Chapter 21 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 21 – Whispers of Love

Song Jingyi turned his head around to look at the Yu Shou sect cultivators behind him. He gritted his teeth then took out a few explosive iron pills from his storage ring and mercilessly threw them behind him.

There were a couple of explosions as the iron pills detonated, which temporarily stalled the pursuing cultivators. The Tian Yuan sect disciples took this opportunity to speed up and rushed forward to Fang Ye City. A layer of blue energy surrounded the entire place since a defensive barrier had been set up around the city. When the Tian Yuan sect disciples guarding the walls saw Song Jingyi and the others, the disciples opened up a gap on the barrier to let them through.

A female cultivator looked around, asking: “Where is Chu Shixiong?”

Now that he was safe, Songyi also calmed down. Thinking of the previous constant gaffes, he hated Chu Yu in his heart, but he steeled himself and showed a sad expression: “Shimei, Chu Shidi and that Xiao Shidi … In order to save us, he was ambushed by the demonic path cultivator …”

He hadn’t even finished speaking before the woman’s face turned pale.

Each inner disciple’s facial expression went blank with surprise for a moment then they chose to remain silent.

If they had stayed there, even if they were able to eliminate the demonic insects, with a Core Formation cultivator and six Foundation Building cultivators to fight, they would have died. Moreover, Song Jingyi is the personal succeeding disciple of the sect master. He will be the leader of Tian Yuan sect in the future so if they offend Song Jingyi now, they will suffer for it later.

Song Jingyi sighed: “Everyone, Shidi, Shimei, don’t worry! On the way back I sent a signal. Soon a Nascent Soul stage Elder will arrive to deal with those demonic cultivators and get revenge for Chu Shidi!”

The female cultivator suddenly stared at him: “Signal?! Song Shixiong! Why didn’t you send a signal earlier! If you had sent it earlier, Chu Shixiong would not … have been … “

“It was an emergency. I forget about it for a moment.” The expression on Song Jinyi’s face showed guilt and his voice was sad. He went to the edge of the walls, looking towards the direction of the river. Slowly, the corners of his lips turned up in a proud smile.

He did that on purpose.

The Immortal Sword Congress will begin soon and Chu Yu was the biggest threat to him. Originally, he had some difficulty trying to think of how to make Chu Yu get some serious injuries so that he would be forced to withdraw from the Immortal Sword Congress. Unexpectedly, they met the demonic cultivators which helped him with this problem.

That Yuan Chen Peak’s Xiao Shidi looked extremely strong compared to Chu Yu. Fortunately, he has also been eliminated along with Chu Yu and, thus, another threat to his winning first place in the Immortal Sword Congress has been removed.


When Chu Yu woke up, there was only darkness in front of him. His head seemed to be pillowed on someone’s thigh and his wrist was clasped by a cold hand that sent a constant flow of gentle spiritual energy.

Chu Yu closed his eyes for a moment and felt that his body was completely devoid of spiritual energy; he couldn’t bear to look again. After all, there had not been much spiritual energy in his body when he was forced to use a technique that made him draw on a lot of spiritual energy to allow them to escape. Thank goodness that his meridians weren’t damaged. Just that fact is enough for him to be satisfied.

Right after he used the water technique to escape, Chu Yu immediately fainted. They had hidden themselves in the water a great distance so Chu Yu didn’t know where they were at this time. Chu Yu sighed and felt a quiver run through the body of the person who was sending his spiritual energy to Chu Yu.

A hoarse voice sounded: “Shixiong? Shixiong, are you awake?”

Chu Yu propped himself up and sat for a moment leaning against Xie Xi, sadly said: “Shidi … I seem to be blind.”

Xie Xi was also silent for a moment then whispered: “… Shixiong, this place is dark.”

Chu Yu coughed dryly.

Xie Xi suddenly reached out to hold Chu Yu in his arms, tightly clasping his waist, head on his back and his voice trembling: “Shixiong, you were unconscious for seven days.”

He did not say anything more; his voice was full of pain and panic. Chu Yu’s eyes widened1 When he heard these words, he was startled and patted the younger man’s hands.

“Well, haven’t I woken up now? Let go, I’m about to get strangled to death here.”

Xie Xi paused; he didn’t let go and just loosened his hold a bit. He rubbed his head on Chu Yu’s shoulder and murmured: “Shixiong, you can’t leave me.”

His warm breath blew in Chu Yu’s ear, making Chu Yu’s heart ache. Chu Yu couldn’t help but tilt his head and pat Xie Xi’s head, saying: “Ah, you’re already this big you’re still so sticky. We have to get out of this place.”

He and Xie Xi suddenly disappeared and if people looked for them, they wouldn’t be able to find Chu Yu and Xie Xi. Perhaps a message had already been sent to Lu Qingan and the Chu family about their deaths.

It’s been seven days and I don’t know what happened.

Xie Xi was unwilling to let go of Chu Yu: “Shixiong, be careful.”

Chu Yu rubbed his forehead then slowly stood up, however his legs suddenly went soft and he fell down on his knees right away. Fortunately, Xie Xi caught him.

“Shixiong, your legs?”

“They are a little weak … I’m fine, it doesn’t matter.”

This was probably the aftereffects of his overexertion of his spiritual energy.

Chu Yu kicked his feet up, sighed with sadness, and was about to speak when he was suddenly picked up by Xie Xi.

WT*! This is the third time! This is obviously something that only the heroine can enjoy! Cannon fodder villains will be punished if this happens!

Chu Yu trembling, pulled on Xie Xi’s collar and said weakly: “I said, Shidi …”

“Shixiong need not worry, you will not fall.”

Who’s worried about that?!!!

Chu Yu suppressed a sigh in his heart. He couldn’t explain it but he was depressed for a while then suddenly received a moment of enlightenment. Anyway, it’s already happened two times before, so he doesn’t care about the third time anymore …

Now that he had reached supreme enlightenment2 Chu Yu silently hugged Xie Xi’s neck firmly. A faint laugh sounded in the darkness.

They walked in the dark silently for a long time. The only thing they heard was the sound of each other’s breathing. Chu Yu leaned on Xie Xi’s chest and raised his head in puzzlement: “Shidi, your breathing is a little fast. Are you tired?”

Xie Xi silently calmed the fire in his heart. “I’m not tired.”

“Your heartbeat is fast…”

Xie Xi gritted his teeth and said: “I’m a little bit tired. Shixiong, it’s nothing.”

Chu Yu was silent for a moment then suddenly struck his forehead with his hand. There was a lot of lighting devices in his storage ring. He just forgot about them.

He groped around until he found a carved lantern. He gently activated it with a little spiritual energy and it lit up.

Soft blue light sprang up thirty feet3 in all directions. Chu Yu, with a lantern in his hand, looked around. The whole place seemed empty and all they could see was boundless darkness on all sides. The floor was made of blocks of white jade, with every piece carved with a lot of runic characters, complex and abstruse, like the runes that ancient cultivators used.

“Shidi …” Chu Yu looked up and suddenly said: “Shidi, why is your face so red? Your ears are also … If you’re really tired, just put me down. I’m alright; it’s nothing serious.”

Xie Xi stared at Chu Yu for a moment. His lips tightened but he did not speak or let go of Chu Yu.

… What’s wrong with this kid?

Chu Yu was quite confused and didn’t know know what to think of Xie Xi’s behavior. He lowered his head to examine the runes on the white jade floor.

Looking at this, the expression on his face was strange.

The original owner of this body seemed to remember something about this place but it was too faint; it was like the memory of something from a very long time ago, a memory that was covered with dust.

He had no clue where they were.

This place seemed to be boundless. Xie Xi, holding Chu Yu, had walked for about half an hour but still did not see anything. Chu Yu suddenly thought of something and pulled on Xie Xi’s robes to catch his attention. He motioned for Xie Xi to stop and put the lantern on the ground.

“Keep going.”

Chu Yu looked up with a smile, not noticing that the front of his robe was gaping open. Xie Xi stared at his collarbone for a moment, took a deep breath, and continued to bear his burden willingly as he walked forward.

Once again, they walked for some time. A faint light appeared ahead of them. Xie Xi stopped and stared at the light.

It was the light from the lantern that Chu Yu had put down. It looks like they thought they had been continuously moving forward but, in fact, there was some sort of force that made them return to the same place they had left, making them repeat this journey several times.

Chu Yu’s guess was confirmed. His eyebrows rose as he wondered: Walking around in circles?4

Xie Xi took a step back then said: “Sealing spell.”

Nevertheless, the protagonist has his own explanation of this phenomenon.5

Chu Yu touch the tip of his nose, waiting. Xie Xi to stopped next to the lantern and picked it up. He looked down and carefully examined the runes on the floor: “These runes are a problem.”

Currently, cultivators almost always use a set of flags to set up spell formation then activate it with Lingshi. Even those who don’t know how to make a formation can easily use it. But it is said that the ancient cultivators liked to draw runes and did not have to rigidly adhere to the flag formation method. Their most commonly used technique was ancient calligraphy.

The original Chu Yu did not learn spell formation so the current Chu Yu had no choice but to rely on the protagonist’s excessively strong divine power to break the spell array and let them quickly leave this place.

Xie Xi kept on staring at the runes on the ground for a long time. His eyebrows were tightly knitted together.

Chu Yu’s eyes brightened: “Shidi is thinking of how to break the formation?”

Xie Xi nodded and gently put Chu Yu down. He did not wait for Chu Yu’s legs to collapse and used one hand to hug him close to his chest. Since they were almost the same height, when the two men’s bodies were close together, face to face, one careless move will make them bump into each other.

The expression on Chu Yu’s face was black: “Shidi, what are you doing?”

Xie Xi calmly drew Duan Xue. The immortal sword shone brightly and his eyes also held the same clear light: “Break the formation.”

When he finished speaking, he stabbed his sword down to the floor.

Chu Yu: “…”

WT*! This is the so-called “spell-breaking” method? It’s the same as just blasting away at an obstacle.

This is the way of a stud harem master novel, using force to overturn the heavens!

The white jade tiles on the floor are quite hard. When a sword struck the floor, not even a mark appeared on the white jade. Xie Xi drew back Duan Xue, unconcerned by the failure. Looking into Chu Yu’s eyes, his eyes were as dark as night and, seemingly by accident, his lips lightly touched Chu Yu’s cheek.

Chu Yu said: “Shidi, let me go. Breaking the formation while holding on to me is inconvenient.”

Xie Xi’s eyes brightened. He smiled innocently and sincerely, saying: “No, in case something happens, it will happen to both Shidi and Shixiong.”

… Sounds reasonable?

Chu Yu was rendered speechless. He continued to be hugged by Xie Xi who occasionally rubbed his face gently. Xie Xi’s eyelashes sometimes touched his face. This feeling was very soft but made people feel weak and numb. Chu Yu started sweating and was going to try again to persuade Xie Xi to let him go when Xie Xi unexpectedly turned his head and two people’s lips were stuck together.

FML! The protagonist will kill him in anger!

Chu Yu thought back to the original Chu Yu’s fate of being hacked to pieces. He was extremely frightened. His hands and feet turned cold and numb as he stared back at Xie Xi, his mind blank.

Xie Xi blinked calmly, then stretched out his tongue and licked Chu Yu’s lips lightly.

Chu Yu: “…”

Chu Yu, male, 22 years old, in the year 6,321 of the heavenly calendar, died.

Cause of death: Fright.


Translator’s Notes:

  • I hope it’s clear that Chu Yu is NOT actually, literally dead. I am imagining people dropping this story because they think he really died for real… Lol, I have my fingers crossed that everyone realizes it’s just a figure of speech.
  • Sorry for the delay. My other project is current in its final (and most important) arc. It should be finished in 2-3 weeks. When it’s completed, this will be my only project and I will probably be able to release more chapters per month. If you see any errors, don’t be shy, please leave a comment letting me know about the mistake so I can fix it. Thank you.
  • Please leave a comment if you can. I love comments!

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  1. It’s literally “rolled his eyes” 翻白眼 but that seems highly inappropriate here. Does he think it’s funny or something?
  2. 大彻大悟 – to achieve supreme enlightenment or nirvana (Buddhism)
  3. 三丈外 – I hope it’s right. This should be roughly 30 feet.
  4. 鬼打墙 – um literally “ghost hitting the wall.” It just means walking around in circles. This is actually a biological phenomenon of human. Blindfold someone and ask them to walk straight ahead. Because of the lack of visual clues, they will walk around in large circles, all the while thinking they are walking straight.
  5. 还是主角有文化 – non-literally translated. I believe Chu Yu means that in this world setting, there is a different cultural explanation. Literal translation “or/nevertheless the protagonist has culture.”

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