Chapter 14.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 14.2 – Protagonist: I will hold you tight

So tired. So heavy. It hurts.

The black robe was destroyed, his hair fell off, and his flesh melted away.

From running to jogging, to brisk walking, to walking, then finally the black-haired youth simply moved away slowly in the rain, breathing labored. He seemed to be conscious of the increased danger and moved the small figure from his back to his front, holding him close to his bosom to reduce the area that would be damaged by the rain.

Why is he desperately protecting the protagonist? The protagonist abused him many times but he treats the protagonist like his first love – how much of a Holy Saint is he? Though Du Ze does need to keep Xiu alive because of the blood contract, carefully keeping Xiu on his bosom to protect the protagonist from the rain… even with his restore function, isn’t this too much?

… Because it hurts.

What Du Ze is experiencing is just skin corrosion, but it hurts so much. When all of a person’s flesh and blood is melted away, it must be more painful than death. How can a man endure it?

Du Ze bent his waist, tightly embracing a small figure – this person is this world’s protagonist who should have had a bright future, loved by everyone. But because of a reader’s words, his flesh and blood were gouged out and he was abandoned by friends and allies.

When reading a book and a character is in pain, the reader stands outside of the book and will only be left with the impression of “oh, this person is in pain.” The novel’s readers know that the protagonist of “Mixed Blood” had his flesh painfully removed, and was hurt by repeated betrayals. However, the readers don’t realize how deep the pain is because they can’t feel it themselves. It was only through his current suffering that Du Ze realized how cruel they were in the other world, and what a foolish thing he had done.

The guilt overwhelmed Du Ze, tormenting him. Du Ze was also discouraged, thinking: if he had been the one who had been hurt like that, would he also feel moved?1

“… Put me down, you can go.”

The protagonist had been lying quietly on his back even though his wound had opened up again due to being jolted up and down by the running movements. When Du Ze held Xiu in his arms, the protagonist spoke.

“I will cancel the blood contract. You won’t die because of me.”

The blood contract can be annulled by the caster since he has absolute power over the other.

Du Ze was stupefied for a while. His stupid brain couldn’t process the words. Is the protagonist unexpectedly asking him to leave? Doesn’t Xiu value only his own life? Doesn’t he just prefer to use other people? Why is he willing to let Du Ze leave while he waits for death here?

Du Ze cried, he really cried. FML, the Holy Saint shined his light and the cute hero actually returned. My body was damaged and you immediately believed in the Holy Saint’s love, not knowing that this person is the chief architect of your woes.

This young man pledges his life to see you sitting on the throne of the Supreme God.

Du Ze was just about to open his mouth to speak the words of loyalty in his heart when his headphones went on strike again. This time the batteries did not run out, instead the wire was melted by the black rain.

Du Ze … Du Ze sighed. It doesn’t matter, this young man is used to it …. haha.

You are definitely an enemy agent (meow spy) sent by Yi Ye Zhi Qiu!!! All I wanted to do was the increase my favorability rating!!! WTF!!!

All of this inner turmoil went unnoticed. Xiu only saw that Du Ze made a renewed effort to hug him more closely to his bosom. The black-haired youth’s face was cold. Bending over to protect Xiu from the corrosive black rain, Du Ze’s eyeglasses were half melted but they couldn’t hide the cold anger in his eyes. This was the first time that Xiu saw him express a strong emotion. That person was always serious in speech and manner … why is he angry?

Xiu bowed his head, his flaxen hair softly falling down his face, hiding his expression.

Perhaps the return of the cute hero brought them good luck. Du Ze had just walked a few steps when he finally saw a good hiding place. It was a crack in a rock wall. The length was about one meter and the space inside was not wide. Xiu’s gnome form could barely fit inside.

Covering the opening with his body, Du Ze sat outside. Although he was drenched by the black rain, the situation now was better than before. Du Ze believed that he would be able to survive until midnight when his body would be restored. Sure enough, once a person gets the restore power, the lower limit of his body will be tested and he will have the courage to challenge all kinds of deadly situations. Now that they are safe and the cute hero has returned, what awaits them is a glorious future.

While Du Ze was happily thinking of the beautiful future he would have while following the cute hero, Xiu’s small hand grabbed Du Ze’s index finger, squeezing it hard. Du Ze lowered his head to look at Xiu’s face. It was very white, not like the gnome’s skin, more like the undead’s pallor, but his amber eyes were unusually bright. In those eyes Du Ze could see his corpse-like reflection: his hair was all gone, his skin was melted into a hideous mess, and the underlying muscles were exposed.

… 0-point restore is a good skill, right?

Then Du Ze saw Xiu smile in a way totally unlike the Lich’s sneer. In the gnome’s small face, there appeared a pair of very cute dimples.

He said, “…”

Du Ze’s eyes seemed pure and bright but actually inside he was in a daze. Xiu lay down on the ground and closed his eyes, hiding the darkness deep in his eyes.



He will not tell the man that he had already seen shelter.

He will only say to him: Put me down, you can go.

He will not tell the man that he will kill him the moment he abandons him.

He will only say to him: I will cancel the blood contract. You won’t die because of me.

He will not tell the man that he doesn’t want to let go.

He will only say to him: I will hold you tight.

That person who, under the black rain, bent down to protect the figure that lay on his bosom – he will hold on to him and never let him go.

– [black box]

The author has something to say:

Protagonist: I will hold you tight.
Reader: Please, let go.
Author: Gnomes are sensitive, curious, and stubborn.
Reader: **** it’s not stubborn, it’s paranoia! Wipe, wipe the sh**! Looking for group, let’s spray the author with Aunt Flo’s blood.

barbecue du ze
This manhua page is different from the novel. Du Ze only has slight injuries in the image but in the novel he was very badly burned.

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  1. The raw was unclear but I think Du Ze is wondering if Xiu would help him if Du Ze was the one in trouble.

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