Chapter 15.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 15.1 – Protagonist: Do not leave my line of sight.

The Minotaur sneezed. Guarding the gate was very boring. He began to idly daydream about the Succubus last night – not only did that little demon want to drain his essence, she also wanted to empty his wallet. His companion today was sleepy and grumpy, complaining, “Bah, this is bad luck. I have to be on guard duty today right after the elemental storm. There’s no way to get extra income here.”

Everyone who enters the city must pay a fee. Of course, the guards on duty often manage to raise the price whenever a suspicious person appears. However, during the elemental storm, except for really powerful people, no one would stay out in the open. Most people will stay inside one of the 72 cities to wait for the storm to pass.

The Minotaur was just about to nod his head to agree with his companion when he saw a person approaching. That person’s appearance was very strange … A traveler? He had a book in his hand. Covered with a tattered black cloak, the only thing that could be seen of that person was some black air peeking out from under an equally tattered black hood. When he came closer the Minotaur could smell the blood on the black robe, which was woven from the dark elements. Everywhere around him was the dark element and the faint aura of death.

With his swordsman’s strength, the Minotaur could sense that the person in front of him was so weak that he would collapse if the Minotaur hit him even once. But his instincts told him this person was not that simple. Seeing that the unusual traveller was walking past them to enter Halphas City, his companion said: “Halt!”

The man paused and leaned sideways. The Minotaur could not see him clearly. Beneath the hood, the man looked out from a mass of black hair. His cold eyes nailed the guard in place. The Minotaur’s brain seemed to freeze. Stopping his companion who was ready to assume an awe-inspiring pose, he said, respectfully: “Sir, to enter the city you must pay 10 silver coins.”

The man paused, then took out 10 silver coins from his pocket which he handed over. The Minotaur accepted it and said, voice deferential: “I hope that the gentleman will have a pleasant stay in Halphas City.”

When the man left, his companion looked at the 10 coins in shock: “Old Ox, the city entrance fee is 15 pieces of silver! Are you crazy?!”

The Minotaur looked at his companion as though he was an idiot: “Do you know what I just said?”

His companion shook his head. In the previous conversation, the Minotaur used a language he had never heard.

“That was the Ancient Magic language. Only the high demon clan use that language. I only know about two sentences of it. Did you see his black hair?” he said. “I didn’t see his eyes but he must have the deep purple eyes of a high-level demon!”

The angel race’s strength can be quantified based on the number of wings they had. As for the demon race, their power is concentrated in their eyes. All of the high-level demons have black hair and purple or black eyes. The darker the eye color, the more powerful they were.

The Minotaur’s companion finally understood. He felt frightened but luckily he was stopped by the Old Ox and did not offend the powerful demon.

Right at that moment the “powerful demon” was also frightened. Fortunately, that “medicine delivery service” brother had enough coins on his corpse to allow Du Ze to enter the city.

In “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist entered the city without having to pay … Well, at that time the cruel protagonist had seized the city by force, therefore there was no one who dared to ask him to pay the entrance fee.

Reading this sort of thing in a novel gave one the feeling of “how cool it is!” but the current developments made Du Ze sorrowful. The protagonist, because of his grave injury, had not regained consciousness. There was no food or medicine and his condition was getting worse. Du Ze is very worried but, fortunately, he found a city close to their hiding place.

With great difficulty, Du Ze waited for the elemental storm to subside. One could say that he put on the robes or covered his body with rags – there was no difference between the two. Looking at his appearance, the black robe was full of holes and Du Ze was greatly dismayed since his “dew point” (nipple) was exposed. Therefore he took back the sweater vest that he had put on Xiu so as to cover himself decently when he left. However, he had not counted on having to pay an entrance fee.

With just a few copper coins in his hand, Du Ze strolled around the street and discovered that his money was enough to buy clothes, or three day’s worth of food, or one bottle of medicine.

Searching for a way to earn money, ah! _(;3」∠)_

Truly, this is a case of “the hero was stumped by the lack of money.” His belly empty, Du Ze wanted to cry but there weren’t enough tears.

In the world of “Mixed Blood” strength can be divided into two types – one’s own strength and the strength of one’s equipment. As long as a person has excellent equipment, even an apprentice can kill a master. So people in this world are passionate about high quality equipment. The halflings who specialize in crafting equipment are especially popular. The weapons that they forge are in hot demand. Of course, the halfling’s techniques are those that were passed down by their ancestors, the gnomes. Many crafting techniques have been lost since the gnomes and their mechanical civilization mysteriously disappeared. If the high quality equipment that the gnomes made were to appear again, it would cause a bloodbath … haha.

Therefore, in the novel, whenever the protagonist needs money, all he had to do was to change into the gnome form. Then he would make some equipment and the defective products that he created would be sold, alarming the entire continent. Many nobles and powers fought each other for those inferior products while the protagonist kept the best ones for his women and army, who were armed to the teeth with top quality equipment.

That’s how it should be for the protagonist with the golden finger. Right now though, the one who possesses the golden finger is critically injured. He awakened his gnome form but there are no materials that he can use to show off his crafting ability and make money.

Now Du Ze has to choose between food or clothes or medicine.

He continued to walk around. His social barrier ensured that he would not be able to bargain with the other person. Moreover, exposing his stupid, cute identity in any of the 72 demon cities would be a bad idea but it was especially true of the city of Halphas.

All of the cities are devoted to the worship of a demon god. The object of veneration of Halphas is, naturally, Halphas, the 38th demon. This demon is called the “Dead and Shattered Earl” with red-blood eyes and had the form of a dove. The lazy author simply took the name and form from “Solomon’s 72 Demons,” copied directly from Baidu, no need to worry about it anymore!

Du Ze now understood how Ye Zhi Qiu’s lazy behavior was extremely dangerous. Since he copied it from the legend of Solomon’s 72 demons, Halphas has the following attribute: he likes to eat human flesh. In “Mixed Blood” the city of Halphas was particularly unfriendly towards human. The City Lord’s staple food was human flesh, and he was not very friendly to humans.

This young man also wants to make the author his staple food, and he is not feeling very friendly towards the author.

A group of demons were in front of a bulletin board, whispering to each other. Du Ze hesitated then carefully walked up to the group. He was afraid to get too close to them and could only eavesdrop from the outskirts of the gathering.

“Gee, this reward posted by the Lord is really generous.”

“1, 2, 3 … 5 zeros, one hundred thousand gold coins! It’s a lot of money!”

“Wake up, it’s not for you. Can you hand over a weapon that satisfies the City Lord?”

Du Ze was shocked. 100,000 gold coins is equivalent to 100 million yuan (15 million USD) on Earth. The Halphas City Lord is spending money like it’s going out of style. Du Ze had underestimated the lengths to which the powerful would go to pursue good equipment. But after the shock, Du Ze felt that this storyline appearing in front of him was like a naked, hot girl coming onto him and then, while he is ready to jump her, saying: Oops, sorry my aunt (monthly period) came early.

Du Ze ran away crying.

crying du ze
Du Ze running away crying at the lost opportunity of acquiring 100,000 gold coins (15 million USD)

Avoiding the crowd, Du Ze arrived at the city square which had a large black statue that represents Halphas. He stared as he saw a demon sitting beneath the statue. The demon was wearing green clothes and held a book in his right hand. The stall in front of him was full of boxes.

– No way, this NPC spawned here?

npc spawned
Du Ze was excited to see that this mysterious trader NPC spawned (not literally an NPC, that’s just Du Ze’s joke)

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