Chapter 7.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 7 – Reader: This is not the undead … Too handsome, it’s unscientific!

Du Ze’s mood is hard to describe as he must now flatter and offer his bento again to the vicious protagonist.1 It would be impossible to say that Du Ze doesn’t want to complain but … if he were to say “This little one saved you but you still return evil for good?” And then … no, he cannot afford to anger the other person. The main character is not someone he can provoke2 even though his blackening value has fallen.3 The earlier sacrifice has resulted in some mental trauma.4 Now he can only put on an unconcerned expression, OK!

Come, protagonist, after you mature let’s talk about life… for now I5 will have to be patient.

In addition, there is another reason why Du Ze is trying to foster a good relationship with the protagonist. The fool wants to plan for the future. He has crossed into this world and there doesn’t seem to be a way for him to return. Therefore, he will probably have to stay here for a long time.

This is the world of “Mixed Blood,” which means that the protagonist’s thighs are the thickest.6 According to Du Ze’s analysis, “Mixed Blood” is a dangerous fantasy world.If he wants to stay with the main character to fix the plot then he has to pay attention to the high mortality rate of this world.

In YY novels, the safest person is the main character. On the other hand, the enemy’s brothers have a high chance of becoming cannon fodder. However, even if those people die, it’s never really a significant event. Also, “the main character’s brother” has a high chance of needing to sacrifice himself for the protagonist, but the probability that the brother will be saved at the last minute is also high.7

Of course, there is also someone who can be safe around the protagonist of a YY novel, and that is the heroine of the novel or the female lead. Even if she has been hanged, the protagonist will try to resurrect her to ensure the diversity of the harem. This point was ignored by Du Ze.

In short, staying at the side of the protagonist will not only ensure the best future for him but it will also allow Du Ze to witness firsthand the 3D version of “Mixed Blood” reality show. He will be able to restore the original plot’s cute hero. Du Ze was again excited when he thought about his plan of “saving the hero” but his enthusiasm was quenched when he remembered that he had almost been killed by the protagonist.

A feeling of helplessness… a person was wronged but cannot complain…

The boy is hopeless.

Du Ze looked at Xiu, his eyes lingering on the bones of his right arm, and in his mind is a gentle voice saying: Those reasons are not important, what is most important is that this is his favorite story “Mixed Blood,” and in front of him, isn’t it the main character that he likes the most?

Here, in this world, he has something that no one else has. “Mixed Blood” is a novel for him but to the rest of the world it is a Book of Prophecies. It is especially useful for the protagonist since it contains all his feelings and experiences.

Right now the protagonist is like a hedgehog, indiscriminately piercing everyone with his spines, like casting an AOE attack (P.S. AoE hits everyone in a group, even if someone is friendly or neutral), completely unwilling to trust in others. Currently, the main character is unable to talk about feelings. Xiu can only talk about interests. Du Ze decided to learn from the story of the “Madman, Rooster, and the People”8 and think of the blackened protagonist as the crazy prince. If Du Ze tells this lunatic that he wants to destroy the world, Xiu will listen to his words.

He doesn’t know if there is a language barrier. He will have to try it out first. Du Ze put his hand on his headphones and spoke slowly and unemotionally, “I am here to fulfill your wish.”

That was his attempt to break his social barriers and squeeze out a sentence.

Du Ze’s voice had a strange tone, like a pure steel qin9 accompanied by the cello. Although it could not achieve the normal effect of a song, it was not violent. It was a pretty magical feeling. Du Ze knew he wasn’t speaking Chinese. It was a language he had never heard before, but he knows its meaning and can speak it. Sure enough, the people who cross over do not have to worry about the language, no matter if it’s ancients or aliens, they can communicate properly with them.

The blue flame deep in Xiu’s eyes flared and he stared at Du Ze silently.

Du Ze organized his thoughts once more, coldly and stiffly determined to demonstrate his value to Xiu.

“I know how to get out of the lost land.” I learned it from you.

“I know how to make you stronger.” I also learned that from you.

Du Ze felt like he was snatching away the role of the main character … it was very cool, like a play about going against heaven’s will. Xiu looked shaken but alert. Now that Du Ze has established his value, the next thing he needs to do is to expose his weakness so that the other person will be more at ease.

“I have no magic and no combat ability, my only power is to restore myself.” Nervous in the face of the cold and silent Lich, Du Ze thought that he had started to chatter too much. “You can easily kill me.”

Xiu is no longer just staring silently at the Du Ze. When he finally spoke, the sound was very peculiar and hoarse, not very human, but not unpleasant

“… Your purpose?”

[Witness how the young boy will awaken his lineage, experience happiness and hatred, and finally set foot on the road to becoming a god.]

The words from “Mixed Blood” floated into Du Ze’s mind. Never before had his heart pounded this way, even the blood in his veins seemed to boil with excitement.

“I want to see you become god.”

du ze following xiu
This is Du Ze’s plan.



Faith in darkness, thirst for power, loyalty to evil.

Skeletons spread death, Ghosts reap souls, and Zombies death.

We are called the Forsaken, who are from the past, the Undead.

– “Mixed Blood” excerpt, the poems of the dead


The author has something to say:

Protagonist: (silently takes out a piece of paper) Sign this contract.

Reader: … Do you think I can’t see the words “Marriage Certificate” written there?

Author: I’m fine = =+

lich form xiu
Exactly how unscientifically handsome is Xiu’s Lich form? Very!

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  1. “Offer bento” meaning offer his soul as Xiu’s meal, lol, or just in general offer to help Xiu.
  2. Literally “military force explosive.”
  3. My interpretation: Du Ze thinks Xiu is not as evil as he first thought.
  4. The raw said “an internal injury” similar to “an egg that was broken into pieces.”
  5. Instead of using “I,” Du Ze likes to say xiaosheng 小生 which is a young man or “your pupil” or any number of other things. It’s just a cute way of referring to yourself in third person, I think.
  6. Xiu’s thighs being the thickest means that Xiu is the most powerful person around. Related: ”Hugging someone’s thigh” is an expression that means to rely on a stronger person.
  7. A lot of idioms here but that is the general gist.
  8. It’s the story of a man who cured the crazy prince of his madness by pretending to be mad, too.
  9. A traditional Chinese stringed instrument.

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