Chapter 91.2 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 91.2 – Reader: This world is a novel

Du Ze didn’t understand what he meant but the God of Creation continued his narrative: “Where should I start… let’s start from the beginning. What do you know about the God of Creation?”

“… The God who created the world.” The question was simple so Du Ze gave an equally simple answer.

When he heard Du Ze’s answer, the expression on the God of Creation’s face changed, but the complex emotions that flitted through his face were hard to describe. “In the beginning, I thought so, too: I am the God who created this world and all things were made by me. I never doubted it until one day I saw a birth. In a pool of her own blood, a beastkin struggled until she gave birth to two sons then died. Seeing this, I thought that, compared to me, these creatures are too weak. Just to create new life, they must exhaust their own life force. Because of this, I wanted to create a new mother for those two young beastkin. This should be easy for me since I created everything in the world.”

The God stopped speaking.

Du Ze was confused when he saw the expression on the God’s face. He had a glimmer of an idea: could it be …

“I couldn’t do it.” The Creator was depressed as he narrated: “I could resurrect the beastkin but I couldn’t create a new beastkin. I am the God of all Creation but I couldn’t create just one creature – isn’t that absurd? This scared me and I tried to remember how I created this world. Do you remember when you were a baby? You can’t, right? It was like that for me. My memories of my earliest days are blurry, as if I was born when I created the world. That’s fine for other people but I am the Creator of this world, the source of everything that exists.”

The God took a deep breath and seemed to be suppressing some dark emotion. “It was then that I realized that although I was the Creator, I had no memory of the process of creating this world; I just thought that this world was what I created. To prove this fact or to disprove it, I began to try to create the world again – the reverse side of the Chaos Continent is my unfinished work.”

The reverse side of the continent was made by this ****er! Du Ze realized that this was a case of “For the sins of your fathers you, though guiltless, must suffer.”1 Thinking of that time when he had to run from the black rain, some silly, cute person wanted to punch this person in the face.2

I’m not asking you to make an idyllic Garden of Eden but, at the very least, you should get rid of those elemental storms that rage about like naughty children destroying everything in their path! OMG!

The God didn’t notice Du Ze’s inner turmoil and went on: “I said that I ‘created’ the reverse side, but the truth is that I didn’t really create it out of nothing. All I did was to move elements from one side of the Chaos Continent to the other. Then I used magic to compress those elements into new shapes – something that even the minor gods can do. That was when I found out that I was just a more powerful version of those minor gods, not the Creator of this world.”3

The God gazed at Du Ze. “If it was you, how would you feel?”

If he was the God, Du Ze thought that his reaction would have been to think that he had been brainwashed and that all of his memories were false.

The Creator didn’t wait for Du Ze to answer. It looked as though the God had been suppressing these feelings for so long that all he wanted was for someone to listen to him. “I began to doubt my own existence. In order to find out the truth about myself, I searched the Chaos Continent for clues and found something terrible: everything in the Chaos Continent that has consciousness – dead or alive – see me as the God of Creation and feel awed.”

The God’s voice became softer and softer, like someone confiding a secret that can’t be spoken too loudly in case it disturbs an unspeakable existence. “That was when I realized that this world was being manipulated by an existence that is powerful beyond my imagination. That existence is the real creator and God of this world. In order to obey its will, ‘the rules’ enforce its desires into this world. ‘It’ has willed that every person or thing has its own role to play and my role is that of ‘God of Creation’; just this and nothing more.”

Despite his customary facial paralysis, Du Ze couldn’t help but be moved. He looked into the God of Creation’s eyes admiringly. Du Ze is someone from outside the novel so naturally, he knows what this is all about: the Creator was given his role in the novel by Yi Ye Zhi Qiu. Incredibly, the God discovered this truth! This can only be called a BUG.

The God seemed to enjoy the admiration in Du Ze’s eyes. The Creator smiled and continued to explain: “That existence is not the only one; I found many others similar to that existence but the others are only observers. Only ‘it’ has the power to control this world. However, those other existences are also unimaginably transcendent beings.”

He reached out to touch Du Ze’s face, too fast for the black-haired youth to avoid it. The God stared at Du Ze with a look of wonder and madness on his face. “There is no difference between us. In fact, you are even smaller and weaker than the ordinary creatures of this world, but you are a higher form of life. You don’t have to follow ‘the rules’ and you understand everything in this world. This world’s effect on you can only last a day.”

Thank you for explaining the origin of this little student’s 0-point restore but a wise person uses his tongue, not his fists.4 You can’t expect us to become friends after that.

“Let go.”

The God of Creation saw Du Ze’s icy expression and, perhaps because of awe and some scruples, he slowly loosened his fingers. He resumed the conversation as if nothing had happened.

“We have just talked about the truth of the world. Only I have found out about this. The other beings in this world are not omniscient or omnipotent, therefore they will never find out that there is an even higher power. Ever since I became aware of the truth I have been able to sense its workings a little bit.

“In order to form a good relationship with it, I took the initiative to help it: it wanted to weaken the demons so I stepped in during the god of light and Bael’s battle; it wanted to weaken the elves so I induced the elves to place their feelings into the Tree of Life; it wanted to destroy the gnomes so I gave them the Wheel of Time…”

Du Ze listened blankly as the Creator detailed all the things that he had done. Some of it, Du Ze already knew but some of it was new to him. Of course, most Hidden BOSSES were talkative; they would often burst out into verbose explanations at the drop of a hat. The God of Creation had inherited this fine tradition and Du Ze felt honored to learn about all of the hidden behind-the-scenes information about the plot of “Mixed Blood.” Although some of the spoilers made him feel sad, these shady secrets that were suddenly revealed erased Du Ze’s doubts. Before this conversation, Du Ze had been puzzled as to why the Creator would sabotage his own creation. Now it all makes sense. The God was the God of Creation in name only and everything he did was to please the real Master of the World.

“… In the seventh era, I found that it began to focus on a person.” When the Creator finished speaking, he saw that Du Ze’s eyes were covered with a layer of black light. “Yes, it was focused on Xiu.”

Is he finally going to come to the point? Du Ze was caught in a complex state of excitement and agitation as he waited for the next words of truth.

“Xiu is very special. In the Chaos Continent, he is the only person who has the blood of all eight races. I was very curious about him so I have watched him grow, watched him awaken his bloodlines, … watched his ascent to the Sky City.”

The Sky City? Is that the part of the novel when Xiu lead the demons to attack Sky City? Then it wasn’t a coincidence that it was the last chapter of the novel that he read? Du Ze’s heartbeat quickened.

“Even though he was attacked by an ultimate weapon, he survived and became more powerful.” The tone of the God of Creation’s voice changed slightly. “When verdict was used, I was able to get a glimpse of ‘the rules’ design for that person and saw the terrible future it was creating – it wanted to make Xiu the Supreme God.”

“Do you know what this means?” The voice of the God rose and his voice was full of anger and grief. “It means I must die!”

The Creator’s words exploded in Du Ze’s brain, shocking his mind into pieces. The God of Creation looked at the speechless Du Ze and smiled, his expression full of helpless sadness.

“To the Supreme God, the one who will stand on the highest throne, no matter how high he climbs, he can never be compared to ‘the God who Created the World.’ Except for the God of Creation, is there any other God whose Godhead can be used to ascend to the status of Supreme God?”

Du Ze swallowed his saliva, his throat dry, and he couldn’t find anything to say as he looked at the God.

“The god of light is only afraid of his position being usurped. What I fear is being killed.” The God’s expression became calm again but that calmness wasn’t the absence of anger – it was the absence of hope. “Because killing me is the best way to become Supreme God.”

The Creator God said to Du Ze: “Do you think I’m going to sit here and do nothing?”

No. Du Ze’s heart was bitter and painful. He finally found the reason why the God of Creation wanted to kill Xiu, but he couldn’t find any reason to condemn his actions.

“I don’t want to die, so I have to do something. I’ve said that ‘the rules’ can’t be violated but I thought of erasing that person before ‘the rules’ could latch on to him. So I used the Wheel of Time, but I could only go back to when he was being hunted.” The Creator sighed: “The Law of Time is one of the fundamental building blocks of this world, therefore ‘the rules’ don’t allow anyone to meddle with it. Once a violation of the Law is discovered, they are immediately obliterated. Even I could only use the Wheel of Time once.”

Even though he knew that the Moe Lord had emerged from that danger alive and well, Du Ze couldn’t help but break out into a cold sweat. The God of Creation had almost eliminated Xiu before he was even born.

“I knew it was impossible but I still tried a lot of things but couldn’t kill the person who was protected by ‘the rules.’ I could only watch as that person grew stronger and stronger until he is strong enough to take my Godhead. Then I began to think: Since the people in this world can’t, then …”

The God of Creation stared at Du Ze. Du Ze had become familiar with that particular expression since the god of light had also looked at him with that kind of warmth. Clearly, that person’s gaze was very hot but as Du Ze listened to the words of the God, a chill crept up from the soles of his feet and froze his brain.

“…only those from beyond this world can kill him.”

At that moment, Du Ze’s heart stopped beating and his face became pale. He didn’t want to hear the God’s next words but they drilled into his ear, stabbing him painfully.

“Do you now know why you came to this world?”


—— I know.

It was never clearer than at this moment why he had traveled to the world of “Mixed Blood.”

Eric wanted him to kill Xiu. The god of light wanted him to kill Xiu. He had heard many similar things, but none of that was as true as the words of the God of Creation.

Du Ze closed his eyes and felt as if he was being suffocated.

As the god of light said, he came to this world with only one purpose: to kill Xiu.

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  1. The original is 前人作孽後人遭殃 – the predecessor’s sins make future generations suffer. I substituted a quote in English that says almost the same thing and sounds very elegant. Quote from Horace, “Odes,” III, 6, l. 1.
  2. 就想糊對面的「前人」一臉翔 – eh, he wanted to paste feces on the face of the “ancestor”?! Kinda spicy language here.
  3. This is why I have always put the other gods as (lowercase) “gods” since, according to the world’s legends, they are simply lesser gods who started out as ordinary mortals then ascended. The God of Creation is supposed to be the real (uppercase) God.
  4. 君子动口不动手 – a quote from the I Ching

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