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Chapter 85.2 – The rival and the protagonist

Chapter 85.2 <— click on the link to read it. Thanks to Vi, Aquamist and anonymous for the donations.

The rival and the protagonist

According to the reader, this is supposed to be the final scene when he protagonist and the rival talk about life while they are alone together, right before their duel.

Of course, the novel was meant to be the protagonist’s story and everything in it works towards moving him towards the final goal.

But why do I get the feeling that Eric is much more interested in Du Ze? Eric keeps on staring and talking to some silly, cute person. 😉

Let’s not forget that the son of god has also read the doujinshi.

You know… that same doujinshi that may or may not be responsible for “bending” the protagonist.


Anyway, please read today’s release and let me know what you think. Is Eric interested in Du Ze that way? In the spoiler thread, someone who read the entire thing said that she thought Eric was just platonically interested in Du Ze as God’s Messenger, nothing more. Leave a comment if you can, please. I’m very interested in your thoughts about this.

sky city

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This is kinda like what I thought Sky City would look like but with more white buildings.

Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 85.2 – The rival and the protagonist”

  1. I think Eric loves Du Ze but he doesn’t really know it yet, right now it’s more of an innocent love, one grown from admiration for Du Ze. Furthermore, I think he cannot fully accept his feelings he of love for Du Ze, as, like how Xiu felt (when he thought Du Ze was a god), he believes Du Ze is unobtainable. So when he sees Xiu (someone he sees as unworthy) possessing the man he admires so much, he can’t help but want to take him away from Xiu which makes him start to show his true feelings of wanting to posses Du Ze.

  2. I think Eric is curious about the activity in the doujinshi. Maybe he wants to try it with his dragon. I don’t get the sense he’s into Du Ze beyond believing him to be an important and honorable figure. For some reason I want to know Eric’s story. He has this blind loyalty that I think he has begun to question. I’d be curious to see how he grew up and what’s in store for him.

  3. I mean if Eric probably does have some feelings for Du Ze as gods messenger and thanks to the holy Doujinshi, but I can’t feel much love from it.
    Also LOL Xiu and thanks for the chapter~

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