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Chapter 76.1 – Super exciting news! Free extra chapters for loyal readers

Chapter 76.1 <– click on that link to read chapter 76.1 of The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love.

Important: Read this, please.

I have been greatly disturbed by the plagiarists who copy-paste my work on their website. I will now take some steps to prevent theft of my content. Now, I don’t mean people who just quote a line or two. I’m talking about the people who take whole chapters.


  1. Only the censored versions will be posted on the NU project page.
  2. I will also password protect some of my “special” *cough* content for a few days. Therefore, to read the uncensored versions, you will need the password to get early access.

My reward for loyal readers who read on

I greatly appreciate my readers who read my translation on this website. You will all be able to read the uncensored, uncut, harmonious health education chapters at:

You can check it out now to test if you can read that page. I put in some filler text.

Warning: Write down the password somewhere since I will delete this info in two/three days.

I will eventually publish the uncensored chapters for the public (open release, no password) a few days later.

The people who donate will always get early access to the first drafts. No change there.

That’s my plan. Please let me know if any of this will be a problem for you.

Update: password deleted you can message me at NU forums if you need it

Thank you.

43 thoughts on “Chapter 76.1 – Super exciting news! Free extra chapters for loyal readers”

  1. Reika can please email me the password missing that first opportunity makes me regret trying to wait out the chapter

    1. I sent you an email. Check your spam folder if it isn’t in your inbox. The subject is “bc novels.”

    1. The password only gives free early access. You will still be able to access it normally, it just won’t be ahead of the others. You can email me if you really can’t wait.

  2. Oh, I’m crying tears of sadness now. School left me swamped with work so I couldn’t read much, and I was sooo looking forwards to binging this. Seems like I just missed the password… Is there any way to get it? Maybe sending you a mail? Please have mercy on this poor student 😒

    1. Could I email you to get it? Normally I check everyday for updates on NU, and always use the link there for each chapter. The pre chapter commentary makes me laugh or has cute pics (I downloaded the one with the 10 chibis, the gnome one is cutest).

    1. My plan should work, at least temporarily. πŸ™‚ The password-locked chapters will be released without the password at a later date.

  3. … And so I missed the password… OTL Will it be a possible option for readers to email you to request for the password?

    1. I will remove the password protection later so those who don’t have the password can read it then. You can email me or you can just wait for it.

  4. I appreciate your hard work. I haven’t been here much because of my grandma passing this Christmas. But when I get really sad I think about sweet moments between Du Ze and Xiu, or your funny comments. Thank you Reika.

  5. *scribbles down very appropriate password*
    Yay thank you for all that you do, considering you update almost everyday!! It unfortunate that the translating community is plagued by sites and people who steal others’ hard work so hopefully this can help prevent them a bit. Although I wonder what readers can do if they by some misfortune suddenly don’t check your site during the couple days you have the password up? Well I already has the password sooo… but they probably will try to contact you for the password?
    Thank you again for continuing to translate!!

    1. The readers who don’t have the password will be able to read when it’s released. I’m just offering an early release for those those who visit my site daily. The chapters won’t be password locked forever.

  6. Oh… I hate those plagiator.

    I do support you and will read it in . the password has been noted. I’ll remember it for sure. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for your translation. Fighting!!

  7. It will pose no problem. Do what is necessary. But really… these plagiarists are too much, and those who dont read at the translator website.. are dumb people and ignorant.

  8. *Writes down password*

    This happens to everyone who works on a slightly popular series, but this is probably the most creative retaliation. I hope it works out well for you.

    Happy New Years.

  9. So they got you now to, i think that every translator on novelupdates sadly enough has encountered something similar, some of them even quit because of that. I just want to say thank you very much for translating! And a happy new year!!!!

  10. Happy New Year! I hope 2018 will be the year you defeat those dreaded aggregators. I find this method of yours to be really clever! Hopefully it works. Thanks for the hard work as always.

  11. I’m really sad about those darned plagiarists *shakes fist* but hopefully this will deter them! Good luck, and we’ll be supporting you all the way! \(^^)/

    Happy new year and thanks for the update!

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