Chapter 14 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 14 Growing Up

Chu Yu was moved to tears: Good youth! Good protagonist! I didn’t choose the wrong thigh to hug!

The girls were stunned when Xie Xi scolded them in a low voice but Xie was so cute, like white jade, that even when he reprimanded them, he just looked like a spoiled brat. Some of the girls recovered quickly; they weren’t the least bit angry and asked, still grinning: “Little Shidi, who is your Da Shixiong? Is he good? Is he a handsome young master?”

Chu Yu was going to walk out to them but stopped and continued to watch. He touched his smooth chin. He wanted to know how the protagonist saw him.

Xie Xi’s tender, soft voice came: “My Da Shixiong is gentle and tolerant, friendly to others, chivalrous, and considerate. He is the best Shixiong!”

When Chu Yu heard that his face turned red.

Ahem, gentle and tolerant, friendly to others, what is that? What chivalrous heart? What kind of person is always considerate and always thinking of other people?

The girls shouted “wow” and asked him what his Da Shixiong’s name was.

Xie Xi’s face showed a proud expression and he was about to say Chu Yu’s name when a cold, clean sound suddenly came from the front: “Shidi, who are you talking with?”

It was Chu Yu who couldn’t bear Xie Xi boasting about him anymore.

All the girls turned to see a person walking down the steps in front of the main hall. He had a slender body, tall and straight as a pine tree and his white satin robes were decorated with tiny clouds. Looking up, they could see that his five facial features were very handsome but too cold, especially his eyes that were clear like water, it seemed as though those eyes could freeze a person with just a glance.

When you look at that person, he gives off a feeling of being cold, noble, and high above ordinary people.

In Tian Yuan Sect, Chu Yu is famous not only because of his talent, there is another reason… He is ranked as one of the top ten men in Tian Yuan Sect and his portrait has been circulated among the Shijie (female senior fellow disciples) and Shixiong (male senior fellow disciples) of the sect many, many1times. Everyone knows that he had a cold, arrogant temperament.

When they saw Chu Yu, several girls were shocked and turned to look with earth-shattering, incredulous horror at the youth:2

This is your Da Shixiong?! This is the “gentle and tolerant, friendly to others, chivalrous, and considerate” Da Shixiong?

Chu Yu easily put on his “noble, cool, elegant and magnificent” expression and nodded lightly to several girls. He went to Xie Xi then leaned down and picked him up. He used Xun Sheng to bring them both back to Yuan Chen Peak.

Several girls stood there frozen for a long time, puzzled.

It seems like…… When he was with that little Shidi, he really is very gentle …

When Chu Yu returned, he saw that the disciples were still up late, studying.

The original Chu Yu, although he liked to court death in his dealings with the protagonist, his treatment of these disciples was extremely harsh. Although Chu Yu left, they still diligently cultivated and did not slack off.

Chu Yu was very gratified.

The first to see him was his Third Junior Fellow Apprentice who immediately jumped up and said, surprised: “Da Shixiong … you’re already back?”

Chu Yu nodded. Knowing that he was puzzled about, he said in a casual way: “I went down the mountain and encountered a demonic cultivator so I came back early.”

When he heard the words “demonic cultivator,” Third Shidi was surprised again: “Could it be He Huan Sect?”3

“… Huh?”

“They have a fondness for catamites …” (TN: “Catamite” is a boy or youth who is in a sexual relationship with a man.)

Chu Yu slapped Third Junior Fellow Disciple on the head, with a thunderous expression on his face: “Shut up and cultivate properly.”

What are you thinking about all day, you naughty brat?

On the way back to the small courtyard, Xie Xi, who seemed to have been meditating on something, was puzzled and suddenly asked: “Da Shixiong, catamite …”

Chu Yu got a headache when he heard that word. With a solemn face he said: “Child, you must not ask anyone about this.”

Xie Xi: “I heard that catamites are very popular … Da Shixiong, I’ll be your catamite, okay?”


Chu Yu almost sprayed out a mouthful of blood. F**k! Protagonist, do you know what you’re talking about?!

Wordlessly, Chu Yu bowed his head. His pure, flawless, eyes were crystal clear as the corners of his mouth twitched up slightly and he said: “… Shidi, rest assured, even if you are not Shixiong’s … catamite … your Shixiong will always be good to you.”

The youth’s eyes suddenly brightened, shining with a dazzling light like the stars in the sky.

Chu Yu turned his head away silently.

… I hope that when the protagonist grows up and remembers this conversation, he won’t accidentally stab and kill me with his sword.


The peak’s territory was vast. From the cliff one could see a few uninhabited mountains. Chu Yu looked around for two days before he found a large, placid lake on a mountain. The whole place was very peaceful.

Although this place cannot be compared with a waterfall with its perpetual flow of water, it was a very good place. Chu Yu cultivated for a few days and felt that his Qi had been restored. Then he practiced his second cultivation technique.

When he returned, he cultivated for half a day and had paused to rest a bit when he found that Xie Xi was looking at him with a face full of complaints and grievances: “Da Shixiong did not want me. You suddenly disappeared for several days. Even your shadow could not be seen anywhere …”

Chu Yu took Xie Xi in his arms and squeezed him, as was his habit: “How can you say that? Shixiong must practice diligently because in three years one must exterminate those demonic insects.”

He blinked, astonished: “Shidi, you have already reached the ninth level of Qi Refining?”

It’s too fast! I was in the mountains for less than two months! The protagonist’s life is really something …

Xie Xi’s focus was on this: “Three years later, you must eliminate those insects?”

He accidentally let slip that information. If he doesn’t answer clearly then Xie Xi will just pester him until he does. Chu Yu looked at that face like white jade, hesitated for a while, then simply explained it to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi eyebrows contracted in a frown: “I also want to go! It’s so dangerous! Shixiong shouldn’t go without me!”

Don’t look down on your Shixiong this much …

“You can’t go,” said Chu Yu, his voice low. He rubbed Xie Xi’s head. Three years later, if Xie Xi did not follow the plot of the original story, what would he do if there was trouble?

When he is anxious Xie Xi will act like a spoiled child. Chu Yu is fully aware of this fact. He closed his eyes so he wouldn’t see it.

Seeing Chu Yu close his eyes, Xie Xi panicked and tugged at Chu Yu’s sleeve: “Da Shixiong, how about this: if I can reach the Foundation Building middle stage, you will let me follow you. If not, I will stay at the peak waiting for you to come back, okay?”

Chu Yu frowned. Xie Xi lips went flat and he said shamelessly: “Da Shixiong, if you don’t agree then three years from now when you leave, I will run after you no matter what.”

Chu Yu opened his eyes and stared cautiously and speechlessly at the steadfast shota.4

After breaking through to the Foundation Building stage, each level is doubly difficult. It cannot be compared to the Qi Refining level. Even for the protagonist, to level up to the middle stage of Foundation Building in three years, won’t it be very difficult?

After thinking about it deeply for a moment, Chu Yu nodded cheerfully.


The summer was hot. The mountain was very green and lush, vibrant, and full of spiritual energy.

In the woods the shade of the trees was thick and the air was cool. A young man in a white robe was sitting there with his eyes closed. Half of his handsome face was hidden in the shade and it made a person’s heart ache, wanting to see the whole picture.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew behind him, quick as lightning, like a clap of thunder.

The youth opened his eyes that were still tranquil. A backhand horizontal sword block – two swords clashed with a “clang” sound. That move was fruitless, the youth’s sword wobbled then thrust straight out with great penetrating power.

Chu Yu raised an eyebrow but did not block the sword. His lips curved up in a faint smile: “Still noisy?” The beautiful snow white sword stopped in front of Chu Yu’s chest, with just a gentle movement, it can open his clothes.

The sword paused for a moment then it was withdrawn in a very natural and graceful motion like moving clouds and flowing water. The youth’s voice was clear and resonant like the sound of the wind, still pure and somewhat childish:5 “Da Shixiong has not played with me for a while.”

Chu Yu looked at the teenager in front of him with a smile.

It’s been three years and Xie Xi has grown; he is only a little bit shorter than Chu Yu now. Wearing a white satin robe decorated with clouds, he looks slender and steadfast. The formerly white as jade, tender little face has matured a lot and his straight eyebrows now slant upwards and outwards, eyes like stars, smiling and limpid, handsome and matchless.6

Chu Yu stared for a while without making a sound then habitually reached out to pinch his face. The teenager also obediently let Chu Yu do as he wanted. The youth’s black eyes stared at Chu Yu without moving.

“Alas, you’ve grown up, pinching does not feel as good as it did before.” Chu Yu was rather regretful and patted him on the head.

Xie Xi’s lips thinned, he felt wronged and his eyes became misty; he looked quite miserable: “Da Shixiong will not despise your Shidi?”

Who would dare?

Chu Yu retracted his monstrously audacious hand and smiled: “Why, Shixiong is beginning to worry that Shidi will hook up with a beautiful cultivator and ignore Shixiong.”

Xie Xi hummed lightly and blinked. The watery layer in his eyes faded away. As was his habit, he walked forward to squeeze into Chu Yu’s arms and rubbed,7 saying: “Those female cultivators, I don’t like them.” He paused then said: “Shixiong, you are in the late stage of Foundation Building?”

Chu Yu nodded and rubbed Xie Xi’s head. This child’s cultivation speed these past three years has been fast.Since he arrived at the Foundation Building stage, Chu Yu could not see through his cultivation any more, so he was depressed.

Xie Xi’s expression was pleasantly surprised: “What a good coincidence, Shidi is too!”

Chu Yu: “…”

Chu Yu: “… Congratulations, Shidi. “

=□= This is the end. He has been surpassed. Now what can he do in the future if the child is not obedient?! He can’t beat him anymore!

Xie XI smilingly said: “Brother can still remember our agreement?”

What agreement?

Chu Yu seriously pondered for a while. He pushed away the sticky Xie Xi and walked with him towards the small courtyard. He said: “Is it … A promise to give you an embroidered scented sachet?”

About this matter, last year during a festival, some female cultivators from other peaks shyly sent sachets to Chu Yu, obviously as a veiled message. Chu Yu rejected them all without exception but when he turned around he saw Xie Xi smiling; with a pure expression on his face, Xie Xi asked why those female cultivators sent sachets.

Chu Yu was forced to answer but he felt uneasy for some reason he couldn’t pinpoint and instinctively dared not tell the truth. He carelessly said: This embodies friendship between fellow apprentices.

That was when Xie Xi started pestering him about the embroidered sachet.

Chu Yu does not do needlework, so he has been dragging his feet. Though the next festival is fast approaching, even the shadow of an embroidered sachet cannot be seen.

Xie Xi’s eyebrows rose and a happy expression flashed through his eyes. “Naturally, the sachet must be embroidered. Shidi has reached late-stage Foundation Building. The agreement was to take Shidi down the mountain to exterminate demons along with Shixiong.”

Chu Yu does not want to remember but also cannot pretend so he waved his hand dejectedly and said: “Alright.”

Go early, return early, protect the protagonist, and do not let him be injured. Otherwise, how can the protagonist shine, befriend allies, and capture harem members when he participates in the Immortal Sword Congress?

More importantly–only the first 50 ranked disciples of the Immortal Sword Congress will be eligible to enter the ancient cultivator ruins, the Mausoleum Ruins.


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  1. 万- literally “ten thousand” times but really it’s not meant to be literally ten thousand. It just means “a lot” or “a great many.”
  2. 铺天盖地 – An idiom that literally means “hiding the sky and covering the earth” meaning “earth-shattering.” I am really tempted to translate this as “they blotted out the sky with their horror”
  3. 莫非是合欢宗那个 – I think I got it right. This He Huan has never been mentioned before, so idk what this is about.
  4. 正太 – it really is shota, it’s a loanword from the Japanese word shota ショタ
  5. Twice the raw has said that Xie Xi’s voice is 糯 but that means “glutinous rice” or maybe “sticky.” I don’t think a voice can be sticky so I have omitted it. Raw – 尚带着几分清糯. I could be wrong but I think what it means is “childish” or “sweet” rather than “sticky.”
  6. It’s not my fault that all of the descriptions are very flowery.
  7. It just said “rubbed.” It didn’t say what rubbed what. I guess Xie Xi rubbed his head against Chu Yu’s chest or something.

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