Chapter 21.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 21.1 – Protagonist: What’s this situation?

“What did you just say … Who’s going to be your man?”

… … He’s fixated on the wrong thing!

The protagonist is more concerned about the enemy who wants to capture his younger brother and doesn’t even ask for an explanation? Du Ze almost fell down on his knees. He was at a loss. However, with his 0 point restore, he doesn’t care about the curse. In addition, protagonist, you still want to burn it?! What happened when he was unconscious?

The Necromancer who was hiding in the dark felt a certain strange pressure.1 He finally understood the present situation. The Yin Ling curse seems to have been cast on the wrong person. This made the necromancer very angry, but he is not stupid enough to provoke the demon. All this time, the Necromancer had been living in the sea of undead souls using the things his teacher had left him, but he has not been able to master his own magic. After seeing the beautiful Belial City Lord, he lusted after her.2 The Necromancer can only use terrible means to lure them to his territory, then use the location advantage to capture the demon sisters.

The Necromancer was pretending to be dead. Xiu sought for traces of the undead in air. However, the aura of death from sea of undead souls was too strong; all other smells and information were masked by it. Neither could the undead mage be seen by the naked eye. It was one of the reasons why Violet and Alice had been so outmatched. The enemy did not appear, but just summoned the undead to fight for him. In the sea of undead souls, the magical cost of summoning the undead were negligible.

Purple lightning once again raged in the sea of the undead souls. Violet was fascinated and stared at Xiu. This powerful force was too crazy. She could not help but want to kneel to worship him and become his follower.

After the purple lighting died down, the sea of undead souls had huge holes where bones had been pulverized. Countless bones slowly slid down to fill the holes. The Necromancer’s throat was dry with fear. A few inches more and that terrible lighting would have destroyed him completely. Not even his ashes would be left. He stared in horror at the demon licking the arc of lightning at his fingertips; the smile on his face was both demonic and charming: “You’re not coming out? The next one will blow you up.”

Protagonist, your domineering value is over 9000!3 Achoo!

Du Ze sneezed and continued to look excitedly at the fight with a shiver. Ever since he was transported into this world, what Du Ze has looked forward to the most are these moments when the domineering protagonist humiliates the enemy. Now that he finally got his wish, the silly reader has forgotten his own troubles and the memory of his sufferings faded.

Daring to prey on the younger brothers and sisters of the protagonist, these characters are the real warriors; they have the courage to live a bleak life as cannon fodder!

The “Brave Warrior” Necromancer’s brain was blank. He almost obediently left his hiding place, but when he saw Du Ze, the Necromancer suddenly thought: The demon’s companion was cursed by him, in order to remove the curse, the demon won’t kill him, so this is … a trap?

Xiu waited a while, and found, to his regret, that the other party was not fooled. The demon had a rough idea of where the Necromancer was, based on his previous actions, and tried to force him out of hiding with his speech. Xiu looked at the power at his fingertips. If he were at the peak of his power he would be confident that he could completely destroy the sea of undead souls, but now he has a little less power.4

Once again he felt his weakness, clearly the shape of the demon is extremely powerful, but in the current situation, he is helpless. Xiu looked at the sea of the undead and, for the first time, he felt that it would be good if he were in his undead form.

– Do you really think so?

It was the voice that guided him when he awakened his demon form. This voice is not from outside, but from the depths of his body, like some ancient melody, representing the whispers of his blood.

– Come then.

When he regained his senses, he was in a strange space. The place was pitch black, and the only thing he could see was a cone5 suspended in the air. He looked at his hands and body but he was completely without concrete form. Now he looked like a ball of consciousness.

Xiu thought he knew where he was. There were eight scarlet totems around him and on top of four of them were torches floating in the air. One of the torches was lit with a purple fire.6 He looked at the totems and a massive amount of information entered his brain. He blacked out for a moment. When he came back to himself, he seemed to remember nothing. Xiu jerked back and looked at the ground. His shadow was drawn very long by the light of the torches, but he could clearly see wings and horns; it was the shadow of his demon form.

He went around looking at the torches, seeing his past, until he came to one that was painted with blood, and he knew he had found what he wanted.

When Xiu reached out a hand to the torch, he didn’t know why he asked himself again: What is he?

– A miracle. That person replied.

Xiu touched the handle of the torch. The torch on the left suddenly extinguished its purple flame, and the torch in front of him burst into a gray flame, illuminating every corner of the place, and Xiu cast a new shadow.

It was a dark shadow with curly hair.

Under the astonished gaze of all, Xiu suddenly fell into the sea of the undead, stirring up ashes. Out of the ashes a pale hand emerged and pressed down on the bones, supporting its master.

“A Lich!” Violet stared in astonishment at the black-haired man who had just climbed up out of the ashes and bones. Why is this horrible undead creature here at the edge of the sea of the undead?! When the Lich looked at her, Violet subconsciously tightened her hold on the unconscious Alice, her mind blank. However, Violet soon realized that the Lich was not looking at her, but at the black-haired youth beside her. She heaved a sigh of relief, but was still anxious – now the sea of undead souls was restless because of the presence of a high-level undead person.

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  1. The original is a bit gibberish, how do you think “will rush the heart the difference to depress” should be translated?
  2. It said just one Lord but I guess when he saw both of them later, he wanted both.
  3. 爆表 – literally burst table, meaning beyond the limit that an instrument can measure. It’s a Chinese term but they named it after that Dragonball Z episode.
  4. Either he already used up a lot of his power and he needs to recharge or this territory suppresses his power a little.
  5. Actually a frustum, the portion of a cone or pyramid that remains after its upper part has been cut off by a plane parallel to its base, or that is intercepted between two such planes.
  6. Paradoxically, the place it pitch black but there is a purple flame. Probably the space outside of the cone is pitch black while inside are the torches.

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