Chapter 22- Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 22 – I’m your father.

Chu Yu calmly thought for a moment, then silently knocked on the System’s door: “…System, I’d like to ask, should I commit suicide to apologize or wait to be cut to pieces?”

The System’s tone was cheerful: “Please turn on comment barrage view ~”

Chu Yu opened the comment box and instantly felt the deep malice of the System.

His eyes were flooded with countless comments saying “It’s finished! Throw flowers!” And “Double Happiness!”

(TN: The comments said “囍” – double happiness – which is a symbol used for weddings to congratulate the bride and groom. The comments also said “完结撒花” which literally means “it’s the end, scatter flowers.” However, it’s also something that people use to comment in videos. When used at the end it’s to congratulate the video makers, but sometimes it’s used in the middle, to joke about the “end” of something, like when the main couple kisses.)

Dang it, System! You’re just a self-centered show-off!

Chu Yu’s face became full of black lines. He immediately closed the comment barrage view screen. Xie Xi’s black eyes were quiet and calm. Chu Yu turned around, brow beaded with sweat, and laughed hollowly: “Accident, it was just an accident, hahahahaha. Shidi, don’t pay any attention to it. Let me go.”

Chu Yu didn’t dare to even think about what that lick meant and he’s also afraid that now Xie Xi will lift his sword and stab him.

The protagonist’s first kiss was taken by a cannon fodder!

What the ****! This is a horrible first prize!

Xie Xi pursed his lips: “Not an accident.”

Chu Yu almost fell to his knees in despair: “It was an accident!”

Xie frowned then no longer spoke. Silently, he gently put Chu Yu down. He turned to Duan Xue but he didn’t move for a long time. Finally, he raised his hands and touched his lips.

It wasn’t an accident.

Probably because he was furious and had no other way to vent his emotions, he attacked the jade tiles quickly and ruthlessly.

Heaven has eyes and knows that this is the protagonist so it wasn’t long before the jade floor made a cracking sound and broke.

The whole place shook violently. The frail Chu Yu almost fell down on the ground but, fortunately, Xie Xi had not forgotten him. Xie Xi ran back and put his arms under Chu Yu’s back and knees to hold him up.

From somewhere in front of them they heard the thunderous sound of a heavy stone door opening. A glimmer of light appeared. Xie Xi held Chu Yu tightly and ran towards the light. Bright light nearly blinded him so he instinctively closed his eyes, unconsciously holding Chu Yu tighter. He used Duan Xue to activate a weak protective shield around the two of them.

Chu Yu wiped away the tears that sprang into his eyes that smarted because of the light. Suddenly, he heard a voice say, in a tone of pleasant surprise: “… Little brother?”

Chu Yu: “…”


For a brocon, the happiest outcome is that when you heard your little brother disappeared, yet he came back and his arms and limbs weren’t broken, but little brother …

Brought back a wild man.

Chu Sheng’s eyes showed his anger as he raised San Huo and vigilantly stared at Xie Xi who was holding Chu Yu tight. His face livid, Chu Sheng asked: “Who are you? What are you trying to do? Let go of my little brother!”

Chu Yu’s eyes had finally adapted to the light. He shaded his eyes with his hand and coughed lightly, saying: “Eldest brother, this is my Shidi, you’ve met him before.”

Chu Sheng then noticed that Xie Xi’s face was familiar. He vaguely recalled seeing a spoiled little boy in Chu Yu’s arms three years ago. Adding up all the old and new grudges, his face became increasingly ugly: “Shidi? Why are you holding my brother? Such intimacy is highly improper!”

Xie Xi’s face was expressionless as he said calmly: “I shared a bed with Shixiong for three years. Now all I’m doing is holding him.”

Chu Sheng, thunderstruck, stuttered: “Shared …. shared a bed …”

(TN: Xie Xi said “同床共枕” – literally “to share the bed” but figuratively “to be married.”)

Seeing that the brocon was so shocked that he was almost about to faint, Chu Yu’s head ached. He pinched Xie Xi’s waist and tried to change the topic: “Eldest brother, why are you here?”

Xie Xi, who was pinched lightly, only felt a little bit of a tickle. He looked down at Chu Yu’s soft lips, paused, then looked away immediately. He dared not look again.

Chu Yu was looking around so he did not notice the look in Xie Xi’s eyes just now. However, Chu Sheng saw everything clearly. His hand on San Huo tightened and he stared at Xie Xi, on the alert.

Chu Yu saw that they were in a large hall. Eight painted red pillars, big enough for two people to encircle with their arms, were in the immense open area. Looking up, he saw that the ceiling was high above them. The white marble floor had a huge spell circle drawn on it, faintly glimmering, looking somewhat like a maple leaf.

Chu Yu did not hear Chu Sheng’s response and carelessly looked back at him: “Eldest brother?”

Chu Sheng regained his composure and was silent for a bit before he spoke: “Little brother, of course I’m here, this is Falling Maple Leaf Valley…”

Chu Yu: “…”

Chu Sheng’s voice suddenly turned mournful as he said, sorrowfully: “Seven days ago we received news from Tian Yuan Sect that demonic cultivators had ambushed my little brother. You went missing and they didn’t know if you were dead or alive. When we heard the news, mother fainted and everything was in chaos. Father returned from Jinhe and grandfather and grandmother asked for a divination…”

The original Chu Yu was everyone’s favorite, a spoiled little princess.1 It seems this description really was true. No wonder the original Chu Yu’s family was completely destroyed by the protagonist in the novel. The original Chu Yu was killed by the protagonist and his doting family all went on the warpath to get revenge for him but were all killed by the protagonist.

Chu Yu secretly sighed. The former owner of this body suffered a painful death at the hands of the protagonist.

A nice, noble, cool, elegant, and magnificent “little princess” should have nothing to do with a cannon fodder villain!

Chu Sheng: “Father came back and immediately examined your Soul Jade. He knew that you were alive. Grandmother consulted a diviner and when she learned that you would return to the valley, she wouldn’t let me leave the valley to look for you…”

The brocon was crying: “Little brother, look at you! Your face is so pale. Eldest brother is so worried… ah…”

Chu Yu was gripped with horror.

Eldest brother, please calm down …

After Chu Sheng had calmed down and once again become the usual refined and genial heir to the Chu family, Chu Yu was finally able to figure out what was going on.

This place where he and Xie Xi had stayed in for seven days was a forbidden area of Maple Valley. They were currently in the hall in front of the former palace.

In this forbidden place, there were things left behind by the ancestors of the Chu family. The members of the Chu family, as well as outsiders, are not allowed to enter this place. Since so many years have passed, it’s not known what kind of immortal treasure the ancestors left behind.

Chu Sheng smiled gently but his eyes were cold as he said: “If people who are not from the Chu family enter the forbidden place, according to the law they should be killed.”

…. Eldest brother, stop raising more death flags!

Chu Yu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and pulled on Xie Xi’s collar. The child then cleverly lowered his head. Chu Yu whispered: “My eldest brother is just joking. Shidi, don’t take it seriously.”

Eldest brother firmly planted the death flag: “Little brother, what eldest brother said is true.”

It’s like Chu Yu is the bad cop here!

Xie Xi’s face was very calm. His face even had a faint smile on it as he listened to them speak for a long time. Amiably, he asked: “Only members of the Chu family can enter?”

Chu Sheng looked Xie Xi over from head to toe: “Humph!”

Xie Xi looked thoughtfully at Chu Yu in his arms.

That is to say, if someone marries a direct descendant of the Chu family, it’s fine, right?

Chu Sheng’s attention was drawn away for a long time, but he suddenly remembered the most serious problem and immediately roared: “Put my little brother down!”

To prevent the protagonist and the brocon from fighting, Chu Yu made Xie Xi put him down. In fact, he just felt a little weak. When the array was broken he probably would have been able to stand up by himself. He hadn’t expected Xie Xi to pick him up and he didn’t have the nerve to refuse Xie Xi’s kindness.

Hmm, although the protagonist is still small, his chest is really warm and wide, ah …

According to Chu Sheng, because of the commotion that Xie Xi made in the forbidden ground, Chu Sheng came to check. Destroying part of the forbidden area is also a capital offence.

#… Eldest brother loves to plant death flags, what should I do? Urgent problem, anxiously waiting online for advice!#

Falling Maple Leaf Valley2 is in the south of Jiao Xia mountains. The Chu family have lived here since ancient times and they took the red maple, which is found everywhere here, as their family symbol. Chu Yu narrowed his eyes and finally recovered some of the original Chu Yu’s memories.

During autumn the valley’s maple leaves are dyed red, like fire dancing in the branches of the trees, burning away its last bit of life, until at last it becomes ash.

When the original Chu Yu left Maple Valley to bring death, it was like this, too.

He had always felt a little uneasy and guilty at taking over someone else’s body. Chu Sheng didn’t notice when Chu Yu picked up a maple leaf and placed it on his chest, close to his heart.

Xie Xi noticed Chu Yu’s movements and his eyes flashed but he did not speak.

Chu Sheng and Chu Yu went to Maple Valley’s hall. Immediately, four blazing hot eyes nailed Chu Yu in place. Chu Yu couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in shock.

Chu Yu looked up and saw a man and woman seated in front who looked young and beautiful. They didn’t look much older than Chu Sheng. The corners of Chu Yu’s lips wanted to turn up but he controlled his facial expression to match with what his memory said the original Chu Yu would do, and said calmly: “Greetings, grandfather and grandmother.”

This fake’s grandfather and grandmother …He felt that he was taking advantage of them…

The youthful-looking grandmother came running toward him, in tears. She took Chu Yu into her arms and said, in a sorrowful voice: “My poor Yu-er, you’re hurt. Let this old grandmother take a look at you…”

Old grandmother?3

Chu Yu choked. Before he could start ridiculing this situation in his heart, he was shocked when she pressed a hand behind his back and sent her spiritual energy into his body. The pure energy repeatedly healed his wounds and soothed his injured spirit veins …

His whole body felt as though it had been soaked in warm sunshine that healed and soothed.

Chu Yu didn’t have enough time to enjoy it when a burst of sound thundered in his ears: “**** Lu Qingan!”

Chu Yu was extremely frightened but he tried to keep his face calm and look at his grandmother.

His grandmother was over 400 years old. Because of the effects of the Core Formation period, she didn’t look old. Since she still looked youthful, the rage in her face just made her look more charming. She said: “Look at my Yu-er’s condition! Who struck his chest and promised to take care of my family’s Yu-er?”

Her voice rose: “Husband! Do something!4 Go to Tian Yuan Sect to ask for an explanation!”

Chu Yu looked at the resigned-looking young man’s eyes: “…”

His grandmother continued shouting: “Chu Shuangtian! Look what’s happened to Yu-er!”

Chu Yu silently turned to look at the young couple who were shrinking back and dared not speak. His memories told him that these were the parents of the original Chu Yu.

… This family is so wonderful.

Since the Chu family’s little princess had returned safely, they had to celebrate. As his grandmother was healing his body, Chu Yu said he felt “a little dizzy” which shocked her. She ordered the frightened Chu Sheng to escort Chu Yu back to his room to lie down and rest.

Chu Yu took the protagonist, who had been very quiet, away with him.

Chu Yu’s courtyard is one of the most beautiful places in Maple Valley. Chu Sheng often came to personally help clean his brother’s rooms so he was very familiar with the place. He glanced at Xie Xi sideways and said: “Come with me, I’ll help you find a guest room to sleep in.”

Xie Xi pursed his lips, still silent.

The protagonist’s behavior is a little strange …

Chu Yu thought about it and felt it would be best if he acted as a mentor. He hurriedly shooed away Chu Sheng, smiling slightly: “I’m afraid that you are a little busy. Everything is fine. Don’t worry about your little brother.”

Chu Sheng’s forehead wrinkled: “Little brother, you should be careful of your Shidi! He harbors evil intentions!”

This brocon thinks that everyone harbors evil intentions towards his little brother.

Chu Yu looked back at Xie Xi: “Shidi? Why haven’t you said a word all this time?”

Xie Xi was silent for a long while then whispered: “Shixiong, sorry, I did not protect you. It won’t happen again next time.”

Chu Yu was moved. He walked over to pat Xie Xi’s shoulder and showed him to a seat. Chu Yu smiled and said: “Shidi, you are still small. If you want to protect Shixiong, grow up some more.”

Xie Xi sank into an even more profound silence and depression.

“What are you thinking? Tell me.”

Xie Xi said softly: “I really envy Shixiong.”

Chu Yu was surprised. Xie Xi’s parents disappeared when he was nine years old. For many years no one took care of Xie Xi. On the other hand, when Chu Yu returned to Maple Valley, he was pampered by his brocon eldest brother and loving grandparents. These people all doted on Chu Yu while Xie Xi stood aside and watched. His heart must be troubled.

“Shidi.” Chu Yu looked cool and imposing. “You and I have been fellow disciples who have studied under the same master for many years, am I not your family?”

Xie Xi pressed his lips closed. His face inexplicably turned red and his eyes were watery as he said: “But… but I don’t want Da Shixiong to be my brother.”

“In fact, I did not think of myself as your brother.” Chu Yu calmly said, “I feel like I’m your father.”

Xie Xi: “…”



Translators Notes:

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  1. 小公主 – lit. little princess, fig. spoiled girl.  It’s also slang. 小公举 is said to be “a man with a girl’s heart” like a man who likes cute stuff. Apparently, Jay Chou wrote a song about “Princess Disease” and he is often called 小公举.
  2. 落枫谷在 – I like to call it just Maple Valley but actually it’s “falling maple valley.” I guess it’s actually maple leaf not just maple? I mean, it doesn’t make sense that the maple tree itself is falling.
  3. 老身 – an elderly woman referring to herself. It sounds a bit weird in English but third person is common in CN novels.
  4. She told her husband to 抄家. As far as I know, this is something that only emperors or very high officials do to a family and it means to basically take everything away; all the family’s possession, wealth, land, are confiscated and the family are turned into slaves. But I think she’s not literally saying that, she just means to “make him pay for this neglect.”

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