Announcement – Extras will be posted soon

The story is almost finished, only one chapter and the finale is left!

No more crab issues

eight races time

❌ πŸ¦€ ❌

After the finale are three bonus extra chapters that you will be able to read here –

To read the bonus content you will need to unlock the blog with the password from here –

I will remove that password soon so make sure you save it somewhere.

Please check if you can access the Tumblr blog right now. There’s only one short post on it but if you can read it, that means everything is working fine and you should also be able to read the extras.

Let me know if there are any problems. Thanks.

If you aren’t able to access the tumblr blog, don’t worry, I will post the chapters without a password later.

du ze and xiu

11 thoughts on “Announcement – Extras will be posted soon”

    1. What sort of privacy error does it show? I can’t see any errors. Were you able to write out the password correctly?

    2. Maybe tumblr is blocked in your country? Or maybe your IP is blocked. Do you have R18 not allowed in your Tumblr? You might be filtering results and the site won’t load if you are on safe mode.

  1. Thank u❀️ I can’t believe there’s only one chapter left, it feels so weird that the end of this novel is so close. I’m so excited. Thank you for your hard work x

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