When the Protagonist of a Fanfiction

Chapter 4 – When a Fanfic Protagonist Transmigrated

Chapter 4 <— click on the link to read it.

Alert! Alert! An absolute must-read!

hamster snake

You see that pic??? It’s a hamster and a snake!!! I can’t even!!! It’s so cute, I can’t bear it! *squeels* OMG, if you don’t read this you’re really missing out.

A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy <– click here for awesome BL fluffiness.


A super adorable hamster cultivated a human form – almost. He failed his tribulation and got stuck in a human form but with hamster ears and tail. When the lightning tribulation hit him, he somehow got transmigrated into a different world.

Meanwhile, a snake beast man (a person with beast and human forms) was badly wounded by an assassination attempt. His beast core shattered which meant he got stuck in his snake form. He was in despair and wanted to die until he saw a little beastman (the hamster/human) who was totally weak and defenseless against all of the dangerous animals in the forest. Therefore, the snake decided that his new goal in life was to protect this little beastman.

The only problem was… hamsters are terrified of snakes!

Hamster: OMG, a super huge snake is going to eat me!

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