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Chapter 89.3.1 – Something weird?

Chapter 89.3 <— click on that link to read the new chapter. Thanks to Wisteria and Vi for the donations.

Weird website stuff

Hmm, for some reason the bot didn’t pick up my latest release? Is there something wrong with my website or is their bot not working?

No idea what happened. It’s been two hours but my release hasn’t been posted on NU yet so I am posting it again. Hopefully the bot will be able to post this on the NU front page.

Edit: Wait, I think I understand what happened. The bot thought the previous post was a “news” one not a chapter release. This one should be picked up properly.

Edit2: Okay, this one is also not updating on NU. Sigh…

Edit3: It seems that it was probably manually fixed.

Anyway, since I posted twice, I’ll be shameless and plug my other project. Have you read my manga scanlation? Chapter one is here.

Bokura no Meikyu (Our Labyrinth) ぼくらのめいきゅ- A class of ordinary high school students suddenly find that their school has turned into a dungeon. It’s a web comic comedy series.

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