Chapter 5 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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(Translator’s note: I normally split each chapter into two parts but this time the chapter is short, therefore it’s just one part. So please don’t look for part two since there isn’t any. Thanks.)

Chapter 5 – Protagonist: ……

Readers: “Meow ~”

Protagonist: “…”

As soon as the sound came out, Du Ze immediately recovered his common sense. He could have sworn that he saw a surprised expression on the skeleton’s skull. Even a skeleton that couldn’t make any expression was surprised by what he did!

The crazy fan, who had read “Mixed Blood” until he had memorized it in his heart, couldn’t help but feel that his heart was breaking…

Please rewind time!

While ten thousand alpacas were roaring inside his head1, the skeleton sitting under the statue suddenly moved. He tried his best to reach out his arm, his white fingers pointing towards Du Ze. Du Ze’s pupils shrank dramatically. He felt that he had never moved so fast before as he dodged the bone spear that was targeting his heart!

The other party wanted to kill him.

He didn’t know why, but the thought that he might die at the hands of the protagonist made Du Ze feel very uncomfortable.

The bone spear pierced under Du Ze’s arm, close enough to tear off a bit of cloth. Du Ze panicked and his body broke out into a cold sweat. Stunned to see Du Ze unharmed, the skeleton picked up his scythe, acting as though he wanted to stand up. But the skeleton had just exhausted most of his spare energy so he quickly slumped down again. The loud echo he made as he fell down made it seem like he was about to fall apart.

Even so, Xiu did not give up. The bones of his fingers trembled and the fingers spread. Xiu seemed to want to get up but could not. All he could do was to scratch at the ground weakly. This struggle drained the last remnants of his energy. His head hanging and unable to move, Xiu’s eyes never left Du Ze’s body. The soul flames inside his eye sockets continued to dim, but still contained a silent desire and warning.

Du Ze barely had time to rejoice over his survival before he became alarmed at the other party’s movements. He was so shocked that even his thoughts were frozen.

The pitiful person who is lying there struggling so pathetically… is the main character?

In his mind, the protagonist should be an enthusiastic young man. The beloved child of heaven should be arrogant, laughing at the enemy burning into ashes while receiving the love of the whole world. Even when he suffers a setback, that should show how he can overcome all challenges and stand high above everyone. It shouldn’t be like this, being chased by others with no way to escape, like a dying beast struggling desperately.

The stories that made Du Ze feel helpless were never real to him. Yet here was someone who really went through it all: for two years he was chased by the entire mainland, betrayed by his friends, resented by others, and abandoned by the world. He is alone with no place to hide and no place to go. This person is real: someone sitting right in front of him that he can see and even touch.

That person is the main character. His name is Xiu.

Du Ze could never have imagined such a cruel life. Just thinking about it was scary. If all those events had happened to him, he wouldn’t stop at just killing all humans. Every living creature would be the target of his rage – both to eliminate all threats and to feed on their soul energy.

Du Ze was silent. Why did he feel as though he now understood why the protagonist tried to kill him?

When a Lich needs to recover from an injury, it’s obvious that Light energy can’t heal him. Only by killing others and devouring their souls would a Lich be able to maintain the undead body at its optimum state and increase its strength.

In the eyes of the protagonist, Du Ze is now a delicious purple bottle of mana + HP restore. (P.S. In online games the red medicine restores HP, blue medicine restores mana, and purple medicine restores both).

Du Ze suddenly remembered the classic sentence of the main character after being blackened: “Use it until it’s all used up2.”

So, in order use him like a purple potion, the protagonist decided to kill him? WTF, the main character of “Mixed Blood” shouldn’t be so evil!

… OK. Du Ze quietly recalled the content of “Mixed Blood” and remembered that the main character started to become blackened after escaping to the Lost Land. As for the culprit that made the character blacken, it was…

Author, do you remember, you shot the reader in the knee at Daming lake?3

It looks like the “Mixed Blood” story will develop that way. Although the writer is Yi Ye Zhi Qiu, who would really believe that Du Ze had nothing to do with it? What a load of rubbish! Those two comments of “Duzi” became popular and caused so much damage. The sincere readers first fell madly in love and worshiped the story, but then the black fan appeared. New readers were intrigued. After reading “Mixed Blood” they would read, comment, and vote up “Duzi.”

The dumb, unhappy reader then felt even more unhappy at this human tragedy. How many times did he want to knock on the author’s door and say: Author, let go of the protagonist… and I’m crazy4, you bas***d!

…It was like a lightbulb popped up above Du Ze’s head. He stared at the skeleton in front of him, suddenly realizing something.

So this was why he was transported into to the world of “Mixed Blood”? Every single person who crossed has had a mission, and Du Ze’s mission is to repay a debt correct the protagonist’s path and put him back in the original Moe path, unwavering for ten thousand years!

The thought of seeing the cute protagonist rule the world in his lifetime gave Du Ze a great feeling…

-Du Ze’s moral integrity balance is insufficient, please promptly recharge.-

The reader’s brain was instantly galvanized by this thought. Even the fact that he was almost killed by the protagonist just now was disregarded. Pushing up his glasses, he finally turned his attention back to the protagonist, but he was shocked to find his “save the protagonist” plan might be foiled by the target dying prematurely.

… The protagonist, he’s going to hang up5. @ Author

The protagonist was quietly leaning on the statue’s pedestal. Unmoving, almost lifeless, he seemed like a part of the statue. Du Ze tried to recall how the protagonist of “Mixed Blood” was saved in the Lost Land…

The spirit beast!

That’s right, it was a spirit beast! In the Lost Land, the main character met a spirit beast who saved him and became his pet. The author described the beast as like this: shaped like a cat, sounds like a cat, with a personality like a cat … Why don’t you just write “a cat”?

Okay, that beast was a little different from an ordinary cat. It had nine tails. Each tail represented a life that could die in place of the beast. It wasn’t a regular cat, it was special! In short, the nine-tailed cat was like a Resurrection Stone. The beast used a tail to “die” instead of the main character, rescuing the protagonist.

The key is how to catch the beast …

Du Ze looked around, according to the development of the story the place where the beast appears should be this abandoned temple. Finding a beast in a ruin is not hard …right? The spirit beast probably looked a lot like that cat that was poking its head out from behind a stone wall.

Du Ze: … = 口 =.

Du Ze stared at the stone wall. Cat. It’s really a cat, huh! The triangular ears, the round beast’s eyes, the whiskers, the hairy body, it’s a cat. But when the soft little animal climbed the wall and exposed its tails that were greater than 1, Du Ze felt that he had been deceived.

Where is the promised mighty spirit beast!

The cat – cough – the spirit beast crawled up to the rock, his eyes shining brightly and staring at the main character as though it had just glimpsed one of its favorite things6. But when it saw Du Ze, it suddenly let out a fearful “Meow,” turned away, and ran off.

Don’t go! (stretching out a hand)

Du Ze … Du Ze cried, looking at the empty wall, then towards the motionless main character.

The script is not correct, author!

The nine-tailed cat runs away. Du Ze is like “come back, you Resurrection Stone!” If you want to see the illustrations then read this story at the translator’s website BC Novels.



Xiu can feel that his face very itchy. Itchy?

He did not die and still can feel? Xiu opened his eyes in amazement and saw a creature.

It’s a … cat? It’s body is all black and it has one yellow eye and one blue eye. Xiu’s attention was caught by its tails. The beast looks like a cat, but it has eight tails7.

The beast bowed its head, looking at Xiu with it’s two differently colored eyes. Seeing that Xiu had revived, its soft, pink tongue licked his face and it purred softly like a contented cat: “meow ~”

– Excerpt from “Mixed Blood”


The author has something to say:

Author: The Spirit Beast (Resurrection Stone) was scared away by the Reader ╮ (╯_╰) ╭

The protagonist: It’s okay, he can pay with his life.

Reader: = 口 =!?


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that awkward moment
The awkward moment between a reader and a skeleton. This was right after Du Ze said meow.
  1. Not meant to be taken literally, it’s just a colorful expression. :P
  2. 价值利用完的 Perhaps the sentence should be translated as “(I will) use up valuable things.”
  3. This echoes a line from a Chinese soap opera something like “Do you remember that time at Daming Lake?” Du Ze is simply recalling how he trolled the author a second time and the result was the character’s blackening. Like “author, remember when you retaliated to my troll post, then toyed with my emotions as a reader?”
  4. Meaning he’s crazy so don’t actually listen to his crazy comments.
  5. Hang up is just a colorful way of saying die. This story is full of unusual metaphors.
  6. Literally “the most heart-happy thing.”
  7. Originally it was nine tails but it sacrificed one to save Xiu.

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