Chapter 89.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 89.2 – Protagonist: He is not me.

The governor was happy at receiving the light elements so he spared the Archon of the Fourth Layer, but the Archon’s rank was just an empty title now. Almost all of the inhabitants of the Fourth Layer died in the rebellion while around 1/4th of the angel guards died.

The number of warriors in the Fourth Layer was several times higher than that of the Third Layer and there were several Sword Masters and mages among them. As the number of the Layer increases, the population also increased exponentially and the warriors living there also became stronger and stronger.

Du Ze thought that there would probably be multiple Mage Gods and War Gods in the Eight Layer. If things work according to the Moe Lord’s plan, as long as the people from the Eight Layer rise up in rebellion, the current angel guards simply won’t be able to resist; this trial is basically already over for them.

However, Du Ze’s analysis was wrong. Xiu didn’t plan to end things at the Eight Layer. Xiu’s plan called for the governor to meet his doom at the Fifth Layer.

After being authorized by the governor to collect light elements at the Fifth Layer, Xiu imposed a full levy on all the villages and towns. The Fifth Layer was in much better condition than the first few Layers so once all their light was taken away, the people’s reaction was much more intense. Therefore, Xiu had only passed through a few places when the whole Fifth Layer rose in rebellion.

Faced with a large number of the fallen, Xiu did not choose to fight and simply flew back to the palace with Du Ze. Thus, the hatred of the people of the Fifth Layer was directed towards the palace.

Seeing Xiu return in such a manner, the governor did not have time to deal with because he was too busy putting down the rebellion. The fighting lasted from the afternoon until the evening. Du Ze, Xiu, Eric, and the governor left in their carriages, protected by the angel guards. Soon, the sound of battle grew fainter and more distant. When the moon had reached its zenith, they saw that the angels had paid a price to settle the Fifth Layer’s rebellion; only half of the angels were left.

The governor sighed in relief, ready to settle accounts with Xiu. But when he turned towards the silver-haired dragon and met his scarlet eyes, the governor involuntarily froze.

In the darkness of the night, the upturned corners of Xiu’s mouth seemed to be suffused with blood. He clapped his hands as though applauding a wonderful performance that was about to commence.

“It’s not over yet.”

A magical light glowed in the darkness and the familiar magic circle appeared again. This time it wasn’t in the air but on the ground! It was as though there was an invisible hand drawing a neat gray line in the air opposite them while the magic circle lit up from the outermost runes to its center. Gray light came in waves and blurry shadows appeared. Those shadows gradually became clearer and clearer and more and more solid. When all of the runes had lit up, countless fallen appeared before them. Old John stood at the forefront, greeting them with wave and a smile on his face.

The shocked Du Ze slowly swept his eyes over the fallen. That group of people was so large that he couldn’t even see the edges of the crowd. He had seen these people before – they were all of those fallen that had rebelled against Xiu’s actions and had been swallowed up by the gray magic circle. Du Ze suddenly remembered an important fact – how could he have forgotten that the silver dragon was the best at using spatial magic.

That huge magic circle wasn’t an attack spell at all; it was a teleportation formation!

“You …” Eric looked at this new situation and his voice was incredibly raspy as he said: “You didn’t kill them then …?”

“Why should I kill them?” Xiu asked. He seemed to be taunting the person asking him that question.

Du Ze’s excitement was like a pot of boiling water almost overflowing its container. Du Ze couldn’t help but grab Xiu’s sleeve. That person didn’t kill people, all he did was to use magic to teleport away the fallen to allow them to gather their strength.

His outstretched hand was almost instantly noticed by the other. Xiu took Du Ze’s hand and held on to it tightly. Du Ze stared at their clasped hands. Xiu’s palm was hot; this was heat that came from his no-longer cold heart.

This is why he believed in Xiu. Although he was somewhat vindictive, he was no longer the cruel protagonist from “Mixed Blood” who wantonly killed people.

The fallen, who had arrived here via the magic teleportation circle, did not hesitate to start fighting the angel guards. The sound of battle echoed through the night sky. Old John crossed the battlefield to Xiu’s side. The Tower of God has always treated the mechanical puppet as an inanimate object so none of the angels or fallen attacked him.

“Little Master.” Old John smiled and said to Xiu: “I have done as you instructed and distributed the equipment. All of them have had some basic training at least.”

Du Ze looked at the fallen’s colorful armor and weapons. In his heart, he silently lit a candle for the angels. The Moe Lord, who was descended from gnomes, can mass produce artifacts – even though they aren’t god-class items. He remembered the silver sword that Xiu made for the weapons contest.

However, an ordinary man, even if he is equipped with artifacts, cannot defeat a Sword Saint. But what about 10, 100, or 1000 ordinary men armed with artifacts? Xiu teleported over tens of thousands of fallen, and the angel guards were already tired from the previous battle.

The balance of power has obviously tilted towards the fallen. The governor, trembling, confronted Xiu: “You, what are you trying to do …?”

“I’m doing what you want to do.” Xiu did not conceal his killing intent: “Oppressing people to make them kill who I want to kill.”

Even though Xiu did not explicitly say who the object was, the people at the scene focused on the governor. The governor was extremely worried as he watched the battle. He looked up at the sky and had never been more eager to see the light – as soon as the dawn came, angel reinforcements would arrive.

However, Xiu had no intention of giving the governor a chance to escape. One after another the angels fell and there was a steady stream of new people coming from teleportation array. Finally, a fallen broke through the final line of defense of the angels. The rebel looked at the four people present and didn’t hesitate to choose the governor, who was glowing brightest, as his primary target.

“Quickly! Kill him!”

The angel guards surrounding the governor disposed of the fallen but more and more of the rebels were breaking through their defenses. After he was attacked several times in a row, the governor finally let go of his pride to ask Xiu for help: “You just want to pass this trial, right? I’ll give you the feathers if you’ll teleport these people out of here!”

Why …? Du Ze thought the governor’s words were strange, but he couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong.

Xiu looked at the governor for a while then grinned and said: “That sounds like a good proposal.”

The governor breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that the angel guard’s line of defense was about to collapse, the governor didn’t hesitate to give most of his feathers to Xiu. Xiu’s feathers were now more than the governor’s and Eric’s feathers put together. Not surprisingly, Xiu has now achieved the requirements he needs to pass the angel race’s trial.

However, Xiu did not send away the fallen. The governor reminded him: “Why haven’t you …?”

“I said it was a good proposal.” A hint of sarcasm flavored Xiu’s words. “But did I agree to it?”

The governor was completely fooled. From the bottom of his heart, Du Ze felt sympathy for him. Normally, this type of deceptive behavior was something that a villain would do and the protagonist would cry out in surprise at the BOSS: How could you break your promise?! Now the BOSS was the one accusing the Moe Lord of cheating, saying “How could you?!” Du Ze thought that his moral integrity must have been broken. How can he think that this situation is cool?

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