Chapter 12. 2 -The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . .

Hiya, I am Reika of Flower Clocks scanlation and I have decided to post my manga on this website. I own this domain so it’s better than the old website.

Announcement: I have now caught up with all of the available chapters. The manga is on hiatus. When I started this project it was still ongoing and I had no idea it would abruptly stop so don’t blame me.

As for the people complaining about “slow” updates, please shut up. I have released one chapter every month irregularly. There are exactly 14 parts of the manga (as updated by the original manga artist), released every month. I published my first scanlation on August 2016. it’s now September 2017 so even though it’s not been on a regular schedule, it’s exactly one release per month.

Thank you to all of the readers. I hope that you enjoyed this manga.

the hero suddenly proposed to me

Er, yes the manga ended right there… I don’t know why it was right in the middle of a scene.

Next project preview!

Bokura no Meikyu – ぼくらのめいきゅ

I know that the manga ended right in the middle of things which is a bit annoying. You might want to read the light novel. The English fan translation is here. Please note that my manga scanlation is actually ahead of the light novel translation but they should catch up soon.

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New Project!

My next project is Bokura no Meikyu – ぼくらのめいきゅ (Mangaupdates link). The title means “Our Labyrinth.”

Summary: It’s a short action comedy series about a group of students whose school suddenly turned into a dungeon. Now everyone has a title and level above their heads. Monsters roam the halls… what is in store for this unlucky group of people?

The first chapter will be released next month.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 12. 2 -The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . .”

  1. Hey I just wanted to let you know that the link that you send was not usable anymore is there other links {that are translated in English} that work. I would greatly appreciate it, if you send a new link
    btw keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Reika. thank you so much for every update of “The Hero Suddenly Proposed To Me, But…” I am always constantly checking this manga for new updates even to this day…it has been more than a year (almost 2 years) but I am still going to wait, this manga just piques my interest (can’t help it). Anyway, hoping for more updates soon for this and from you. Your work is greatly appreciated, always.

  3. 00Sunburn00 .

    Thank you for the chapter <3

    I love that the story is so cliche, and at the same time it is pointed out by the characters that it is indeed cliche

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