Reader and Protagonist – Chapter 1.2 release

Chapter 1.2 has just been published.

The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love Chapter 1.2 has just been published.

Enjoy, and please let me know if there are any errors. Just leave a comment if you want to give feedback about any of the chapters.

This part of the story is set in the modern world and has a lot of Chinese and internet slang. Again, there are a lot of footnotes. However, don’t worry and just read the text. The footnotes are just there for the people who are interested in the translation process but they aren’t necessary for casual readers.

Probably just these few phrases are good to know:

SB = stupid ****

Meng = cute, adorable. It’s the same as the Japanese term Moe.

Puking blood/spitting out blood = having a strong emotional reaction, normally anger

Du Ze
Du Ze, from the official manhua cover. It hasn’t been translated so it’s in Chinese.

Thank you very much for reading.

6 thoughts on “Reader and Protagonist – Chapter 1.2 release”

  1. Maybe you could add a footnote to the phrase ‘play pig, eat tiger’. There’s a meaning for those 4 words instead of a literal translation.
    扮豬吃老虎 (Ban Zhu Chi Lao Hu), which means playing the pig eating the tiger, is used to describe someone who seems nice and tame but, if necessary, can eat a tiger. 扮豬 (Ban Zhu, playing the pig) can also mean faking to be something that you are not.
    -I just googled this from a site cuz I can’t explain-

    Btw I really like your pop up footnotes when I mouse over it. I don’t have to click to reach the bottom and back up again.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    New project looking very interesting <3

    Thanks for taking the time to explain the phrases, the images explains all hehe =P

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