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Chapter 79.1 – No editor yet

Chapter 79.1 <— click on the link to read. Thanks to Yuu and Jadelin for the donations.

I’m still on break

As I mentioned before, I’m a bit stressed out so I am taking a short rest. You might wonder what I mean since I am still releasing stuff daily …

Well, what this really means is that there won’t be many early access chapters. I normally write at least 2-3 chapters in advance. That means I’m normally 4-6 days ahead of schedule. Now that I am resting, I’m 0-1 chapters ahead.

The 4-6 days in my schedule is that time I need to send it to my editor and get it back and for me to do the final editing … but I don’t currently have an editor. *shrugs* I’ve been trying to proofread and edit my own work which is kinda sucky atm, lol, I won’t lie.

Chapter 80 is more than 10,000 characters long. A normal chapter is 4,000-5000 characters. This is going to take a lot of time. Chapter 81 is almost that long, too.


Anyway, don’t be surprised if there aren’t many early access chapters. I might also skip some days.

Don’t worry though, I’m not taking a hiatus. I estimate that I will still be releasing the same number of words per week or even more than normal. It just might not be everyday. Or it might be everyday, haha.

Thank you for reading this.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 79.1 – No editor yet”

  1. Hopefully your stress would go away soon! Take care of yourself! I’m so thankful that you are still posting instead of taking long
    hiatus 😊

  2. If your usual editor is temporarily on leave, would you like me to try and help out instead until they’re back. I can read Chinese and English is my first language, but I don’t know internet memes or slang though…I’m on holidays right now so I’m free all day everyday (hahaha what is social life)

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