Chapter 13 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Demonic Cultivator

All of the townspeople, numbering around 300-400 people, moved away. Nevertheless, 300-400 people is not a small number, how is it possible that so many people completely disappeared overnight?

Chu Yu pondered this question and felt that the situation was very abnormal. He felt a cold wind spread from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. Even his scalp felt numb when he thought of the current situation. He stroked the top of Xie Xi’s head and said, not knowing who was trying to comfort whom: “Shidi don’t be afraid …”

Of course, Xie Xi was not afraid. He was speechless for a moment then couldn’t help but ask: “… Da Shixiong is scared?”

Obviously, I’m scared! This otaku was almost scared to death!

The glamorous Chu Yu smiled nobly: “How is that possible?”

Chu Sheng was walking on the other side of the road. He had examined several houses and seen the same thing Chu Yu had. He frowned and looked at Xie Xi at Chu Yu’s side. Suddenly, his face changed: “Younger brother! Watch out!”

Chu Yu instinctively turned around to look behind him. He saw a lone water demon with an open mouth full of blood, that was ready to pounce on him. A breeze made the demon’s disgusting fishy smell waft directly over him.

He did not have enough time to draw his sword but Xie Xi quickly and skillfully waved his hand and a wall of earth rose up, blocking the water demon.

Chu Yu immediately drew Xun Sheng and ruthlessly stabbed the wall, piercing through to the other side where the water demon made a pained howling noise. He drew back his sword, there were numerous drops of dark green blood on the blade. The pearls of blood slid down to the tip of the sword and dropped to the ground.

The wall automatically disintegrated and Chu Yu walked past it. He kicked the corpse of the water demon which had been killed by a sword through its heart. Chu Yu’s face was gloomy as he asked: “What is this water demon doing? Isn’t it two days before they are supposed to appear?”

In addition, generally only one or two water demons will come out of their river habitat. How could just one or two demons abduct all the people in town? Looking around at the town, there were no signs of fighting. Even if most of them were taken in their sleep, there should at least be some people who woke up and fought.

Xie Xi looked at Chu Yu’s expression and worriedly pulled at his hand: “Da Shixiong, don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

… It’s reassuring to hear this sentence.

Chu Yu kindly patted Xie Xi’s head: “Good, I will wait for Shidi to grow up and protect his senior.”

Xie Xi’s eyes flashed with a bit of dejection. He was so dissatisfied with his age; listening to Chu Yu’s words, he was even more anxious to grow up quickly.

When you grow up, you can protect your brother, you can …

His eyes fell on Chu Yu’s chest then paused. His ears suddenly became red. Xie Xi turned his head away. Just then Chu Sheng walked over and took Chu Yu’s hand, not noticing the boy’s unusual performance.

Xie Xi is short so his line of sight is below that of the two youths. He looked around and suddenly saw a small incense burner from in between the gaps of a wall.

Whose little incense burner will be put in that place? It looked both strange and exquisite.

Xie Xi hesitated then walked over to take a closer look at it. The gap in the wall was narrow but the incense burner was just small enough for him to reach for it through the gap. He squatted down and was about to reach inside when he looked above the gap. A chill swept over his body and his scalp tingled.

There was a blood-red eye in the wall, staring at him!

Xie Xi took a deep breath, calmed down, and quickly drew his sword but when he looked at it again, the blood-red eyes were gone as though it was an illusion and all he could see was the small incense burner.

His surprised reaction attracted the attention of Chu Yu and Chu Sheng.

Chu Yu asked: “Shidi, what are you doing there? What did you find?”

Xie Xi had already calmed down but when he heard Chu Yu’s voice, his black eyes started shining and became wet with tears. He turned and rushed into Chu Yu’s arms, hugging his waist. In a trembling voice, he sobbed: “Shixiong… Shixiong…”

Chu Yu stared at Xie Xi’s beautiful crying face that was like a white flower covered with raindrops, so charming and cute! 1 He took out a piece of cloth and gently wiped away his tears saying softly: “What is it?”

“I saw a small incense burner through a gap in a wall…” Xie Xi was holding on tightly to Chu Yu, his shoulders shaking as though he was very frightened: “I wanted to take it out … suddenly, a blood-red eye…”

WTF! That’s too much!

Look how scared the child is!

Chu Yu hurriedly comforted Xie Xi, patting his head and stroking his back, in order to prevent this from leaving a shadow in the protagonist’s heart. Then, with one hand holding Xie Xi and the other hand holding Xun Sheng, he walked to the wall and examined it.

A top grade immortal sword can cut iron as though it was mud. Thus this dirt wall was nothing to it. The sword flashed with a water blue light and the wall collapsed with a loud crashing sound. Chu Yu and Chu Sheng were prepared to deal with demons and monsters springing out of the house but after the wall came down, the place was unexpectedly empty.

When the dust had settled, Chu Sheng bent down and picked up the small incense burner. He gently fanned the smoke towards his face with a hand. The smell of the incense made his expression change: “Soul Controlling Incense!”

Chu Yu did not recognize the name and asked, puzzled: “Big Brother knows what this is?”

Chu Sheng’s expression was not good. His face turned green then white; he gritted his teeth and finally said: “Little brother doesn’t know, this is the unique secret fragrance of the Yu Shou demonic sect!”2

Hundreds of years ago, the righteous and demonic path cultivators fought. Both sides were devastated after two great battles. But the righteous cultivators gained a small advantage. When the borders were drawn, the demonic cultivators were exiled to a barren place in Yan Cuo.

Though the demonic cultivators’ place of exile was vast, it was poor in Qi. Everyone had thought that the demonic cultivators would not have the strength to make trouble again. However, the demonic cultivators had unexpectedly taken up their hoes and dug all over the place. They found a top quality Lingshi (translucent crystals with spiritual energy trapped within) vein in Yan Cuo.

Although the righteous cultivators were very regretful, they could only look at the top quality Lingshi vein in Yan Cuo with eyes green with envy and longing.

The demonic cultivators have created a magic array to gather spiritual power. They are resting and recuperating in Yun Cuo, waiting until they have enough strength to make a comeback. In the past few hundred years, seven major demonic sects have been formed, and from time to time some of those sects like to make trouble for the righteous cultivators.

The Yu Shou Sect is one of those sects.

But the distance between Yun Cuo and Jiao Xia is quite far, so why would a group of demonic cultivators travel thousands of miles away to do evil in such a small town?

“Six months ago, I was at the front line of a battle with demonic cultivators at the Jin river and suffered a loss at the hands of Yu Shou Sect’s disciples. I remember the scent of this Soul Controlling Incense.” Chu Sheng’s facial expression was complicated for a moment then he said softly: “If mortals smell the Soul Controlling Incense, they will lose consciousness. If demon beasts smell it, they will be ordered to infuse their essence blood into the incense. I’m afraid everyone in this town has been abducted by a demonic cultivator. The situation is urgent; it’s not something my younger brother can handle. You must immediately return to Tian Yuan sect to report this to the sect master!”

Chu Yu was stunned.

This can’t be right?!

The demonic cultivators were supposed to come out in ten years. Why did they come out early?

Yu Shou Sect? Isn’t this the demonic path sect that the protagonist singled out for destruction? Are these cannon fodder villains really in such a hurry to die?

Tangled up in his confused thoughts, Chu Yu nodded and parted with Chu Sheng. Chu Sheng has to go back to the Chu family to report to their father so that the family will be on the alert for demonic cultivator activities.

After the two men left, a slender figure suddenly emerged from the dirt wall that had been cut down.

The figure looked to the left then looked to the right. He was confused for a moment then suddenly became furious, saying: “Those two people should follow the trail of the incense burner! How can they run off like that! F***!”


He had not expected that he would leave the sect and then return on the same day. He was also unable to practice his fighting skills, thus Chu Yu was very dejected.

Xie Xi, who was resting in Chu Yu’s embrace with his arms around Chu Yu’s neck, blinked at him and asked: “Da Shixiong is worried about the demonic cultivators?”

Chu Yu is certainly not worried.

Protagonist, they are only cannon fodder, to level up you need to challenge a mini BOSS ~

Chu Yu’s face showed an awe-inspiring righteousness: “Demonic cultivators are extremely cruel and merciless. We don’t know what has happened to the innocent townspeople.”

The truth is that Chu Yu really was worried about those townspeople so he decisively went back to the sect. He and Chu Sheng are two Foundation Building cultivators while the strength of the enemy was unknown but it is someone who can control a large number of demonic beasts, therefore only one word could describe their fate if they stayed – “death.”

Not to mention, the protagonist was with him and he cannot risk his life.

Leave a small incense burner for them to find? That’s clearly a trap created by the demonic cultivator.

Xun Sheng was full of spiritual energy and when pushed it was as fast as lightning so they arrived at Tian Yuan sect in less than half a day. Chu Yu wiped away cold sweat. When he left Xun Sheng was out of control, how fast would they have to go to get to Qinghe town in a few hours …?

If there was an “air traffic safety law” in this world, he would be disqualified from using the flying the sword because of speeding.

His thoughts still muddled, Chu Yu landed on Ping Yuan Peak.

Fortunately, the sect master Song Yuanzhuo was at the peak. Chu Yu left Xie Xi in front of the Ping Yuan Peak Hall. He entered the hall alone.

Chu Yu is Lu Qingan’s personal succeeding disciple while Lu Qingan is Song Yuanzhuo’s Shidi. Although Lu Qingan usually ignored everyone with a lofty, cold look on his face, in fact his relationship with Song Yuanzhuo is good. So Chu Yu did not find it difficult to report to the sect master. He pulled out that small incense burner and showed it to Song Yuanzhuo, then told him everything that had happened.

Song Yuanzhuo wrinkled his brow: “Yu Shou Sect? Why did the demonic cultivators come to Jiao Xia?”

The sect master thought about this matter for a long time then his face suddenly showed that he had thought of something as he muttered “demonic insects” but he did not elaborate. Chu Yu wanted to talk about it but the sect master was mum. He could only take his leave with a black face. He had waited to see Song Yuanzhuo for a long time but in the end, he was asked to leave after making his report.

Well, after all this is Song Yuanzhuo’s problem.

Walking out of the hall, Chu Yu recalled that there were streams and lake in Yuan Chen Peak. As he exited he saw Xie Xi with some graceful young girls3 who are obviously there to tease him a bit.

Ah, he is surrounded by a bunch of females!4 Chu Yu couldn’t interrupt this merry scene.

Chu Yu carefully hid behind a pillar, blinked, and listened in to their conversation.

“Who is this little Shidi? Are you from Yuan Chen Peak?”

“This small face is more tender than mine. He is really lovely.”

“Hee hee, little Shidi, I will give you candy. Come, be good and go with sister back to the peak, okay?”


All the girls giggled; the sound of their laughter was silvery and melodious as they pulled Xie Xi.

Chu Yu listened, touching his smooth chin.

That’s not good. How can he hug the protagonist’s thighs if he leaves?

He was just about to come forward to rescue Xie Xi from the twittering girls when Xie Xi’s voice suddenly sounded loud and clear as he said coldly: “F*** off.”

“I will follow Da Shixiong my whole life. Don’t try to separate me and Da Shixiong!” he said firmly.


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  1. Xie Xi is described as 白玉 – white jade. This is either the gem white jade or the peach plant called white jade. 梨花带雨 – actually a common stock idiom “pear blossom rain” meaning a charming crying face.
  2. 御兽宗 – Yu Shou Sect (Imperial Beast Sect)
  3. 应该是见他生得粉扑扑玉团团 – what the heck does this mean? Something about a powder puff and scattering jade around?
  4. 桃花运 – literally “peach blossom” but it means a man is surrounded by women

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