Chapter 6.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 6 – Reader / Protagonist: “MUA1

Du Ze used the tip of his tongue to pry open the mouth of the skeleton. At that moment, Du Ze felt like he was licking an iceberg. His tongue was cold and felt like it was stuck on ice. At first, Du Ze led the way, but after the skeleton had experienced the sweetness, he began to take the initiative to suck on that delicious thing. The undead’s tongue twined around Du Ze’s soft, warm, tongue, instinctively and greedily absorbing the soul energy.

As the undead’s soul was renewed, the faint blue soul flames inside the skeleton’s eye sockets slowly become stronger. At the same time, spots of light appear around the skeleton’s limbs. That was the Temple of Light’s nails in the protagonist’s body. The nails that were exposed to the air immediately turned into small bright spots and dissipated.

kissing scene
Kissing. If you can’t see this image of Du Ze and Xiu kissing, then please visit BC novels where the English translations are hosted and there are illustrations.

Du Ze could feel the numbness at the tip of his tongue. Not knowing whether it is frozen or entangled, he cannot help but want to take it back and scrape it with his teeth. Realizing his intention, the skeleton entangled his tongue more forcefully, refusing to let go of this delicacy. Du Ze discovered that the speed of his soul energy being absorbed became faster and faster … too fast! At this rate, he will not be able to hold up till midnight to Reset his soul.

Since his tongue was tightly entangled, Du Ze could only reach out to try to push the other away. However, the skeleton was having none of it and tightly embraced Du Ze. The skeletal right hand grabbed Du Ze by the back of the head, forcing him closer. It seemed as though Xiu wanted to stuff the body that was exhaling the sweet breath into his empty rib cage, locked away with no chance to escape.

Beneath the statue, a skeleton in a robe was kissing the black-haired young man on his lap. Two black and white shadows, interwoven with a myriad of bright spots, create an evil but beautiful scene. In this beautiful scene, the reader’s suffering was difficult to imagine. He opened his eyes wide, wanting the protagonist to read his mind. Usually the novels said that XXX looked YYY in the eyes, read his mind, and understood YYY.

However, Xiu’s only response was to more hungrily suck his energy.

– Damn, this protagonist, why doesn’t he activate the skill “read the emotion from the eyes”?!

Du Ze’s own eyes probably look mournful. His vision blurry, Du Ze saw the blue soul fire leap in the black spot in front of his eyes.

[… Who are you?]

Du Ze blinked for a moment before realizing that the voice that was directly in his head belonged to the protagonist. Well, the protagonist was finally willing to communicate with him, and it seems as though there is no language barrier. But the important thing is … Du Ze did not know to respond, ah! Seeking the method to speak mind to mind! QAQ

The suffering reader can only use his hand to try to push the protagonist away again, expressing his intense desire to be released.

But Xiu was silent, then hugged Du Ze tighter.

[- Do you regret it? Regret saving an evil spirit?]

No, stop kissing – please slow down a bit! In fact, this one is a renewable resource. If you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, this will not help the sustainable development of this youth!

@The Protagonist: Internal chat … System error, communication failure.

[It is too late to regret.] The blue soul fire in the deep eye sockets gave a gentle illusion; the pale skull seemed to grin: [You can rest.]

As a kid, everyone would have heard the story “The Farmer and the Snake2,” now Du Ze is in that situation!

Knowing that the protagonist had blackened, yet Du Ze still recklessly went to him to be abused! Now the protagonist has made it clear that he wants Du Ze to sacrifice himself so that Xiu can dominate the world. The villain planned to kill him, even saying the classic line, “You did a great job, now rest!” WTF!

Also, why is it that when Du Ze realized that the protagonist desired to eat his soul in one sitting, his first reaction was to think it was too wasteful? Are you really not going to think about it? After midnight, you can have one more bottle of purple medicine. WTF! His mind must have broken up somewhere!

Du Ze tried to cut off the outpouring of his soul energy, but he is not able to stop Xiu. As his soul slipped away, Du Ze felt his body becoming empty. This unreal emptiness made Du Ze feel like there is a big hole in his body, allowing a cold wind to blow through him from head to toe – the cold wind of death. The cold froze his body into numbness: first his feet, then the legs, the torso … and finally, the head.

– If his autobiography was published, the title would definitely be “Blackened Fan: A Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure”3 The content of the book would be: He had it coming!4

This was Du Ze’s last thought before losing consciousness.

xiu embraces du ze
Xiu embraces Du Ze tightly.



Xiu arranged Ariel’s body. The girl’s face was still the same as usual. Her eyes were closed as if she were having a sweet dream – a dream of eternal death.

Xiu calmly combed her hair with his fingers while in the distance, Enoch and the others did not dare to approach. It was not until he finished arranging Ariel’s hair that he leaned down, as if to wish the young woman a good night’s sleep.

“You did well. Have a good rest, my princess. ”

– Wait for me to save you.

The Lich in the black robes put the young woman in a crystal coffin and then quietly left, no longer interested in staying. Eric, who had been transformed into a Death Knight, sluggishly followed, no longer having any trace of ambition or enthusiasm like in the old days.

Xiu looked up at the distant sky, eyes dark with ambition.

I heard… there is a city in the sky?

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”


The author has something to say:

Author: The female lead was robbed of her story …

Reader: Do you think we wanted it?!

Protagonist: … I want.

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  1. Kissing sound.
  2. One of Aesop’s fables. “One winter a Farmer found a snake stiff and frozen with cold. He had compassion on it, and taking it up, placed it under his coat. The snake was quickly revived by the warmth, and resuming its natural instincts, bit its benefactor, inflicting on him a mortal wound.” Lesson to be learned: “The wicked show no thanks.”
  3. Literally it should be “Blackened fan you cannot afford to hurt” (伤不起) but that is a Chinese internet meme (“XXX you can not hurt, ah” meme) that English speakers would not know about so I substituted the cinnamon roll meme.
  4. 出来混迟早要还的 – a rather common saying in movies. Literally “come out sooner or later” and it is most often used about corrupt people who will get what’s coming to them. I could also have substituted “Karma’s a bit*h!”

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