheng was terrified. He was the new Clan Head of the Chu Clan. His father had yet to be resurrected, and his grandparents were still in seclusion. The fate of the Chu Clan rested on his shoulders.

As arduous as this road was, he had to bear all the hardships alone. Perhaps one day, someone would come along and share his burden, but that person could never be Fu Chongyi.

When a trembling Fu Chongyi was about to kiss his lips, he shoved him away.

But no matter how he resisted, Fu Chongyi would follow after him. Chu Sheng did not know what he should do to make him give up, so he could only treat him with indifference and ignore him. If he did not look at him, or listen to him, then, he did not have to think about it.

But everything fell apart the moment Chu Yu plunged into the demonic abyss.

Although the Soul Jade was still aglow, no one knew better than the descendants of the Chu clan, who had some history with Demon Lord Yan Heng, the kind of place the Demonic Abyss was. He could not even bear to tell Xie Xi—it was likely Chu Yu would never return.

Chu Sheng drank himself drunk in Chu’s cellar. In his daze, he heard the heavy creak of the cellar door being pushed open. He raised his drunken eyes with some difficulty and vaguely saw the silhouette of a slender figure at the entrance. The man approached him, sat beside him in silence, and took him into his arm. On seeing the messy pile of wine jars at his feet, he paused, then picked up one of them to shake it. He realized there was still wine in it, so he brought it to his lips without hesitation and raised his head to gulp it all down to the last drop.

“Look for me if you feel terrible.”

Chu Sheng heard his low voice. “Even if I can’t be your predestined one, I can still be your friend, can’t I? Chu Sheng, when you are in low spirits, call me to have a drink with you, alright?”

Chu Sheng’s head was in a muddle. All he could feel was how the person embracing him was so reliable and gentle. As he watched him open and close his mouth to say words that were distressing to his own self, Chu Sheng reacted on impulse and raised his head to bring his lips to his.

Their lips met. They were both scalding hot.

Fu Chongyi only paused for a moment before he could not help but hold the back of Chu Sheng’s head to deepen this rare kiss. Their tongues intertwined as he tasted the intoxicating aroma of the wine in Chu Sheng’s mouth. Before everything lost control, Fu Chongyi suddenly came to his senses and panted as he pushed Chu Sheng away with the intention to leave. Chu Sheng pulled him back. Their bodies intertwined. They could clearly hear the other party’s breathing in the dark cellar.

He yearned for him; it was all he wished for.

When Fu Chongyi pinned him onto the ground, Chu Sheng uttered a cry of resistance in his heart, and yet his trembling hands wrapped themselves around Fu Chongyi’s neck as he muttered his name.

He seemed to be sober and intoxicated at the same time. He was sober enough to know what he was doing; he knew he should not be doing this. But yet, he was inebriated enough that he could not bear to push him away. He even wanted to embrace the man atop him tightly, so that the last distance between them would be all but gone.

The lingering kisses, the entwined fingers. Before he entered him, Chu Sheng heard Fu Chongyi’s voice. It sounded as if he was suppressing his agony. “… Chu Sheng, you’ll regret this.”

That day, Fu Chongyi broke through the last line of his defense. When they woke up, Chu Sheng was surprisingly calm. After many days of dejection, he finally pushed opened the door and stepped out. Without saying a word more, he headed for the Jin He frontline with his people.

When they met again, they only exchanged indifferent glances. No one mentioned that sweet but wild night.

Even if Chu Sheng completely disregarded Fu Chongyi this time, Fu Chongyi still followed behind him without a word of regret. But nothing in this world lasts forever—

Fu Chongyi had given him this arm. It was his last gift.

Fu Chongyi was going to leave.

For the first time, Chu Sheng felt that everything he had shouldered himself was nothing worth mentioning. Fu Chongyi gave him his love, and he had used his arm to make a clean break. But it had been more than ten years of companionship. Even if he had never said anything, it still would not be that easy for him to give it all up and leave—

Even if he failed to live up to his parents’ expectations, he no longer wanted to let Fu Chongyi down again.

The spiritual energy in Chu Sheng’s body was exhausted and in a mess after he had rushed for the entire journey without sleep or rest for half the month. As soon as he stepped across the Fu Clan’s entrance, he almost kneeled down.

The people from the Fu clan were perplexed when they saw the Clan Head of the Chu clan charging into the Fu Residence in such a sorry state. Chu Sheng remembered to cupped his hands to say his greetings before he went to search for Fu Chongyi.

Dusk closed in. The setting sun was like molten gold. When he pushed open the door, he saw the young man sitting under a tree. His eyes were shut, and his complexion was as pale as snow. An empty sleeve fluttered in the wind, while his other hand was hugging the fox in his bosom. He was quiet, and it was silent all around.

His arm was on Chu Sheng’s body.

Chu Sheng slowly approached Fu Chongyi, afraid that he would scare him off if he walked even a little too loudly. Chu Sheng was drenched in sweat by the time he reached his side. His lips trembled as he whispered, “… Fu Chongyi?”

Fu Chongyi froze.

It was a long while later before he opened his eyes. When he saw Chu Sheng, anguish flashed through his eyes. But he still smiled. “Head Clan Chu, what made you take the time to come to Linlan? How the battle on the frontline? Didn’t I… say never to meet again?”

Days of agony converged into murmuring currents of longing in his heart. Chu Sheng reached out in silence to pick him up and walked towards the room, not replying to his hurtful words. He whispered. “Your body is so cold. How long have you been lying there? No one came to look after you?”

Fu Chongyi did not struggle. He smiled and raised his head to look at him and went along with his words. “No one dares to step into my courtyard.”

“What happens if they step in?”

Fu Chongyi replied, “Boot them out.”

Chu Sheng entered the room, sidestepped the screen, and placed him onto the bed. His gaze was deep. “Are you going to boot me out?”

Fu Chongyi paused. His smile was a little forced. “… You know I won’t.”

Chu Sheng tucked in the corners of the quilt. Silence descended between them. From the moment he stepped into the small courtyard, Chu Sheng had been trying to lighten the mood. But right at this moment, he was at a loss.

Between them, Fu Chongyi had always been the one to take the initiative to strike up a conversation and get close to him. He let Fu Chongyi make the first move, but he always kept him at bay. Other than that time he lost control, Chu Sheng had never allowed Fu Chongyi to get close to him, nor had he let him catch a glimpse of his innermost self.

A long while later, it was still Fu Chongyi who spoke in a soft voice. “… Why did you come to Linlan?”

Chu Sheng said, “If I said it was because of you, would you believe me?”

Fu Chongyi laughed. “Yes, of course, I believe you. Did you hear those rumors? That’s right, I was besieged by demonic cultivators. I fought my way out, but I still lost an arm. How tragic, right? You don’t have to sweat it, I…”

He was speaking when his smile froze. Looking at Chu Sheng’s expressionless face, he felt helpless. He let out a heavy sigh. “I knew it… Third Young Master Chu has told you everything?”

Chu Sheng did not know whether to cry or laugh. “Why did you lie to me?”

Fu Chongyi lowered his eyes and said nothing.

All the pain in Chu Sheng’s heart congregated, and like the surface of the ice in early spring, it cracked and unleashed an unstoppable force. He squeezed Fu Chongyi’s shoulders and enunciated. “All I want to ask you right now is, will you forgive me?”

For a moment, Fu Chongyi was puzzled. “What?”

Chu Sheng said, “I don’t want to let you down again.”

Fu Chongyi looked up at him. But in his eyes, there was no delight at having gotten his heart’s desire. He looked at him for a moment and shook his head. “Chu Sheng, you don’t need to do this. I’ve told you earlier. Everything I did for you was all out of my own accord. There is no need for you to feel guilty or make it up to me. Consider the loss of this arm as severing the last of my pining. Go back. If we meet again in the future, you can just nod your head at me.”

Not getting any response after over ten years of pursuing Chu Sheng had struck some fear in his heart. Chu Sheng had been holding back his feelings all this time. Knowing that Fu Chongyi was afraid that he had rushed here only to make it up to him, he said in a deep voice, “It’s not to make it up to you! Fu Chongyi, have you never ever wondered why I would… do that with you that day if I didn’t like you?”

Fu Chongyi fell silent. Then, he said in a light tone. “You were drunk.”

“I wasn’t.”

His resolute denial stunned Fu Chongyi. It took him a moment before he smiled again and shook his head, his voice sounding choked, “Chu Sheng, you really don’t have to do this… Aren’t you worried about Third Young Master Chu? Hurry on back, I…”

He had yet to finish his words when Chu Sheng cut him off with his lips. The young man’s body pressed down on him. The white fox hurriedly jumped off and, with a whoosh, dove under the bed.

“Chu Sheng, why are you doing this?”

Fu Chongyi’s teary voice trembled as their lips intertwined, either out of anguish or happiness.

“I like you.”

Fu Chongyi froze. His eyes widened.

As if afraid he did not hear it the first time, Chu Sheng smoothly repeated the words he had just said and had uttered countless times in his heart, “Fu Chongyi, I like you. From ten years ago to this day, I have always liked you.”

His expression was absolutely solemn. Fu Chongyi could not sense any trace of deception from his expression. His breath gradually became heavier as he rolled over and pinned Chu Sheng under his body. His eyes were slightly moist. He murmured, “Chu Sheng, if you regret it, push me away.”

Chu Sheng’s lips trembled. He did not push him away but reached out to put his arms around Fu Chongyi’s neck.

How would he bear to push him away again?

He would never ever let go of him again in this lifetime.


Chu Sheng was the clan head of the Chu Clan. The Great Righteous and Demonic War came to a victorious close. Even if he could not return to Jin He for the moment, he still had to return to the Chu Clan to assume command. The good thing was that the clan head of the Fu Clan had noticed their ten years of entanglement. Now that his little son had gotten his wish, the clan head of the Fu Clan did not make things difficult for them and allowed Chu Sheng to take Fu Chongyi back to the Fallen Maple Leaf Valley.

… On the whole, other than losing some of his cultivation and being unable to keep his balance while doing that after losing his arm, Fu Chongyi’s physical strength was still pretty good and he was still very much vigorous. Chu Sheng realized, in hindsight, that something was wrong and immediately voiced his doubt.

Fu Chongyi was speechless for a moment. “… What did Third Young Master Chu tell you?”

Chu Sheng looked sorrowful. “That you don’t have many days left.”

His little brother had been led astray; he actually lied to him!

“No wonder you rushed here… And you too, I can’t believe you were taken in. Who do you think I am? How could I possibly be at death’s door just because I amputated an arm…”

Fu Chongyi sighed. “But it’s all thanks to Third Young Master Chu. If he did not deceive you, who knows how long you would keep it stifled in your head? I can only treat your physical ailments and bodily pain, but not the afflictions of your heart.”

Chu Sheng’s face reddened as he blurted out subconsciously. “You are now also an affliction of my heart.”

Fu Chongyi was dumbfounded for a moment before he burst out laughing. He lowered his head to give him a kiss on his forehead and said with a smile, “Alright, alright. Then I’ll be responsible for treating you for the rest of our lives.”

The days after returning to Fallen Maple Leaf Valley could still be considered idle. After handling the matters he should be managing, Chu Sheng would take a stroll with Fu Chongyi in the maple forest in Fallen Maple Leaf Valley which had begun to show new signs of greenery. They would whisper about the past and future.

Occasionally, they would discuss swordplay, and Chu Sheng would stare blankly at Fu Chongyi’s empty right arm in a daze. Knowing that he was feeling guilty and sad, Fu Chongyi would immediately change the topic or kiss his lips gently to divert his attention.

When they spoke about the question of the Chu clan’s descendants, Chu Sheng looked calm. “Father will be resurrected. I don’t mind having another brother or sister.”

Fu Chongyi let out a laugh. “If Uncle and Auntie hear you, I’m afraid you won’t be able to escape being disciplined.”

Chu Sheng smiled and said nothing.

Fu Chongyi knew that Chu Sheng was bothered about his right arm. Although he looked composed on the surface, he had secretly begun to flip through all those ancient texts he had collected and searched through them carefully. It did not take long for him to find a possible solution in an ancient text to remedy Chu Sheng’s concern.

It was just that it might not necessarily work—

According to ancient writings, there was a mountain in the east by the name of Du Yuan. There was a kind of spiritual medicine on the mountain. Using human blood to care for it with devotion will turn it into a medicinal herb. Picking it and adding other spiritual herbs to it before consuming them together could regenerate the mutilated parts of the human body.

This was too unreliable.

Fu Chongyi sighed inwardly. But he was still prepared to make a trip.

He did not intend to tell Chu Sheng about this matter, afraid that a failure would disappoint him further. He might as well keep it a secret first. If he succeeded, it would be a surprise. If not, then there would be no harm done.

Before he left, Fu Chongyi gave Chu Sheng a deep kiss with a smile on his face. “Ah Sheng, maybe I’ll have a surprise for you when I return.”

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