Chapter 20.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 20.2 – Reader/Protagonist: Don’t make a fuss

Alice, who had been very quiet until now, surprised the onlookers when she suddenly stretched out a fist, spread her fingers, and revealed her palm. A red flame was sticking to the skin of her palm. It seemed to become brighter as it drank her life force. Violet saw the flame on Alice’s hand and called out in alarm: “No!!!”

The flame was growing brighter and brighter, changing colors – orange, red, yellow, pale yellow, then, finally, pure white. The white flame emitted endless light and heat. The evil spirits that surrounded the two sisters burned, wailing as they vaporized. In the white light, Alice smiled at her beloved sister and fell to the ground quietly. Violet held Alice in her arms and sprang back up, tears on her face.

The white flame was still burning in the air after Alice fell. Jie Jie’s laughter finally stopped. The Necromancer shouted angrily and countless skeletons tried to approach Violet and Alice but were melted. Violet wiped away her tears. She picked up Alice and desperately ran forward, leaving the circle of flames. Behind her, the white flames burned lower but did not look like it was dying. It was more like it was concentrating its energy for an explosion.

Violet, holding Alice, stepped over a skeleton and tripped, rolling down over a hill of bones. They fell to the bottom … right in front of Du Ze, whose eyes widened in shock.

The two groups of people: “…”

Violet had not expected to see more people around. The situation was urgent and she had no time to think. She stabbed the sword into the bones and her battle aura flared out, protecting herself and her twin.

Before Du Ze could react, his collar tightened and he was pulled onto Xiu’s embrace. Xiu opened his wings and wrapped the two of them in its darkness.

“Don’t try to escape -”

The white flame leapt up one last time then exploded.


Dazzling white light swallowed up the world, a huge part of the sea of undead souls was destroyed, and innumerable bones were blown to pieces. After the light faded, ashes from the sky fell, obscuring everyone’s vision.

The strength of Alice’s forbidden technique was so great that even the Necromancer, who was hidden in the dark, was affected. One of his hands and the staff it held was blasted off. When the Necromancer saw a figure in the haze of ashes lifting another person, his attention was caught. The undead mage took out a black skull from his bosom, which was the most precious treasure that his teacher had given him. The necromancer hesitated for a moment before his dismay and hesitation was replaced by impulsive anger. He stared at the two figures. then crushed the skull head.

“I curse you!”

“You will endure the agony of extreme cold day and night!”

“You can only dance with the dead!”

“-until you belong to me!”

A white shadow came out of the broken skull in his hand and flew towards its target. A grey mist from the hand of the one of the figures seemed to want to stop it. Purple energy arced across the distance and hit the white shadow but it had no effect. The curse hit the target. The necromancer began to laugh as the cursed figure bent over in pain.

“Jie Jie Jie Jie, very painful, this is your punishment!” The necromancer paused for a moment, then continued his taunting: “Jie Jie, if you are willing to follow me and be my people, then I will make you feel very … happy?”

Necromancer’s laughter abruptly stopped. He looked through the haze of ashes and saw two shadows, plus the previous two figures. There were four shadows. It was only then that the Necromancer realized – the sisters had fire and water elemental powers, why did he just see … thunder and lightning?

As though to confirm that the Necromancer had really seen lighting, a huge burst of electric energy lit up the sea of undead souls. The necromancer could finally see the other four people clearly. In addition to the demon twins, there was another demon and a human.

Du Ze had his arms around himself because his body was invaded by an intense coldness. Something cold had hit him from behind, making his body shiver and his teeth chatter. At that moment, Du Ze bitterly recognized that his luck stat was still E.

… Why do I always get hit?! _(;3」∠)_

A light breeze sprang up. It was Xiu, who spread his wings and leaped into the air.

Xiu hovered in the air high above the sea of undead souls. From the viewpoint of the undead mage hiding in the darkness, the figure of the demon is lit from behind, making him difficult to see. All the Necromancer can see are the demon’s purple eyes with vertical slit pupils.

“Come out.”

Under the watchful eyes of the onlookers, Xiu drew the Burning Desire Demonic Sword. His voice was as soft as a lover’s whisper when he said:

“What did you just say … Who’s going to be your man?”



Setting foot on the dark red land, Xiu sized up this strange place.

The landscape was bleak, the sky was a hazy purple, and the earth was illuminated with a gloomy red light. The withered plants shook wearily on the Scarlet Mountain Rock. The wind blew from afar and instantly crushed a few plants into powder. The black powder fell from the air, like a mournful lament.

“This is the reverse side of the continent?”

The spirit beast meowed. Xiu stroked its head and summoned the three-headed Cerberus. The dog folded its legs and let Xiu mount it.

It was time to find a creature to get information about this side of the continent. He looked around at the red land. In the West was a white line while the other directions was just more of the barren red wilderness.

So he began to ride towards the West. He found that the white line was actually a place made up of countless bones. The bones were piled up into high hills, like an ocean of bones. The spirit of the undead was especially strong here.

At the top of a hill made of bones, a girl appeared. She was wearing blue and had long black hair and purple eyes. She stared at the demon.

That was a demon girl. Her petite body seemed tired from fighting and she was biting her cherry red lips. Standing atop bones that smelled of death, she looked very beautiful and pure.

He smiled: He had found the right person.

– an excerpt from “Mixed Blood”


Experimental Theatre1


Reader: This young actor is not shou (uke) …

Protagonist: Don’t make a fuss.

Protagonist: Eight races tonight.

Reader: Don’t make a fuss.

Author: I want to abandon the novel.

Reader/Protagonist: Don’t make a fuss.

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  1. 小剧场 – small theater

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