Chapter 57 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 57 – The Direction of the Plot

When Chu Yu dragged Xie Xi into the cave, out of nowhere a thought rose up in his mind.

In the original novel, whenever the protagonist had suffered there would always be an exceptional expert or an exceptional beauty who would come to save him. However, currently, Xie Xi only had him by his side. Chu Yu felt like he had wronged him……

Heavily panting, Chu Yu gently lay Xie Xi down on the ground before sitting down himself. He held Xie Xi’s hand to help him recover from the chaotic spiritual power in his body. Now that they had escaped to a safe location, Chu Yu finally had the chance to calmly organize his thoughts. He took out a lantern and blew a breath of spiritual energy into it. As he stared at the cave wall in front of him, details from the original novel suddenly flashed through his mind.

……Speaking of which, this plotline had occurred in the novel.

In the original novel, there had still been a war going on right now and the protagonist hadn’t gone to kill off the Chu family yet. The protagonist was also at the late stage of Core Formation. At a crucial moment, the female protagonist (one of them) was captured and the protagonist slaughtered his way into the demonic cultivators’ major camp to rescue the female protagonist (one of them). However, they had been besieged by some Nascent Soul stage experts while they were escaping and in order to escape with the female protagonist (one of them) unharmed, the protagonist was forced to undergo a Qi Deviation.

The female protagonist (one of them) had escaped with the protagonist and brought him inside a cave. She then transferred her spiritual power to the protagonist while crying. Unexpectedly, the protagonist had suddenly woke up. The protagonist who had woken in a state of Qi Deviation had been brutal and bloodthirsty and he had almost killed her……

Right at that moment, the protagonist was suddenly awakened by the Starry Splendor. The awakened protagonist then saw the dying female protagonist (one of them) and felt unbearable pain. After he went outside, he encountered the original Chu Yu who was actively courting death by coming to provoke him. Rage engulfed his mind and he refused to stop until he had directly killed Chu Yu……

Ah, the Great God of Plotlines has now finally reconnected with him.

Chu Yu had just secretly let out a breath when he suddenly remembered something.

……Since the Great God of Plotlines was working again, this plotline was unlikely to deviate from the original novel too much……

Inside a cave……transferring spiritual power……Qi Deviation……

Transferring spiritual power……

Qi Deviation……

These words continuously circled through his mind. Chu Yu finally discovered that something wasn’t right and trembled as he looked towards Xie Xi.

Xie Xi, who had previously had his eyes shut with his eyebrows scrunched up, had opened his eyes and was firmly staring at him. The look in those red eyes was shockingly exactly the same as the one he had on that day when they had been reunited after ten long years.

Insane and terrifying.

Chu Yu swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The pair of hands that was still holding onto Xie Xi’s wrist was too late in pulling back and was captured by Xie Xi in an iron claw-like grip. No matter how hard he struggled he couldn’t break free.

Chu Yu was terrified out of his mind. He promptly shouted: “Shidi! Xie Xi!”

Xie Xi stared at him, with his thin lips tightly pursed and the corners of his eyes were still containing a hint of red. After a long time, he finally called in a low voice: “Da Shixiong?”

Chu Yu faintly let out a breath. It was good that he could still recognize him. If they were to continue down the original novel’s plotline and after he would have been beaten half to death by Xie Xi, he was afraid that Xie Xi would immediately fall apart after coming to his senses.

After all, this wasn’t the original novel’s habitually silent, stone-hearted, and unfeeling protagonist. He had personally raised this child into someone with a more fragile glass heart. If he were to beat the person he loved half to death, he’d likely immediately kill himself afterward.

This thought had only just surfaced in his mind when Chu Yu noticed that Xie Xi’s eyes still contained more and more signs of cruelty and madness. A trace of unease flitted across his mind.

One moment he was still having an uneasy premonition and in the next moment, Xie Xi had already abruptly reached out and forcefully grabbed ahold of Chu Yu’s neck.

That grip wasn’t as gentle or loving as the one he normally used when they were rolling around in bed. After being forcefully gripped by the neck, Chu Yu’s fair and small face immediately turned blue. He stared at Xie Xi, he was now in so much pain that he couldn’t even speak.

He was completely suppressed by Xie Xi. If Xie Xi were to increase his strength any further, he would lose both his life and his cultivation and die smiling.

He was done for, done for, done for……

He couldn’t breathe and it felt like his head was about to explode. Chu Yu’s vision started to blacken at the edges and his mind was already in a muddled mess. It seemed as if he could see his stepmother, draped in the light rays of sunrise, standing on the opposite shore and beckoning to him while holding a vegetable knife……

It was a shocking sight!

Chu Yu was scared out of his wits and was unexpectedly clear-minded again. His eyes suddenly swept over to the scented sachet at Xie Xi’s waist. He painfully coughed for a moment and then, with a mentality that he should be struggling to the very end, he abruptly pulled that scented sachet down and smashed it into Xie Xi’s face.

They were only normal scent ingredients that ordinary people had added so after ten years they should have long lost their fragrance. Nevertheless, Xie Xi had clearly used some kind of unknown method to preserve their fragrance. The moment that faint fragrance spread into the air, Xie Xi blinked and his movements slowed to a halt. He immediately withdrew the hand that had been clutching Chu Yu’s neck and accurately grabbed that scented sachet.

Chu Yu obtained his freedom and painfully coughed several times while taking in big mouthfuls of air. He had never experienced a moment where he had thought that breathing was such a blessed thing before. Xie Xi suddenly gripped his wrist again. Chu Yu had just heard a small murmur of “Shixiong” when he suddenly felt a boundless spiritual power rush forth from where he and Xie Xi were still connected.

A steady flow of water attributed spiritual power spilled into his body. Chu Yu was genuinely scared out of his mind by this. He clenched his teeth and then directly formed a defensive spell with his hand before striking it against Xie Xi’s body. Unexpectedly, the spell was very weak and Xie Xi didn’t feel so much as an itch from it. He didn’t even look at the spot where he had been hit and just continued to unwaveringly gaze at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was powerless to refuse him and could only gape up at him. His body was getting hotter and hotter and his consciousness was getting cloudy. Soon afterward, he heard the sound of tearing.

His clothing had split open.

However, this wasn’t a vicious assault from Xie Xi. The clothes had instead burst apart.

A child’s small set of clothes were still tightly wrapped around his body. They were torn in many places, revealing snow-white shoulders, waist, abdomen, and thighs. Chu Yu was bound so tightly by the cloth that his eyes rolled back into his head. He moved backward and with a “bang” he suddenly knocked his head against the cave wall. Immediately, he was in so much pain that his eyes filled with tears. It wasn’t until he had recovered from the pain and wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes that he had a clear view of Xie Xi who was still close beside him.

He was still tightly clutching Chu Yu’s hand while half-kneeling in front of him. He had lowered his head to look at Chu Yu and while the traces of cruelty had vanished from his gaze, it still contained signs of soul-penetrating prejudice and insanity. His eyes were opened wide and unblinking as if he was unwilling to let Chu Yu leave his gaze for even an instant.

Chu Yu felt his scalp go numb underneath the hot gaze of those blood red eyes. It wasn’t until he saw that Xie Xi wasn’t going to make any other unusual movements that he finally let out a long breath. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and attempted to move closer. He extended his free hand and stroked Xie Xi’s face.


Xie Xi continued to stare at him. He didn’t talk or move.

Chu Yu wrapped his arms around his neck in a placating manner. He then moved closer to lightly kiss his lips, “It’s alright. This place is safe. I’m right here.”

Thank goodness the scented sachet had worked.

That sight of his stepmother while he was suffocating just a moment ago was just too terrifying……

Sure enough, choosing to stay in this world was the right decision……

Xie Xi stared at Chu Yu with a burning gaze. The look on his face seemed as if he was expecting something yet he still didn’t speak. Chu Yu pondered over it for a moment and then kissed his lips again. Seeing Xie Xi get a bit excited, he understood.

You won’t be happy unless you get hugs and kisses?

The heart-demon that possessed the protagonist was unexpectedly a bit cute……

Chu Yu ignored the fact that he had almost been strangled almost to death just a moment ago. He was beaming as he looked at Xie Xi: “Shidi, be good and let go of my hand. Don’t transfer any more spiritual power to me.”

Xie Xi nodded his head, but his grip only got tighter.

He could faintly hear the painful cracking sounds of his bones. Chu Yu now had tears in his eyes.

Xie Xi blinked and his gaze suddenly began to wander. From his exposed shoulders to his abdomen, and then it dropped down to his thighs. He stared at the skin that was white as jade, thinking who knows what.

Chu Yu thought:……Could it be that he wants to do it?

Chu Yu blinked, closed his eyes, and then waited for Xie Xi’s next move. After waiting for a good while and Xie Xi still hadn’t made a move, Chu Yu opened his eyes in puzzlement. He saw that Xie Xi was quietly half-kneeling in front of him and looking at him with a gentle gaze. His lips were pursed and the corners of his mouth seemed to contain a hint of a faint smile.

Only looking?

Chu Yu was silent for a moment before reaching out his hand to fondle Xie Xi’s hair. He smiled and said: “Usually you can only look, but can’t eat and now you only want to look but not eat?”

Xie Xi was still quietly gazing at him.

Just like a small dog quietly sitting down and staring at its owner.

Confirming that communication was still impossible, Chu Yu wrinkled his brows and sighed: “Xie Xi, your grip is hurting me.”

Xie Xi paused and seemed to have understood his words as he slightly loosened his grip. Chu Yu saw his chance and immediately pulled his hand back. Without waiting for Xie Xi to grab his hand again, Chu Yu threw himself at him and hugged him tightly. He touched Starry Splendor which was sticking out from in between his ink-black hair and comfortingly patted Xie Xi’s back.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. If you keep on transferring spiritual power to me like that, my spirit veins will explode.”

Starry Splendor was indeed the original novel’s mystical weapon. The light blue rays shone on Xie Xi and after a while, he moved his body and easily hugged Chu Yu. His voice also contained some emotions now: “Shixiong……I……”

Chu Yu buried himself in Xie Xi’s embrace and gave a soft hum in response.

“What did I do just now?”

Xie Xi gave a painful grunt. He was somewhat worried and wanted to push Chu Yu to look. He didn’t want Chu Yu to continue to stubbornly bury himself in his arms without moving so that he could not see. He reached out his hand and touched Chu Yu’s smooth, snow-white shoulder. His fingers trembled before withdrawing. Xie Xi then took out a robe and draped it over Chu Yu’s body.

Chu Yu silently covered his neck. He moved back and grabbed the collar of the robe to completely cover his neck. With a cold face, he said: “You lost your mind and transferred a lot of spiritual power to me. Xie Xi, do you even still even plan on forming your nascent soul?”

If the formation of the nascent soul were to fail, there was a high chance that he would drop down several stages. He would have to do it all over again and moreover, it would be harder to form the nascent soul the second time around. So much so that there was a possibility of his core breaking and his cultivation completely disappearing.

It had been a long time since he was last lectured by Chu Yu so instead of feeling sad, Xie Xi was happy. He was all smiles as he moved closer to Chu Yu and kissed him: “No worries, no worries. The spiritual power in my body is far too plentiful. Transferring a portion to Shixiong has actually stabilized my spiritual power by quite a bit. I can break my core and form my nascent soul at any moment.”

Chu Yu suspiciously pinched his face: “Really?”

Xie Xi obediently nodded his head.

That’s good, that’s good. They had finally returned to the original path. There was no way he could let the progression of the protagonist’s cultivation slow down.

However, right now wasn’t a very suitable time to form his nascent soul since they were rather close to the city. They couldn’t let those demonic cultivators attack them again.

Since Xie Xi was awake, there wasn’t a need to hide now. Chu Yu finished thinking things through and was cheerfully nodding his head. He was just about to say some passing remarks and then happily suggest that they leave the cave to continue looking for Mei Yin Valley when a dark light flashed across Xie Xi’s eyes. Xie Xi caught Chu Yu off guard as he pulled open his robe.

The neck covered in purple markings was now plainly visible.

Xie Xi’s complexion abruptly turned incomparably ugly.

“I did this?”

Chu Yu gave an insincere laugh as he lifted his collar up to recover his neck. He said: “It wasn’t you……I recently felt that I got fat so I tried to squeeze my neck. Sure enough, I got fat haha haha.”

Xie Xi eyes darkened as he silently stared at him.

Chu Yu’s heart shook. Afraid that Xie Xi would waste his time fretting over a pointless problem again, he softly coughed and was about to continue saying something else when Xie Xi gently moved his hand away. He leaned down and pressed his moist lips onto Chu Yu’s neck. He followed along the strangulation marks and lightly kissed them all over.

Chu Yu’s neck was sensitive so the kisses made his face flush. However, he clenched his teeth and endured it. After kissing the markings, Xie Xi’s head rested in the hollow of Chu Yu’s neck, his voice somewhat rough.

“……It’s always like this.”


“Every time I want to protect Shixiong, I always fail……I can only helplessly watch as Shixiong suffers. I even……personally hurt Shixiong……”

Wasting your time on a pointless problem like this isn’t worth it……

If the heart demon were to reside in him for a long time, sooner or later Xie Xi’s consciousness would become unclear and he would be completely controlled by his heart demon.

Chu Yu’s heart felt heavy. Right as he was about to shower Xie Xi with some positive comments to slow down the progression heart demon, a loud banging sound suddenly came from outside. It seemed as if someone was currently trying to open the cave entrance that Chu Yu had previously sealed.

Had they already found them this quickly?

Chu Yu blanked out for a moment before grabbing ahold of Xun Sheng. Who would have known that the amount of spiritual power that was consumed in order to turn him into his teenage self would be so high? He had just picked up Xun Sheng when his body began to shrink at a rate visible to the naked eye. He had then already turned into a small, jade-white dumpling again.

Chu Yu was depressed.

Xie Xi stroked his face and then silently took out some clothing before patiently helping Chu Yu change into them. He was completely disregarding the loud, banging noises coming from outside. It was as if the most important thing right now was to help Chu Yu change his clothes.

Chu Yu was influenced by his calm attitude and was a little bit moved. The idea to continue showering Xie Xi with positive comments had just arisen in his mind when he was shocked by the “Xi-er” that had come out of his mouth in a young, soft, and sweet voice.

In this state, it was better if he didn’t shower the protagonist in too many compliments……

After Xie Xi unhurriedly finished helping Chu Yu into his new clothes, he fixed his hair while also using a headband to help him tie a small top knot, and then he leaned down to kiss his forehead, the cave entrance suddenly glowed. Rays of light shone in from the outside and a cold wind interspersed with snow swept in.

Only now did Xie Xi pick up Duan Xue. His gaze was apathetic as he looked over to the cave entrance.

Unexpectedly, there weren’t any demonic cultivators standing at the cave entrance with their faces filled with killing intent. Instead, there was a group of beautiful young women dressed in light, purple dresses made of thin silk. The wind and snow outside were so strong that Chu Yu felt cold just by looking at their dresses flying wildly about in the wind. He subconsciously moved deeper into Xie Xi’s embrace.

Standing at the forefront of that group of beautiful women, however, was a man. Seeing Xie Xi and Chu Yu, he humbly smiled and his complexion brightened up: “Greetings to you both, this one is Mei Yin Valley’s Fourth Elder. Young Master Feng has ordered that we come invite both of you to Mei Yin Valley.”

Xie Xi’s face turned cold. Without a word, he directly brandished his sword at them.

Reika’s Notes:

  • *gasp* So that was the legendary Qi Deviation! Thank goodness nothing really bad happened. Still laughing at the (one of them) jokes.
  • Thanks for reading. Please let me know if there are any errors.

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