Chapter 1 – Every day the protagonist wants to capture me

Chapter 1 – Girly1 System

With an expressionless face, Chu Yu2 was sitting in front of the computer, staring with bloodshot eyes at the novel on the screen.

The title of the novel is very domineering, concise, and like clear running water – “Supreme Sword Immortal.”3

In truth, web novel websites are overrun with things like: xx extreme, xx immortal way, arrogant xx, and so on. It’s like poking a hornet’s nest. As a faithful reader of web novels, Chu Yu was not alarmed by these strange sights. Every day he looked forward to the update of the big god,4 and was always searching for the next big god. He really wanted to accompany a future big god in making a mark.5

The author of “Supreme Sword Immortal” was a novice. 500,000 characters, 50 clicks.6 Last night, Chu Yu saw this novel and, at first glance, it –

The cannon fodder villain has his name!

How can he endure it?

Chu Yu’s grief and indignation were overflowing.7 All night long he watched the computer and, finally, he was able to read the current update to see how his namesake, the cannon fodder villain, died in the latest chapter.

The cannon fodder with the same name as him, such an unconventional love, ah!

Chu Yu was driven beyond the limits of his forbearance and pounded on the table fiercely, saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

However, it was summer vacation and his roommates had gone back home so no one responded to him.

Chu Yu scratched his ears and cheeks, angrily saying, “He has my name but not my IQ! If it were me, I definitely wouldn’t end up that way! Minus points! Bad review!”

He had just finished saying those words when suddenly, his vision turned black. His head hurt like he had a hangover.

Chu Yu’s long experience with staying up late was able to keep him quite calm while waiting for the lights to turn back on. However long he waited, his surroundings continued to remain dark, making him start to panic.

Was he blinded by a flash of light from the street?

Suddenly a pleasant voice sounded in his ear. “Welcome, host, to the Role Playing Game ~ System 007 is here to serve you.”


“Your strong resentment summoned the system to give you a chance to change the fate of the cannon fodder.”

“Ha ha ha.”

“Please lead the book to the peak of the peak ~ popular in the North and South ~”

This thing called the system seemed real. For a long time Chu Yu fought to regain his composure. Finally, ignorant and disbelieving, he pointed at himself and asked: “I need to lead?”

007 System paid no attention to his question and blithely continued. “From now on ~ this book will have a recommendation position8 ~ has exposure rate ~, but this book lead does not conform to the mainstream stallion text ~ asking the host to diligently lead the story back on track ~”

Yes, Chu Yu knew about this. In the “Supreme Sword Immortal” novel, the protagonist Xie Xi’s talent has been sealed since childhood. The sect members laughed at him, calling him trash, and often bullied him. This has happened so many times that the protagonist has become antisocial. If a beauty were to appear, he wouldn’t know how to add her to his harem. 500,000 characters have been written and several beauties have begun to flirt with him.

This can really be called stud writing?

How can he not accept the little brothers?9

Without forming a harem, can he really play the lead role?

No wonder the author’s face has become bloody!

007 System: “It seems like the host knows what to do ~”

Chu Yu unconsciously imitated the System’s flirtatious10 way of speaking that was trying to act cute. “Um ~”

007 System: “The host will have an initial score of 100 points ~ receiving high praise will add 2 points ~ neutral comments do not add points ~ bad reviews will deduce 2 points ~ when the host’s score reaches 1,000, he can choose to return to his original world ~ if the score goes below 0 points, he will immediately embark on the villain’s cannon ending ~

The ending? The Chu Yu character in the book flirted with the female lead. Xie Xi, with this new provocation added to the existing resentment in his heart, cut the cannon fodder to pieces and then threw his soul into the soul furnace, never to rise up again.

Chu Yu suddenly felt cold: “What the f**k ~”

007 System: “Wishing the host a pleasant stay ~”

Chu Yu: “Hey ~ wait ~”

A white light suddenly flashed. Chu Yu hurriedly closed his eyes but he still could not help but shed tears. Feeling wronged, he wiped the tears away.

Opening his teary eyes, he heard a sound and was shocked.

Anyone who opened his eyes and found himself in the dark, with the wind blowing down a bottomless abyss, would be frightened.

Right now his eyes were still blurry and he felt dangerously dizzy, as though he was about to fall down.

There was someone behind him saying: “Eldest brother!”11

Chu Yu took a deep breath and tried to calm himself, only to find that just a foot away was an abyss. He was sitting cross-legged on a piece of granite. The sky was overcast, thunder was booming, the scene was very depressing.

The footsteps behind him sounded nearer now. “Eldest brother, you went to this place to gain enlightenment! Really impressive!”

Chu Yu was surprised. It seems that he has now transmigrated into the world of “Supreme Sword Immortal” and his identity is that of his namesake, the stupid cannon fodder villain.

The original Chu Yu was a noble, elegantly beautiful, and haughty person, Chu Yu tried to make a noble, elegantly beautiful expression on his face, and coldly nodded. “Ah~ … well.”

F**k, he was too used to imitating the girly system and his tone unconsciously flew up!

Behind him was a young man dressed in white robes. He was quite handsome and seemed accustomed to Chu Yu’s attitude. Standing about two feet away, he said, “Eldest brother, that trash was driven into the jungle by Fifth Brother. He hasn’t come out. Shizun will be returning from his travels tomorrow. What should we do?”

That trash? Jungle?

It’s the protagonist!

Chu Yu assumed an awe-inspiring appearance.

He must change his destiny as cannon fodder. He must form a good relationship with the protagonist. He must hold the thigh. Even when the boy forms a gang, he should be the one to cheer the loudest.12

… Looking at the situation, the darkest three years of Xie Xi’s life have already passed by.

The jungle is where Xie Xi broke through his seal. This is an important event. The original Chu Yu, afraid of his master’s punishment, was dragged into the dangerous jungle and found Xie Xi when he had broken the seal.

Now that I’m here, why don’t I go and watch the most important moment in the protagonist’s life?

Their relationship can be slowly developed ~ think of the future when holding the thigh and turning the protagonist into the normal type of harem master ~ to collect younger brothers and harem members ~ abusing the cannon fodder and villains, stepping onto the road of becoming the strongest in the world ~ ah, a bright future ~ it makes a person feel excited ~.

Chu Yu pondered for a moment then took the bull by the horns. “I will go find the Lord – I mean I’ll go get that kid.”

Behind him the younger brother scratched the back of his head, puzzled at Chu Yu’s excitement.

Chu Yu is the son of the first wife (Literally: Di son, the son of the legitimate Di wife). He is the eldest disciple of the Tianyuan (天渊 Heavenly Abyss) sect’s second elder Lu Qingan. Because of that, Chu Yu has always been conceited, and has a noble, glamorous, lofty image. But ever since Lu Qingan took in Xie Xi, he has been a changed man, always kicking, beating, and insulting Xie Xi.

It seems a bit wrong.13

Of course, Chu Yu would certainly not say out loud that he is a little excited to see the thigh he will be hugging in the future. Firstly, he wanted to help the protagonist because the old Chu Yu is just cannon fodder. Secondly, he really likes Xie Xi’s appearance and character.

Ahem, the appearance.

Chu Yu is the Appearance Association VIP permanent member.

His current body has the original Chu Yu’s memories. As he walked down the cliff, he encountered many people while he was mentally digesting those memories. When everyone saw the fluttering white robes and the cold temperament of Chu Yu, they all stopped and bowed respectfully saying: “Eldest Brother.”

Chu Yu coldly nodded and continued to walk.

But his heart was really clear.

Haha, the status of this cannon fodder cannot be good at all! Everyone who sees him has to loudly shout “Eldest Brother” respectfully! Haha!

Using the body’s memories, he walked to the jungle – one of the sect’s restricted areas. Inside it are the low level demonic beasts that the sect is raising. Those below Foundation Building rank cannot enter.

Chu Yu’s body has excellent natural talent. At only 19 years old, he has built his Foundation so this restriction does not apply to him.

Xie Xi is said to be the son of Lu Qingan’s old friend and was accepted as his disciple. His status is higher than everyone here, except for Chu Yu. What a pity that his meridians were sealed. Unable to cultivate for three years, he was called trash, suffered bullying, and turned his eyes away from people.

Lu Qingan wandered the world’s four directions for three years, looking for a way to help Xie Xi cultivate. Before he left, he asked Chu Yu to take good care of Xie Xi. Since then he has been “taking care” of the younger boy.

Now, Lu Qingan is returning to the sect. Xie Xi went into the jungle and has not come out yet. The sect members are terrified, fearing that the teacher will punish someone. Seeing Chu Yu, the noisy crowd swarmed up to him, crying for help.

Chu Yu calmly faced Fifth Brother who was wailing like a professional mourner at a funeral. “What should we do, Eldest Brother? If that trash dies in there … the master … The master will expel me …”

Looking at the small cannon fodder, the big cannon fodder Chu Yu frivolously patted his head. “Don’t worry, no harm was done.”

In the jungle the protagonist will upgrade his skills.

Fifth Brother was touched and immediately became panic-stricken. The Eldest Brother always dislikes human contact … There seems to be something wrong with Eldest Brother today!

Chu Yu, full sleeves fluttering, went inside the jungle.

Inside it was dark. Chu Yu squinted but he still couldn’t see much. Suddenly there was a slippery icy touch like something has licked his face.

How creepy!

The shocked Chu Yu almost screamed. The body’s reflexes and psychic strength were very good, his fist ruthless and fast.

A pained hissing came from the front. His eyes finally adapted to the dim light of the jungle and Chu Yu saw a twenty-feet long python.

The python was frightened by the punch and stared at Chu Yu, too afraid to move.

It was only a low-level demonic beast. Chu Yu, who was in the Foundation Building stage, could kill it effortlessly.

Chu Yu calmed down and wiped his face. As the python slithered away, he suddenly noticed that there were bits of cloth on its poisonous fangs. Looking at that cloth, it’s the same as what he is wearing.


Wait a minute.

WTF!!! Brother, no! Have you already eaten the protagonist?!!

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I feel like originalChuYu would have a rather villainous but beautiful face. source

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  1. 少女 = girl
  2. 楚鱼 – Chu Fish (lots of fish puns later)
  3. 至尊剑仙
  4. The authors’ updates
  5. Literally: Making a storm
  6. 500,000 was written exactly like that so it’s not a mistake
  7. Original said inexplicable but I believe it means overflowing. Sometimes the literal translation of a word just doesn’t work.
  8. I don’t know what recommendation position means but we will probably find out as the story progresses.
  9. Little brother = close friends/male allies
  10. fluttering
  11. 大师兄 – da shixiong meaning eldest/most senior fellow apprentice
  12. Not sure of the last sentence but 摇旗 means to form a gang.
  13. 怎么觉得大师兄这次的g/点有点不对劲?I don’t know what the G/ stands for so I can’t fully translate but from context this is what it means.

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    “With an expressionless face, Chu Yu was sitting beside the computer, staring with bloodshot eyes at the screen while reading a novel.” I would change ‘beside’ to ‘in front of’ and possibly rephrase the last half to something like ‘staring with bloodshot eyes at the novel on the screen’.

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