Chapter 19 Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Demonic Insect Rampage

His vacant look didn’t seem like it was false. Xie Xi was startled and his anger slowly dissipated. He frowned and asked: “… Shixiong really doesn’t know?”

Chu Yu still had a dumbfounded look on his face.

Xie Xi silently stared at Chu Yu, who was very close at hand.

One step further, then perhaps he might fall down the abyss and be shattered, or perhaps achieve his wishes and live his life without regrets.

“Shixiong, I …” Xie Xi opened his mouth to say the words that have been locked inside his heart these past two days. The words rose to his mouth but he still did not dare to come out.

He was still afraid that Chu Yu would drive him away.

“I don’t like Shixiong like that.”

Chu Yu, relieved, put down Xun Sheng then patted Xie Xi’s bare back. “Shixiong knows it was a mistake, in the future, it won’t be like this … Not angry? Hurry and put your clothes on.”

It looks as though trying to activate the protagonist’s harem skills won’t work … The only thing I can do is to wait for a cute girl to make his heart beat faster in the future.

Xie Xi doesn’t seem too angry1 so his favorability rating must still be high and he is still able to hug the thighs ~

Shixiong and his junior resumed their good humour and looked at each other with smiling expressions but the two people’s hearts and minds are different from each other, ineffable.

They went back to the fire and Xie Xi put some clothes on. Chu Yu remembered something that he had momentarily forgotten: “By the way, what happened with the fox demon?”

Suddenly, Chu Yu broke out in a cold sweat as he realized that the fur he was sitting on looked more and more like wolf fur.

Those two unfortunate demons, weren’t cut down by Xie Xi, right?

Xie Xi wrung the water from his long hair and sat down next to Chu Yu, smiling. The sound of his voice was sweet when he said: “Shixiong, guess?”

Seeing the strange expression on Chu Yu’s face, Xie Xi chuckled out loud and said lazily: “Didn’t that fox eat Shixiong’s candy? Shidi was not happy and chased her around with his sword for a while. She’s probably too scared to come out.”

Tracking him, chasing the unlucky fox demon, killing another animal, and even being able to process its fur then waiting at the camp for him to return?

Chu Yu almost fell down on his knees: “…”


Fang Ye City2 is to the west of the Tian Yuan Mountains, not too far from the edge of the Jiao Xia boundary. Chu Yu leisurely traveled with Xie Xi for a month before they reached the city. The two people found an inn and, considering that Xie Xi can’t sleep unless he is holding someone, Chu Yu got an adjoining room.

Xie Xi smiled deeply.

The other disciples of the Tian Yuan Sect should also have arrived at Fang Ye City. Chu Yu pondered a moment and came to the conclusion that the original Chu Yu would not have condescended to look for his fellow disciples. Therefore, if he goes looking for them, it would look strange.

Xie Xi sat cross-legged, facing Chu Yu, and smiled at him. When he was thinking about the problem, he unconsciously narrowed his eyes a bit and his eyes looked like deep, icy pools that gave off a cold air. His long eyelashes lowered and the color of his eyes showed deep, gentle, loving feelings.

“What is Shixiong thinking?”

“The demonic insects will hatch in about one month.” Chu Yu touched his chin. “He who knows himself and knows his enemy can become invincible. It would be good to go and watch the insects hatch.”

The demonic insects have a lot of vitality and are extremely tenacious and ferocious. If the eggs are laid and have established themselves in a place, the hatchery cannot be destroyed because they cannot be cut or removed.

The insects look like worm and they are naturally bloodthirsty. The hatchery are all near cities. Ten years ago, when the demonic insects swarmed, the people left the city, fearing death.

Chu Yu, in order to guard his life and the protagonist, collected a lot of data about the demonic insects from all four corners of the world. Unfortunately, all he could find out what that the insects were afraid of both water and fire. Also, if the insects hatch and taste human flesh, they become even more difficult to kill.

Chu Yu only felt a deep bitterness.

The ****ing writer wrote something so hard to handle The original protagonist did not even fight them to grind his levels, therefore it was simply written to eliminate the cannon fodder characters?

He deserves to be forced to beg for a living for 100 years!3

The eggs are in the depths of a forest not far from the city. The two people went outside and had almost arrived there after a few days. As they moved closer to the area, Chu Yu was worried in his heart.

Outside the city is a river which is great for someone of his element, but it’s a little too far away from the place where the demonic insects will hatch! It’s not easy to get to the river quickly if something happens while he is fighting.

Before Chu Yu could think of a solution to that problem, something did happened.

Someone died outside Ye City yesterday.

It’s said that the corpse was chewed until almost the only thing that remained was a white skeleton and a bloody head. Early in the morning, a beggar was passing by when it saw something in the grass. He went to take a look at it and what he saw was a head with two bloody holes where its eyes had been eaten

The beggar was extremely frightened. He fainted. Then, after he woke up, he crawled back to the city to tell everyone about his discovery

Chu Yu silently listened to the drunken whispers at the inn and the expression on his face grew ugly.

Listening to this description, he thought that this development was wrong.

It’s one month ahead of time!

Three years ago, he and Xie Xi went down the mountain to suppress the water demons. Those water demons also emerged a few days before the expected time.

This matter is probably related to that incident but now is not the time to carefully investigate the link between the two. Chu Yu repressed the doubt in his heart and hurried outside of the city with Xie Xi. Close to the place in the forest where the insects were going to hatch, they heard the clanging of swords.

Chu Yu composed himself. Firmly holding on to Xie Xi, he examined the scene in front of him. He saw a dozen people wearing different colors. They were all wearing the same style of immortal clothing and struggling to deal with dozens of almost transparent demonic insects flying in the air. Chu Yu is familiar with their clothing; it is the standard uniform of the Tian Yuan Sect disciples

The disciples from the same sect used various hand seals, tools, and skills. They were very colorful and flashy but they were all in vain as they had no effect on the demonic insects.

Seeing that the insects will soon break their defenses and take their lives, Chu Yu knew that it was too late to stop and think. He drew Xun Sheng, which rang out with clear, pure tone as he flew forward and chopped up a demonic insect.

Someone saw Chu Yu and shouted, overjoyed: “Chu Shixiong!”

Chu Yu did not turn around. He squinted at the demonic insects hovering in the sky.

These demonic insects probably just hatched. The body is as big as an adult’s fist, and it is color is close to transparent with red eyes. When they saw Chu Yu jump out, they bared their teeth threateningly.

Their teeth are extremely sharp, like knife points.

Chu Yu saw that and his eyelids started twitching violently.

**** the dog! Those things just hatched yet they are so vicious and want to eat human flesh?! What’s more, they were successful! They love to eat fresh human meat …

Xie Xi, holding Duan Xue, came to Chu Yu’s side. His eyes swept over the demonic insects and his face was still pale: “Shixiong, how do you plan to dispose of these things?”

Chu Yu stared at the insects for a moment. He showed an uncomplicated smile at Xie Xi. Before Xie Xi could react to the absence of real humor in that smile, he shifted Xun Sheng to his left hand then used his right hand to touch his storage ring to take out a fire talisman. He looked at the insects that were bunched together in mid-air and didn’t hesitate to throw the the talisman at them.

The talisman is not an ordinary one. Its flames are difficult to remove. In a moment, all of the insects had become balls of fire and then fell to the ground with a banging sound.

Chu Yu, holding Xun Sheng, sniffed then sighed: “How sweet …”

Xie Xi who regained his calm: “…”

In an instant the demons were burnt to ashes. Chu Yu turned around and swept his eyes over the fellow disciples behind him who has awkward looks on their faces. He frowned.

Song Jingyi said to form groups of four people but in front of him are 15 people, this is obviously not according to plan.

“Where is your Song Shixiong?”

“Song Shixiong told us to wait here.” A yellow-clothed disciple looked at Chu Yu: “Chu Shixiong… Since we met, you’ll have to stay behind. Otherwise, you and Xiao Shidi might have an accident, and we don’t want to report that back to Elder Lu.”

(TN: He is speaking informally and rudely. The sentences are a bit convoluted but he is basically asking Chu Yu to stay behind, ostensibly because Xie Xi, as the youngest junior brother, is weak and might be injured if they advance but what he really wants is for Chu Yu to protect them..)

Chu Yu gave him a cold glance.

The expression on Xie Xi’s face was like a smile yet not a smile: “I see a lot of useless people.”

The yellow-clothed disciple’s face turned green then white.

If I remember correctly, he seems to be one of Qing Ye Peak’s many annoying disciples. He wanted Chu Yu to stay behind to seek shelter.

Xie Xi was naturally unwilling to stay.

Chu Yu was anxious to check the situation and did not want to stay here to waste time. He said coldly: “If you are afraid, immediately return to the town.”

Then he stood on his sword and flew off.

The man’s face changed: “Chu Yu! You see someone who is going to die and you do nothing!”

What a ****ing idiot!

The expression on Chu Yu’s face was thunderous as he looked back. He was about to reprimand them when, suddenly, he heard someone in the forest screaming. Chu Yu hurriedly turned his head and saw a few people flying away from the forest on their swords, faces pale as snow, led by Song Jingyi.

Seeing a crowd outside the woods, Song Jingyi roared: “Run!”

Chu Yu looked behind them. Hundreds of demonic insects, black as ink, made a buzzing sound. Their heads were scarlet as the red color of a churning pool of blood.

Xie Xi stood quietly at Chu Yu’s side and turned to look at the subtle expression on his face.

At this time, if they flee, the mortals they leave behind will be chewed up. If they do not flee, there are hundreds of demonic insects that look as though they have already tasted a delicacy, death is certain.

Besides, these demons do not act like wild insects. They look more like domesticated pets …

Chu Yu shoved Xie Xi aside fiercely: “Go with them to the town! Let me distract the insects!”

Xie Xi’s expression dulled: “Impossible!”

The demonic insects were near, there was no time to push him off. Chu Yu no longer fussed over him and gritted his teeth as he cut his arm with Xun Sheng then rushed towards the river.

The scent of blood can attract demons, especially when it is a cultivator’s blood.

The insect swarm followed Chu Yu without hesitation, like ominous dark clouds. The other disciples barely had time to react and just felt stunned and relieved.

Someone looked around, astonished, and said: “Eh, Chu Shixiong’s Xiao Shidi also went with him …”

“Another one wants to throw away his life,” said the yellow-clothed disciple from before. His tone was neither hot nor cold.

The female cultivator beside him suddenly spoke, scowling: “How can you talk like that?! Just now, if Chu Shixiong had not risked his life to lead those insects away, you with your low level of cultivation would already be dead!”

“His cultivation is so high, is he not supposed to protect the weaker disciples?”

The female cultivator was extremely angry. In fact, she was so mad that the grimace on her face almost looked like a smile. She was about to scold him again when Song Jingyi said: “Too noisy! Do not injure the relationship between fellow disciples of the same sect over a trifling matter!”

The expression on his face was extremely ugly. His eyes seemed to emit a cold light at the female cultivator who did not dare to speak again.

Song Jingyi clearly knew that they were chased by the demonic insects because he disturbed the enemy and all of the insects came out.

Moreover, as they fled they left behind several people.

Looking in the direction where Chu Yu flew off, Song Jingyi ground his teeth and said: “The inner disciples will stay with me. The others must immediately go back and activate the city’s defensive array!”



Translator’s Notes:

  • Some of the sentences sounded too weird if I literally translated which means I took liberties with the text. But the meaning should all still be the same.
  • Wow, so this is a typical Xianxia setting where every cannon fodder character is a total idiot who loves to run his mouth off?
  • Thank you to everyone who had left a comment before and please keep ’em coming. I love comments!

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  3. 扑街 – um this means lying down on the middle of the street, like a beggar. 一百年 – literally one hundred years but it also means “for a lifetime.” The literal translation of the sentence 活该扑街一百年! Would be “he deserves to lie down on the street for his entire lifetime.”

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